Autumn Brew Review


September 8, 2001


Attending:  Adam Rynkiewich, Bryan Curtis, Don Osborn


The tasted beers I recorded (incomplete list):

-Schell’s Smhamltz’s Alt

-Capital Brewery – 1900 (Pilsner):  avg. pils

-Capital Brewery – WI Amber:  forgettable

-Fitger’s Brewhouse – Apricot wheat: smelled better than it tasted

-Granite City Food and Brewery- Brother Benedicts:

-Great Waters Brewing- Brother Van Wie Belgian Dubbel: delicious. Strong. Unique.

-Hops Restarant, Bar and Brewery – Hefe Weizen: tastes like a HW all right.

-Jackson Brewing Co. – Nicie Spicie Wheat Beer: pepper taste. Strong.  Good to sip but whole glass?

-Minneapolis Town Hall – Prosit! Oktoberfest: pretty good.

-Northwoods Brewing Corp, LLC – Floppin Crappie Ale: malty, sweet, Fat Tire

-Northwoods Brewing Corp, LLC – Autmn Orange Cream Soda: good stuff

-Pioneer and Wisconsin Brewing Cos. – Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout: good.  Not too choclately. Somewhat creamy.

-Rock Bottom – Saison Goux: Belgianny

-Sherlock’s Home – Bishop’s Bitter: not as good as before.  Adam says clovey.

-Sprecher Brewing Company – Oktoberfest

-Barley John’s Brewpub – Wild Brunette: alcoholy –Adam

-Barley John’s Brewpub – Old Eight Porter: their insert said “meal in itself” and I said they’re right.  Strong taste

-St. Croix Beer Company – St. Croix Maple Ale: not very good

-St. Croix Beer Company – Serrano Pepper Ale: interesting

-Steven’s Point Brewery – Bock: cheap beer taste but not undrinkable

-Viking Brewing Company – Whole Stein: enjoyable stout

-Water Tower Brewing – Old LS Barelywine – wonderful. Potent. Belgian.  (note: this was my first Barleywine)

-White Winter Winery – Traditional Brackett: somewhere between mead and beer.  Good.

-White Winter Winery – Sweet mead

-White Winter Winery – Dry mead: not as enjoyable as the sweet


I am pretty sure we tried more than this.  We were not attempting to keep a complete list.  Maybe this year we will do that.  There are 25 listed above and we were only there about 6 hours, so about 4 an hour.  I think it was probably more like 5 an hour, but at a 2-3 ounce sample that is a pretty moderate pace.



Autumn Brew Review #2

Sept 7, 2002

Attending:  Adam Rynkiewich, Bruce Holmberg, Jeff Gauss, Bruce Paulson, Brian Holmberg, Rob Hoff.   Sampled 47 brews, some samples just being a sip of someone else’s glass.


-Barley John’s Brewpub –Big Nick’s Belgium Ale: strong, sweet, quite good.

-Fitger’s Brewhouse, Brewery, and Grill –Witchtree ESB:  good, sweet, nice beer

-Fitger’s Brewhouse, Brewery, and Grill –Raspberry Trail Ale: fine. Real raspberries, nice.

-Fitger’s Brewhouse, Brewery, and Grill –El Nino IPA: dry hopped and hop bitterness.  Good.

-Granite City Food and Brewery – Dear Abbey: kind of sweet.  Belgian. Not bad.

-Granite City Food and Brewery –Jalapenio Ale: hot. Warm aftertaste. Interesting.

-Granite City Food and Brewery –Pride of Pilsner: good.  Like the German Pils I bought.

-Granite City Food and Brewery –Ginger Porter: good ginger aroma.  Not so hot on ginger in taste but It’s there.  From liter swing-top bottle.

-Granite City Food and Brewery- Cherry Chocolate Stout: pretty good.  Noticeable cherry flavor from fresh cherries?

-Great Waters Brewing Company – Capitol ESB on cask: fine.  Can’t tell.

-Green Mill Brewing Company – Hefeweizen: good.  Like a hefe.  Served w/slice of lemon.

-Harwell’s Steakhouse and Brewery – Oktoberfest: not that good.

