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Varsity Theater, Dinkytown

July 9, 2005

The pics and videos seem further away than I felt like we actually were, but oh well.  I had the zoom maxed out.  The pics and videos aren't the greatest, but you get the idea.  If you like her music, check out the audio of the vids, if nothing else.  Just have them playing in the background and listen to her live renditions of her album songs.  Her voice is quite amazing, and she sings very well live.  She uses a looping device, and uses it to loop her vocals and even guitar, at times.  She also played some new songs.  She played a quieter slow version of "Inside and Out" that she said was arranged by Julian from Apostle of Hustle.  When asking if any of us had gone to their recent show we responded with a scattering of yells.  (I was there darn it!)  She also played the opening guitar music of Broken Social Scene's "KC Accidental," presumably to fulfill a request shouted to her.  She stopped and said "oh, I can't play that stuff without the band" and joked.  She also plugged the Sloan shows and played part of one of their songs.

It was her first time to Minneapolis and she seemed very pleased with all of us who turned out.  It was a pretty good crowd and they were enthusiastic.  She requested a bit of singing along from the audience, and they complied.   The mixture of the crowd was something, college kids, all the way to 50+ year old folks, and everything in between.  CD's were being sold for $9 and I snagged one.  At the end she said she'd be back in September with her band, so we'll see.  She had an easy instant rapport with the audience, something that not all singers have.  That made it even more enjoyable to take in the show.





Feist_vids_01.zip   8.5 MB

Honey Honey; Gatekeeper; Secret Heart; One Evening

Feist_vids_02.zip  8.8 MB

Mushaboom (2 vids); Antipioneer; Antipioneer continued

Feist_vids_03.zip  12.6 MB

Lonely Lonely; Sea Lion Woman; Inside and Out (slow version, two vids spliced); Let it Die