Booze Cruize #3   September, 2004

North East Minneapolis


We started at Whitey's, where this large lady hangs over the bar.


Pete and Paul at Whitey's.


We rode up to the Vegas Lounge where they were having 2-for1's.  So, we got more than we bargained for.


Jason and Don at the Vegas Lounge.


Stop #3 - Mayslacks.


Paul and a clown at Mayslacks.


Jason and Pete at Mayslacks.


Mike's Mayslacks mug.


Stop #4 was Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit.


After Gastof's, we rode by this glowing laundromat.  I used to know a Dinsmore in college so I took this pic.


Mike couldn't hold it and found some bushes.


Paul waiting to get rolling.


This booze cruize was a little different.  We wanted to squeeze one in before Fall, but the only night that would work was a Thursday.  Some guys took Friday off.  Some didn't.  So everyone went home except for Mike and Don who finished the night at Nye's Polonaise Room.