-Harwell’s Steakhouse and Brewery – B.O.B. –Big old Beer. (a hoppy American Pale Ale): quite good. More like an IPA.  Good hop aroma.

-Hops Restaurant, Bar and Brewery – Red: fine good enough.

-Hops Restaurant, Bar and Brewery – Pale Ale: fine good enough.

-Hops Restaurant, Bar and Brewery – Octoberfest: good. Not great not bad.

-Mantorville Brewing Company – Golden Ale: brewed by Todd Malo.  Both somewhat good and different.  Enjoyable.  Kind of tangy.  Due to German yeast?

-Mantorville Brewing Company – Amber Ale.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery- Spontaneous Aviator Peach Lambic: not sweet or sour enough.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery- Dunkleweizen: good, sweet and wheat.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery- Toothless Monk: quite good.  Lot like ours.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery- West Bank Pub Ale: good bitterness. Little strong.

-Northwoods Brewing Corp, LLC –Floppin Crappie Ale: fine light ale

-O’Hara’s Brew Pub and Restaurant- Dubbel Trouble: lots going on up front.  Fruity? Zang. Good.

-O’Hara’s Brew Pub and Restaurant- Quarry Rock Red: drinkable. Nothing special. Not bad.

-Pioneer and Wisconsin Brewing Cos.-Black River Red: Marzen-Style Oktoberfest-too much bitterness and not sweet enough for style.

-Pioneer and Wisconsin Brewing Cos-Oscar’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout: roasted, burnt taste, little bitter.

-Pioneer and Wisconsin Brewing Cos-Cranberry Special Ale: sweet fine cranberry taste.

-South Shore Brewery-Brown: sliver world beer cup.  Good.  Very drinkable.

-South Shore Brewery-Cream Ale: unique finish. Tunes out it’s lavender.  Good.

-South Shore Brewery-Honey Pils: very good. Enjoyable.

-South Shore Brewery-Stout: malty, roasted, quite good.

-St. Croix Beer Company: Serrano Pepper Ale: nice pepper aroma. Warm aftertaste.  Good to sample but whole bottle?

-Stevens Point Brewery-Wit Bier: ok. Not too strong. Fair.

-Viking Brewing Company-Vienna Woods: good. Sweet.

-Viking Brewing Company-Copper Head: good, sweet, nice.

-Viking Brewing Company-Whole Stein: same as last year. Tangy.  Not bad.

-Viking Brewing Company-Berserk: barely wine.  Horse blanket. Not bad.

-Viking Brewing Company-Honey Moon: good, sweet strong honey wine.  More than mead.  (Brackett)

-White Winter Winery-Dry mead: prefer sweet.

-White Winter Winery-Sweet mead: good.

-White Winter Winery-Blueberry Melomel: sweet, nice, enjoyable.

-White Winter Winery-Black Mead: wine aroma. Tastes like merlot.

-White Winter Winery-Strawberry melomel: strong alcohol taste. Dry?

-Bells-Brown: good. Hop. Sweet. Not really brown though.

-Bells-Double Cream Stout: tangy edge, at first liked, then got old.

-Bells-Batch 5000: 9%. 26% smoked malt. Very good. Big smoky, malty.  Best of review.



BATE #2  01/19/03   Don’s house

Attending:  Mike Marigold, his friend James, Jonathan Haynes, Peter Rasmussen, Pete May, Jeff Gauss, Bruce Paulson, Bruce Holmberg.

-Two Brothers IPA

-Summit Winter Ale

-Anchor Christmas Ale

-Aass Juleol

-James Page Winter Warmer

-Pyramid Snow Cap Ale

-Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

-Holiday Cheer (Don and Jeff’s homebrew)

-Anderson Valley Winter Solstice

-New Belgium Brewing Blue Paddle Pilsner Lager

-Summit Grand

-South Shore Honey Pilsner

-Lake Superior Brewing Special Ale


-Smooth Sailing Ale (Vine Park brewed)

-Bells Kalamazoo Stout

-Bells Java Stout

-South Shore Rhodes Scholar Stout

-Sweet Stout (Peter R’s homebrew)

