Stop #3 the Liffy.  They recently opened some great roof-top seating.  You can see the Cathedral from the patio.


The outdoor patio at the Liffy.


The crew at the Liffy.  Even though storms were forecast for the entire evening, we only felt a few drops at this point in the night.  The rest of the night it was dry and relatively warm (about 65 deg).


Mike and Charissa do a little dance.


Stop #4 Glockenspiel.  Last year we first saw this pear brandy.  This year most of us bought a glass of it.  Great stuff.

A short video of the scene at Glockenspiel.   2.3 MB


The crew at Glockenspiel.  This is where James and Mara (blurred, at left) joined up with us.


Photo by Mike.


Photo by Mike.


Photo by Mike.


This is everyone except Pete, Mara, and James.  Photo by Mike.


Despite the sign, we loitered in front of a grocery store while someone went inside for smokes.  video clip  3.75 MB    Above photo by Mike.


Aw isn't that cute.  So rebellious. 


Paul, Dave, Charissa.


Stop #5 Great Waters.


Mike and Jerry enjoy the excellent Imperial Pale Ale at Great Waters.


Heavy metal. Photo by Mike.


Paul, Pete, Mara, James.


Quick story:   After Great Waters, the booze cruize took a quirky turn.  We didn't know where to go next, so we thought we'd try the legendary Gopher bar.  When we got there, it was closed.  Some of of the group wanted to stop at Alary's, but some didn't.  So the group split, half going there, and half heading up to the Stahl house where the group thought they would all later meet.  Jamie, Don, Dave and Charissa headed up towards the Capitol, while James and Mara decided to head home.  It was on the Capitol grounds where perhaps the most surprising and funny thing of the night happened.  See below.



This pretty much sums up what happened, but definitely see here for the video take.   6.4 MB

When Don, Jamie, Dave and Charissa got to the Stahl house, they found out there was a $10 cover.  So, they decided to ride up to Half Time Rec to close the night.  The rest of the crew thought they would head up there when they got done at Alary's.


Stop #6 Half Time Rec.  Charissa and Dave with the last drinks of the night.


Don got a call from Mike saying that Paul was having problems with his chain.  It was decided that they would not make it up to Half Time Rec before closing time.  Don, Jamie, Dave and Charissa left Half Time Rec around 2:00.  The other guys had headed back to Don and Jamie's, got in their cars, and headed on home.  Another great night of boozing and cruizing went down in the history books.


I love this shot.  This is a sight I did not see because Pete and Paul were in the other part of the gang who made it back to my house before I did.  Catching their breath before heading home...  Photo by Mike.

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