We biked a ways down 7th to Glockenspiel, Stop #4.


Pretty cool tap selection here too.  I had the Spaten Maibock.  Some of us had the Alt. 


Paul and his Hefeweizen.


What are you looking at?  A pear inside a bottle.  I didn't take the picture so you could see this, but it's a full grown pear inside a normal glass bottle.  We heard they put the bottle over the branch and the pear grows inside it.  Then they put some brandy in it.  One of us bought a shot and you could actually get a faint pear flavor in the brandy.  I like how this picture came out.



HERE is a video of us leaving Glockenspiel (1.7 MB)

When we got outside Jamie asked "is it just me or is my seat missing?"  Nope.  Not just her.  Someone had stolen her seat.  Some people sitting nearby said they saw some kids messing around.  Then they spotted one of them across the street.  A few of us tried chasing him on our bikes (probably not the best idea by that point) but we lost him.  Jamie swapped seats with Don and he spent the rest of the night riding standing up.


Stop #5 - Mancini's.


Keeping SWMBO updated as the night unfolds...   :)


HERE is a video of the band that was playing (600k)


Stop #6 - Great Waters.


From where I sat, this was the view of St. Peter's St. in downtown St. Paul.


"More beer!"


"OK I'll be good now."


Don goofing and Jamie with her "what are you doing" look.  First time any of us had ever seen that look on her face...

The view looking up the Hamm building from my seat.  


Jamie laughing.  See?  She had fun even if we had to make her.

JAMIE has some words to say about the punk that stole her seat.  (1.7 MB *warning* adults only...)



Stop #7 - Alary's.  Apparently they have some kind of policy where you are allowed to work in your pajamas. 

Inside of Alary's MIKE had to be persuaded to tell us what a Dirty Sanchez was...  (1.8 MB *warning* adults only)  He held out for over a minute but finally relieved us of our curiosity.


Packing up outside of Alary's  Man does that reflective sign sure work.


We biked up the hill and paused by the Capitol for this dark shot.


Stop #8 - The Stahl House.


CLIP of the band playing at the Stahl House.  (2.3 MB)


Paul, Pablo, Pete.  I think Pete knew this guy, but even if he didn't, the guy was very friendly.  And drunk.


After the Stahl House, it was a couple miles down Charles where we got back to our starting point.  We left at 6:30 pm, and got home around 2:15 am. 

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