-Imperial Stout (Don’s homebrew)

-Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre

-Delirium Noel

-Anchor Steam

-Anchor Steam clone (Don’s homebrew)

-Mead (Don and Jeff’s)

-Rhubarb Mead (Don and Jeff’s)

-Morland Hen’s Tooth

-Barleywine (Don’s homebrew)

-Barleywine (Pete Moor’s homebrew, not in attendance)

-South Shore Nut Brown ale

-Rudolph the Red Nose Ale (Vine Park brewed)


Tried in Oregon/Brought Back to St. Paul:           Feb 11-19, 2003


Alaska Brewing:

            --Stout (oatmeal)


Bend Brewing Company:

            --sampled all 8 of their beers (sampler).  I thought the Old Ale and Doppelbock were the best.  They were all decent, but perhaps overall not as good as the Deschutes stuff I had on tap.



            --Black Strap Stout

            --Blue Heron Ale   -tried bottle and liked it


Cascade Lakes:

            --Monkey Face Porter -tried bottle and liked

            --Rooster Tale Ale


Deschutes Brewing:

            --Obsidian Stout -had at brewpub and really liked.  Sweet, smooth, dries out at end, roasted and toasty.

            --Mirror Pond.  Friends had at brewpub.  Tried theirs and liked it.  Brought back a bottle.

            --Bachelor ESB  - had on tap.  well made, good bitter. 

            --Quail Springs IPA - had on tap.  tasted kind of like ESB.

            --Wit  -Sampled at brewpub.  Did not like.  slightly skunked?         

            --Jubelale -bought 6 pack.  liked it.  have some left

            --Double Bale Quail Imperial IPA.  Amazing stuff.  Very good.


Fish Tale:

            --Winter Fish  -quite good.  very nice.

            --IPA  -wonderful.  not too hoppy, little sweet, very nice. Tried it and liked it so brought another bottle back.

            --Amber Ale


Full Sail:

            --Wreck the Halls



            --Highland Amber (?)  had on tap and was nice.


New Belgium Brewing:

            --1554 Brussels Black Ale

            --Abbey Belgium Ale

            --Frambozen.  -tried and liked.

            --Fat Tire -had on tap somewhere and it was much worse than the bottle.  Think it was bad tap lines.


North Coast:

            --Old Stock Ale


Pike Pub and Brewery:

            --Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale

            --XXXXX Stout



            --Imperial Pale Ale


Siletz Brewing:

            --Paddle Me IPA -nicely bitter  -a little lacking on malt balance for my taste.



Stone Brewing:

            --Arrogant Bastard

            --Ruination IPA



            --Hefeweizen -had on tap with pizza and tasted good.

BATE #3   March 21, 2003

Attending:  Mike and Heather M, James, Jonathan, Kristina, Pete May, Peter R, Abby, Peter K, Andy H, Bruce P, Jamie, Don O


German Alt (Don's homebrew, a pre-sampling sample)


Weihenstephananer Original

Radeberger Pils

Cream Ale - Peter R's homebrew

Arcadia Brewing -ESB (MI brewery)

EPA  - Peter "hophead" R's homebrew

Full Sail -Pale

Pioneer Brewing Company -Groovy Brew

Saranac -Single Malt

Capital Brewing -Munich Dark

New Glarus - Raspberry Tart (WI only)

New Glarus - Belgian Red

Fischer -Amber (French)

Boulevard Brewing  - Red Ale

Red Ale -Peter K and Andy H's homebrew

Belgian Dubbel - Peter R's homebrew

Victory Brewing - Monkey Tripel

Dogfish Head - Immort Ale 11% alc

Dogfish Head - World Wide Stout 24% alc

Bokrijks Kruikenbier - Belgian Golden

Unibroue - Maudite

Chimay - Grand Reserve

St. Paul Porter - Peter R's homebrew

Boulevard Brewing - Porter

Bell's - Susie's Sweet Stout

Victory - Storm King Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout - Don's homebrew

Rhubarb Mead - Don's homebrew

Dry Irish Stout - Peter K and Andy H's homebrew

Holiday Cheer - Don's homebrew

Big Ass Barleywine - Don's homebrew

Gitchee Gumee Brewfest   April 5, 2003

Attending:  Pete May, Mike Marigold, Johnnie and Joan Rowe, Robin Marigold, Isaiah


J.T. Whitney’s Pub & Brewery – Badger Red Ale.  Fair

J.T. Whitney’s Pub & Brewery – Heartland Weiss.  Fair

Schell – Bock.  Fair

White Winter Winery – Oak Brackett.   Not bad.

