Booze Cruize #8   - Minneapolis.  June 28, 2008.

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photo by Mike.  Heading into downtown across the Stone Arch Bridge.


photo by Mike.  Stop #1 - Kieran's.


Stacy regaled us with her hit-by-a-car story.  Heather was shocked.


Mike, Heather listen while Jerry has more important things to do.


couple of the first beers.


There was no one inside or outside when we were there on this Sat night.  Weird.


photo by Mike.


My drink and food.  Braised pork sandwich.


photo by Mike.  On the way to Town Hall.


About to take a right onto Washington Ave.


photo by Mike.  Stop #2 Minneapolis Town Hall.



Paul joins the crew.


Heather and her Flirtini.  tee hee hee.


James, cask Scotch ale, and oysters.


photo by Mike.  Paul, Jerry, Don.


Leaving Town Hall.


Stop #3.  The Blue Nile.  First time we had visited this place on a cruize.


Part of the mural on the Blue Nile.


They actually had some Surly Two, I think on cask.  Because it is not on tap anywhere any longer most of us decided to have it.  It was a little more complex and interesting than the previous times I tried it.  Maybe some time is doing it good.


Maybe the Surly Two, and Bells Two Hearted on cask.  It was Al's 40th BDay party so special beers were being brought out throughout the afternoon.


After Blue Nile we had our longest bike ride into Uptown.  It was nice.  Sun was going down and we got to cross this cool bridge.  (video)  Then we had 2 or 3 miles on the Greenway bike path.


Stop #4 Herkimer.


At first we thought, holy crap, look at all these beers on tap.  I started to salivate thinking about trying a Gose, a cross between a Wit and a Berliner Weiss.  However, the "on tap" menu was only about 4 beers.  This must be a list of every beer they've ever brewed.  Real useful...  Still, the Skypilot Kellerbier was very good.


James and Mike on the sidewalk at Herkimer.


Heather and Jerry at Herkimer.


Stop #5 was Bryant Lake Bowl.


Lil menu shot.  I had a Victory Prima Pils on tap.  Yum.


We walked from Herkimer to Bryant Lake Bowl and passed this wig shop.


photo by Mike.  Stop #6 The Bulldog on Lyndale.


Most of us had never been there.  They have a nice Belgian selection, including Kwak, some Trappist beer we did not catch, Urthel, Hoegaarden, and a Piere Cellis Brown.  I had the Hoegarden Wit.


Mike and his Urthel in the proper glass.  Mike got a little out of hand at the Bulldog.


photo by Mike.  James, Mike, Jerry's hand?  Heather.


photo by Mike.  It was the time of night when every happy soul tries on the cowboy hat.


photo by Mike.


photo by Mike.  Tee hee hee, the Flirtini strikes again.



The namesake.


This was pure salvation.  It was 12:30 and most kitchens are closed at this point in the Booze Cruize, the time I am starting to need some food.  Their kitchen was open, and these hot, deep fried, pepperjack-ish cheese curds were devoured in minutes by our hungry crew.  We should have gotten 4 orders. 



photo by Mike.  On the way to the last stop.


photo by Mike.  Stop #7 Brit's Pub.


We often end the Mpls cruize on their rooftop and we wanted to do so again.  However, it was very windy, and just slightly chilly.


photo by Mike.


Jerry presses on and orders a final beer.


photo by Mike.  He wears the glasses we found on the floor.  Free style.


Paul and Jerry enjoy their last beers.

After this, we split for our cars.

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