First Booze Cruize, late summer 2003


Mike and Paul.  We started in Uptown, rode to Rock Bottom brewery, and ate there.


The man, the myth... Pete.


Paul and Don at Williams.


The gang at Williams.


Street scene in Uptown.

Apparently I did not take many pictures, but I believe the route went like this.

- parked and met in Uptown.

- rode to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner and a drink

- rode to Old Chicago (Uptown) for a drink.

- rode to Williams for a drink

- rode to Bryant Lake Bowl for a drink.

- rode to Herkimer for a drink.

- rode to the Red Dragon for a drink.

- rode all the way up to Brits for the final drink of the night.  Left there about 1:30.

- rode crazily through Loring Park, downs steps, over the Hennepin Ave pedestrian bridge by the Walker, and back to our cars in Uptown.