Hop’s Restaurant & Brewery – Thoroughbred Red.   Decent

Northwoods Brewing Co. – Floppin Crappie Amber Honey Ale.  Fair

Northwoods Brewing Co. – Bullis Beer.  Fair.  Pretty tasteless.

Town Hall Brewing Co. – Single Malt.  Very nice.

Town Hall Brewing Co. – Peach Wheat.  Fair.  Not much peach.  Sour.

Central Waters Brewing Company – Junetown Brown.  Fair.  Not sweet enough.

Central Waters Brewing Company – Stout Bourban cask.  Very good.

Central Waters Brewing Company – IPA.  Good

Central Waters Brewing Company – Y2K Barley wine.  Excellent

Granite City Brewing – Pride of Pilsen.  Very good

Granite City Brewing – Dear Abbey.  Good.

Lake Superior Brewing Co – Old Man Winter Warmer.  Pretty nice.  Warming aftertaste.

 Like a barley wine.  Strong.  Kind of dry.

Railhouse Brewing Company – Gold Rush.  Fair

Viking Brewing Company – Dim Whit.  Not bad.  Very spicy.

Viking Brewing Company – Jule01.  interesting.  Nutmeg.  decent

Viking Brewing Company – Vienna Woods.  good

Viking Brewing Company – Rauch Bier. Slight smoke aroma.  Decent smoke taste.

Viking Brewing Company – Mjod. Bracket. Not as good as honey moon.

Viking Brewing Company – Honey Moon.  Bracket. Very good.  Strong.  Mostly mead.

Titletown Brewing Company – Fort Howard Pale Ale. Nice.  Hoppy.

Titletown Brewing Company – Kolsch.  Good.

Titletown Brewing Company – Scottish Ale.  Very good.

Logjam Brewery – Swede Saw Red.  Good

Logjam Brewery – Nut Brown.  Ok.

Sleeman – Honey Brown Lager.  Very good.  Nice honeytaste.  Clear.  Enjoyable.

Sleeman – Original Dark.  fair


BATE #4   06/07/03  

Attending:  Don, Mike M, Peter R, Robert H, James F

Categories:  IPA and Wheat beer

-          Rogue Smoke Ale (pre tasting beer)

-          Flying Dog –In Heat Wheat (Hefeweizen)

-          Hacker Pschorr –Weisse Dark

-          New Glarus –Spotted Cow

-          Bell’s Oberon

-          Rogue –Half-e-Weizen

-          Fullers  IPA

-          Summit  IPA

-          Peter R’s Belgian Grand Cru (homebrew)

-          Peter R’s Maibock (homebrew)

-          Summit Maibock

-          Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA


Saris sampler pack received Sept 2003:

4 bottles  ½ liter of Saris Premium Lager

1 small glass bottle mineral water

1 large plastic bottle mineral water

3 cloth napkins with Saris logo, dark red

1 package paper napkins

1 package coasters

1 Saris tan hat

1 white t shirt

1 package table tents

1 poster with sexy Slovakian babe ;)

promotional folders with material

Other posters, one on a tagboard type backing

1 glass Saris bottle, flattened, with a hook (Christmas ornament?)

Autumn Brew Review


September 6, 2003


Attending:  Adam Rynkiewich, , Don Osborn, James Ford, Mike Marigold, Jeff Gauss, Bruce Paulson, Eric Musser, Kevin (Adam’s friend), Robert Harvieux


Tasted beers:

- Bandana Brewery (Mankato, Dave Berg) – Madelia Mild.  Fair enough.  Actually kind of like mine.  Good.  light

- Bandana Brewery (Mankato, Dave Berg) – Garden City Farmhouse Ale.  Wonderful aroma and great taste.  Peppery, citrus, unique.  Very nice.  One of best of fest.

