We went to Snowbird the second day. Chris got out his nice camera.


Like I said, it was dang cold.  Jason and I wore masks most of all three days. 


Nice mountain view.


Jason takes a picture.


Here is a little video of Dave, Chris, and Jason coming down a hill.  1.5 MB


On day two, we had three masked men.  Somehow Dave braved the cold all three days without a mask.


We thought this hike would give us some powder riding.  It didn't amount to much, but we really enjoyed some time at the top, in the sun, resting, and having a snack.  You can see that off to one side was a pretty sketchy cliff and we had to watch our footing.

Check out this video 360 degree pan of the view from this location.  2.5 MB


Another view of what we would have faced if we weren't careful about where we walked.


I laid down and held my camera over the edge to take this.


Here we were at the top, where we took a nice break.


Snowbird has a tunnel through a small part of the mountain.  I think it is the first of its kind in the US.  It allows you to get to terrain that is otherwise closed when the weather forces them to close certain lifts.


Inside the tunnel.


This is part of the terrain you get to if you take the tunnel.  This. Bowl.  Is.  Massive.  I tried to communicate that through this panorama.  Click on pic for larger version.  Try to look at the people to get an idea of scale (more easily seen in the larger version).


Click on pic for larger version.  A cloud was settling into the lower part of the mountain.


A friend living in Tokyo says they commonly flash a peace sign when getting their picture taken.  I thought I'd give it a try.


This was a cliff that we jumped off many times in 2002.  This year it was much larger than I remembered it, probably about 15 feet.  It was too high for me so I took some videos.

v05_snowbird_chris_cliff.avi  2 MB

v06_snowbird_dave_cliff.avi 3 MB

v07_snowbird_jason_cliff.avi 3 MB   I didn't get Jason's full drop because he yelled "I'm coming" as he was almost over the edge.



Ah, the snowboarders life:  a beer in the parking lot after a day of riding.

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