The pictures in this report were taken by all three of us and I won't usually distinguish who took what.  But I will say that Mike took this shot as he was leaving his house around 6:30 am on departure day.


My wife took this of us three.  It was 7:00 am and we had a toast of our 15% alc Samichlaus homebrew clone.  What a way to start a morning and a beer trip.


Four hours later, 11:00 am, the beer tasting began at Ale Asylum in Madison, WI.  It was not far off the interstate so we made a quick stop.


Before we tasted, we did whip up some sandwiches.


Brewers at Ale Asylum.


"Danger: Men Brewing"


Let the sampling begin!  First beers of the trip.


Don and Jerry.


The beers we sampled were:

Big Slick Oatmeal Stout

Happy Ending - Abbey ale

Trippel Nova


Mad Town Brown


English Porter

Golden Light ale

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