- Bandana Brewery (Mankato, Dave Berg) – Eagle Lake Pale Ale.  Mirror Pond (Deschutes) aroma and taste.  Good.  Solid.  Craft brew Flavor.

- Barley John’s Brewpub – Porter.  1 sip.  Fine

- Big Sky Brewing – Moose Drool.  You know it.  You like it.  Fair

- Big Sky Brewing – Summer Honey

- Boulevard Brewing Company – Unfiltered Wheat.  Little aroma.  But good sweet wheat beer taste.  Nice.

- Boulevard Brewing Company – Pale Ale.  Fair.

- Finnegan’s Irish Amber – not the worst ever.  Fair.

- Fitger's Brewhouse, Brewery and Grill - Light Brown.  like a mild.  Very weak in taste.

- Fitger's Brewhouse, Brewery and Grill - Witchtree ESB.  grainy, malty, like a stronger mild.

- Fitger's Brewhouse, Brewery and Grill - El Nino Double-Hopped IPA. very bitter.  wow.  strong bitter finish.

- Fitger's Brewhouse, Brewery and Grill - Mild.  Also similar to mine.  Interesting.  Kind of light taste.  Little bit of roasted, grainy taste.

- Granite City Food and Brewery - Dear Abbey 2003. decent.  Dubbel?  nice. good.

- Granite City Food and Brewery - Pride of Pilsen.  good.  decent for style

- Granite City Food and Brewery - Duke of Wellington.  Nice pale hoppy crisp.  good.

- Granite City Food and Brewery - Piper Doon.  malty, grainy nose.  same taste.  decent.  nice

- Great Waters Brewing Company - IPA.  fair aroma.  decent taste.  1 sip

- Great Waters Brewing Company - Bourbon Barrel Brown - oak chips soaked in bourbon then put in (metal) cask.  Nice oaky aroma.  Actual taste is not great, but good.  Solid.

- Great Waters Brewing Company - Summer Ale.  drinkable.  last beer of night?

- Harwell's Steakhouse and Brewery - Oktoberfest - (lagered since January) Very good.  Sweet.   Strong.  smooth, like a bock

- Harwell's Steakhouse and Brewery - IPA. drinkable.  decent.  bitter finish.  not outstanding

- Harwell's Steakhouse and Brewery - MexiLager. pretty good.  fairly light. little spicy.

- Harwell's Steakhouse and Brewery - Porter.  very drinkable.  smooth, sweet, very good.

- Harwell's Steakhouse and Brewery - ISB (Industrial Swill for Beginners) like you'd think.

- Hop's Restaurant, Bar, & Brewery - Summer Ale.  fair enough.  drinkable.

- Hop's Restaurant, Bar, & Brewery - Oatmeal Stout.  fair.  little edgy.

- Kalamazoo Brewing Company - Winter White Ale - unfiltered wheat. sharp, not so sweet, Belgian yeast.  fair.

- Kalamazoo Brewing Company - Amber.  decent

- Kalamazoo Brewing Company - Porter. decent too.  roasted taste.  little cold.

Z###########################@22222221  (that was the cat’s entry.  Must have been her favorite)

- Mantorville - Stage Coach  - fairly light.  smooth.  Drinkable, fair.

- Mantorville - Honey Golden - a little better.  More distinct.  Due to yeast?

- Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery - Smokehaus Hefe - sweet.  Trippel like start, banana middle, pleasant smoke finish.

- Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery - Blue Label Barrel Aged Blend - like scotch whisky - oak cask flavor.  Great.  Sweet and Malty.  Very, very nice.

- Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery - El Commando Barley Wine - Unusual for BW aroma.  More like Trippel.  Strong, warming, touch of alcohol.  Sweet and good.

- Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery - Cask Masala Mamma IPA - Cascade pour.  Creamy and smooth.  Quite hoppy flavor.  Hop aroma too but too much head right now.  Ok now more hop aroma.  Quite good.

