A few hours and some semi-hectic traffic later, we arrived at the award-winning Flossmoor Station, which is housed in an old railroad station.




Front entrance.


I was asking the boys if they wanted to get some food, because I was getting a little hungry and planned on having some beer.  They didn't really feel like it.  Turns out they ended up getting some chili and I ended up passing on the food, but having a decent amt of beer.




Not only is the beer wonderful, it's a very cool place.




My samples are in the foreground.   The beers we sampled were:

Gandy Dancer Honey

Station Master Wheat

Roundhouse Raspberry

Chessie Cherry Wheat

Pullman Nut Brown

Zephyr Golden Ale

Black Moon Rye-sin

Panama Ltd Red

Zikadeweiss - Hefe

Rot Geist  - this was so nice Mike and I had an additional 12 oz glass.  It was an American Red Wheat beer made with 50% wheat.  6% alc


I was pushing to get this place on the trip and I'm sure glad we made it.  Very solid, varied, and creative beer.


Rot Geist!  (red ghost)


After Flossmoor we found our hotel near Three Floyds.  Jerry and Mike wait for the cab.

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