Mike and Jerry in the gift shop/homebrew supply store.


Don and Jerry in the backyard.  Hop vines cover this trellis structure. 


With the trellis to your right, you can see the sizable backyard area with a stage at the end.  There was a band playing that night which would have played outside if not for the rain.


Cool looking bar area.


View from the upper part looking down towards the bar.  In the upper left of this picture you can see the area where Rootstand later played.




Jerry, Mr. Cool.

Beers sampled were:


Old Ale



Two Hearted

Kalamazoo Stout

Pale (the last 3 listed were the 16 oz'ers Don had during Rootstand, ha).


We left Bells because we wanted to get something to eat as well as check out the other two nearby brewpubs.  You can see those pics on the next page.  But I will put two more pics below of what we experienced when we got back to Bells. 

After diner and some drinks we returned to spend the rest of the evening at Bells. 


This DJ was doing some cool mixing from record to record, as well as scratching.  He also played some electronic bongos, seen above.


This picture doesn't really convey the sweaty, exuberant party that followed.  Rootstand must have a dedicated following because the place was pfull of people dancing their fool heads off.  I put some footage in the video.  Man, it was fun.  The cheap Bells tap beer was flowing.  I think all of us had fun, but maybe from my extra few beers, I might have had an extra good time.

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