The destination point of our last night of the trip.  Great Dane Pub in Madison, WI.  We hardly encountered an overall finer place for setting, food, and drink anywhere on the trip.


It was raining.


What a beautiful sight, huh?  We each got an 8 or 10 beer sampler.

Beers sampled:

Devil's Lake Red

Stadt German Pils

Black Earth Porter

Crop Circle Wheat

Old Glory American Pale

Stone of Scone Scotch

Mallards Cream Ale

Aarons 755 Amber

Potters Run IPA cask

Hop Jack IPA

Emerald Isle Stout


BEER!  I'm telling you, this is exquisite stuff.


We were going to hunker down at Great Dane for the night, but there was another (former) brewpub within walking distance so we thought we'd take a field trip (see next page for that).


Back at Great Dane.  A self-timed shot of the three fellas.


After our return we spent a good amount of time drinking pints in the back room, watching people play pool.  A guy was spinning records and after a while it got kind of loud, so we then went to the other side of the bar.


Here is where we spent our last beer drinking moments of the trip.  As Mike would say, *sigh.*

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