This was a stop that was pretty much on our way.  We didn't know what Shoreline would give us but we had to try it.


The brewing equipment is behind the bar.


We were there on Aug 17 and if you look at the board (we didn't at the time) you see that Rootstand was playing there that night.  We ended up seeing them the next night at Bells in Kalamazoo.


We ordered a sampler as well as a few larger glasses.

Beers sampled:

Dim Wit

Sesh Wheat

Don't Panic English Ale

Queen Mum

Benny's Pale

Sum Nug IPA

Beltaine Scottish

Singing Sands Oatmeal Stout

Bourbon Aged Big Bella Heavey Scotch

3 Sum




Picture in the bathroom. Must be prohibition era.


As we were leaving the brewer came up to us in the parking lot and asked what we thought.  We told him we liked it and that we were on a beer trip.  He invited us into his back room where he does some barrel aging.


While talking to him he started to get us to think about NOT going east to Dark Horse/Arcadia, but instead going north to Founders and New Holland.


Mid West!

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