Mille Lacs Kathio State Park  Oct 12-14, 2006


The morning in St. Paul started off right.  It was more for the picture than anything.


We knew it was going to be perhaps the coldest campouts yet as it was only 30 degrees in St. Paul.


Tratz and Don found a Culvers, an annual tradition when heading up north.


We got to the state park and set up Tratz's pop up camper.  Man did that thing come in handy this year.


Jeff drove over from Cushing and the gang was complete.


After setting up we went for a walk.  We didn't recall having snow on the ground before.  Here's a video of James and Jeff.  1.7 MB  Aren't they cute?




Pretty, but darn windy and cold.


We walked to a (closed) information building with this campfire setup.  video  2.5 MB


I had never seen so many deer.  They were constantly on the side of the rode looking at cars.  They were not very shy either.  video  3.3 MB


Jeff found a tree to climb.   James looks up.


Even with a raging fire, we got cool after a while.  The wind was incessant, and it was only about 30 degrees.  It was too hard to keep warm outside so after a couple hours we would go in the camper and play cards.  video  3.9 MB


Mmm Mmm...   Zesty pulled pork sandwiches, beans, and coleslaw were the first night's meal.


Jeff staying warm in the morning.


A light dusting.


This observation tower was sweet.  However, it was kinda sketchy climbing it.  The railings did not make it 100% safe.  And as always, the wind was fierce.


A view from the top.  As you can see, peak color was totally gone.  Would have been spectacular a week or so earlier.   video  3.75 MB   The wind gusts were almost scary.  1 MB






Jeff's body does not let him climb sketchy, high structures.  See him below reading the map.


Here was the view when descending, which was even more nerve racking than climbing.


Safely back on the ground, we continued to walk through the woods.  3.5 MB  Despite the grey sky, cool temps, and wicked wind, we had a nice afternoon.




We hung out around this lake.  We did not see a single other person. 


Another annual tradition:  self timed pic of the campers.  Usually this is taken on the north shore of Lake Superior but not this year.


Our not-so-secluded campsite.  In the summer all of the sites would have more seclusion, but with no leaves they are pretty open.




James broke the chili tradition this year with some yummy stew.


Back in the camper for some more cards.


It was Friday the 13th, so Tratz hung this mask outside the camper door.  It was so eerie, glowing in the night (not really represented in this picture) that Jeff took it down and put it on the table.


To end Friday the 13th, Tratz read by flash light a chilling tale of the Wendigo.  3.2 MB


The next morning it was 26 degrees.  My had warmed the thermometer up a bit before I took this pic.  Brr.


So the coffee would not cool off instantly, we built a small fire.


Of course, on the day we are leaving, the skies cleared.


All packed up and ready to head home, but not before...


breakfast at nearby Eddy's.  Tratz had the walleye while Jeff and I...


had packed-full-of-goodness skillets.

A good time was had by all.  There weren't even any fights this year!  :)

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