Stop # 4 was the Nomad World Pub.  Again, we were on their patio.


Nothing much to say about the Nomad, other than on the way out a few of us were taken aback by this freaky, rabid, blue demon bunny.


From the Nomad we had perhaps our longest bit of biking to get into Uptown.  Jerry pauses by Franklin Liquor.  We also met up with other bikers who tried to entice us to go to a Flamenco dance with them.  We were half persuaded, but forged on with the cruize.  Those bikers did point out a cool bike path running parallel to Lake St that saved us some street riding.


Stop #5 was Bryant Lake Bowl and their glorious taps.


A 7th grade bit of humor had this table in hysterics.


I was going to finish my beer, but noticed that it had been (accidentally?  intentionally?) poisoned with salsa bits, etc.  The offer was made to buy the beer for me if I drank but, but I refused.  A guy with White skin, however, drank it for no payment.


Stop #6 was Old Chicago and their pleasant patio.


Then we had a bit more biking and got back into downtown for Stop #7 and the last of the evening:  Brits.


The lawn on top of Brits' roof.


I'd never seen the place as empty as this.  I guess it was nearing closing time.


Again, we were outside.  Come to think of it, the only place we weren't outside was Rock Bottom.  Oh, and Bryant Lake Bowl. 


You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.  The chairs are stacked and we are ushered out into the night...

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