Booze Cruize #6   - NE and Downtown Minneapolis.  July 15, 2006.


We parked on the north side of the river just across from downtown Minneapolis.


We then biked in 100 degree heat (seriously) to Psycho Suzi's.  Pretty tasty pizza with unique ingredients.


Looking towards the bar.  We would have loved to be out on the tiki patio, but some of us (ok me!) had to get out of the heat for a little while.  We knew we'd be outside for the rest of the evening.


Unlocking the bikes with some of the patio in the background.  Next stop...


... the new outdoor patio at Mayslacks.  Paul kicks it.


Heather, James, Mike, and Jerry (cut off) on the patio.



After Mayslacks we went to Keegan's, just across the street from Surdyk's liquor.


Pretty typical Irish bar taps.  They did have Sam Adams Summer ale and I had that.


On the sidewalk patio of Keegan's.


Don, Jerry and James.



We crossed the river over the Stone Arch Bridge.  Here is the new Guthrie theater.  The Guthrie has built a deck and you can see the people out on it.   Here is a video taken while biking over the bridge.  3.3  MB


Looking west at the damn or waterfall thingee.  Mercifully, the sun was going down.


The building towards the left with the pyramid top is where I work.  Sunset over downtown Mpls.


Stop #4:   Town Hall Brewpub.  We sat just outside the door so we had a great view of the whole patio.  Johnny Cash songs were playing on the speakers and we were digging that.


We sampled a few different beers.  They had a Wit that was slightly funky.  They also had a 1800 IPA that was a little unbalanced or dry.  The hop bitterness lingered a little unpleasantly.  But, you couldn't beat the patio at that time.  Most people had "second suppers" around this time.


From Town Hall we had perhaps our longest bike ride.  We headed back to Nicollet Mall, and all the way down to Franklin Ave. 

A little video of riding down 7th St sidewalk.  1 MB


Heading down Nicollet we stopped by a jazz band concert in Peavy Plaza.  The guy in this video [1.2 MB] kept requesting "12 O' Clock Rock."  Kinda funny.


Acadia Cafe's impressive taps.  The $1 day-old blueberry muffin hit the spot around this time of night.


James and Paul ordering.


Stop #6 was Rock Bottom.  Here are Mike and Jerry chaining up the bikes on Hennepin Ave.


Jerry and Paul and the American Dream ale.  The server said it was the hoppiest beer we would ever taste.  Obviously he did not know he was dealing with real beer dorks.  Still, it was pretty hoppy. 


Mike and Heather.


I snapped this of a water fountain as we were heading to our last stop over the river.


Mike crossing the river on the Hennepin Ave bridge.


Stop #7 and the last one of the night:   (Trying to track down the name. Panduca, or something?)  It was nearing 2:00 am and we were ready to call it a night.  Everyone made it home safely.  Well, we haven't heard from James yet...

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