- New Holland Brewing Company - Full Circle Pilsner. decent.  like Summit Grand.  Better than swill

- New Holland Brewing Company - Mad Hatter IPA - super fresh hop aroma. "You will write that it is good." -Mike.  Actually, a little too smooth of a taste, but good.

- New Holland Brewing Company - The Poet Oatmeal Stout. Decent.  A little sharp edge for a stout.  Fair.

- New Holland Brewing Company - Black Tulip Belgian Trippel - musty.  only fair.

- New Holland Brewing Company - Sour butterscotch aroma and flavor.  interesting.  not outstanding but good.  Creamy.

- O'Hara's Brew Pub and Restaurant - Quarry Rock Red.  Fair.

- O'Hara's Brew Pub and Restaurant - O'Hara's Oktoberfest - a little light for style I think but not bad.

- Pig's Eye Brewing Company - Pilsner - bowling, anyone?

- Pig's Eye Brewing Company - Lean.  little more than water.

- Pioneer and Wisconsin Brewing Cos. - Wheat - decent, solid.

- Pioneer and Wisconsin Brewing Cos. Cream Ale.  fair, forgettable.

- Point - Augsberger Dark.  forgettable.

- Rock Bottom Brewery - Intoxicator Dopplebock - very nice.  Strong and sweet as it should be.

- Rock Bottom Brewery - Saison.  very drinkable.  Sweet, Belgian flavor.  nice

- Rock Bottom Brewery - Kolsch.  light.  (drunk)  hard to tell

- Rockies Brewing Company - Single Track Copper Ale. fair

- Rockies Brewing Company - Hazed and Infused. of course, good hop aroma and good taste.

- Sleeman - Honey Brown.  Fair.  Drinkable.  really not that bad no matter what Mike says.

- Sleeman - Original Lager.  just drinkable.

- Summit - Octoberfest - lighter.  not bad.  See how whole bottle tastes.

- Vine Park Brewing Company - Oktoberfest - light for an Octoberfest, nice enough but true to style?

- vine Park Brewing Company - IPA.  1 sip.  nice aroma.  bitter.   not bad.

- vine Park Brewing Company - Belgian Golden Ale.  spicy, complex, full flavored, very nice.

- White Winter Winery - Raspberry mead.  1 sip.  wine like.  Good for a wine-like mead.  semi sweet.

- White Winter Winery - Oak Brackett.  quite nice.   1 sip.


BATE #5  11/15/03    Don’s house.

Don, Mike M, Robert H, James F, Tom N, Pete M, Peter R, Mike (Pete’s friend), Chris M


Tasted 40 drinks (rolls eyes)

-          Scottish Ale –Don’s homebrew

-          Dunkel Weizen – Peter’s homebrew

-          Bell’s Oberon

-          Yarpivo (Russian)

-          Red Ale –Robert’s homebrew

-          Steamin’ Wife Lager –Don’s homebrew

-          Anchor Steam

-          Guinness Bitter

-          SNCA clone –Mike’s homebrew

-          SNCA clone –Don’s homebrew

-          SNCA (Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale)

-          Lake Superior IPA

-          Fuller’s IPA

-          Goose Island IPA

-          Summit IPA

-          Dubbel –Chris’s homebrew

-          Trippel –Don’s homebrew

-          Trippel –New Belgium Brewing

-          Tripel Karmeliet

-          Northwoods Porter (Anchor Porter clone –Don’s homebrew)

-          Anchor Porter

-          Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

-          Young’s Oatmeal Stout

-          Old Engine Oil –Harviestoun Brewery

-          Old Engine Oil Special Reserve –Harviestoun Brewery

-          Osborne Porto

-          Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

-          Licorice Stout –Mike’s homebrew

-          Cherry Stout –James’ homebrew

-          Mead ’02 –Don’s homemade

-          Wee Heavy –James’ homebrew

-          Imperial Stout –Chris’ homebrew

-          Imperial Stout –Don’s homebrew

-          Samuel Smith Imperial Stout

-          Cooper’s Extra Strong Vintage Ale

-          Mead ’01 –Don’s homemade

-          Bai Jou (from China)

-          Barley Wine ’01 –Don’s homebrew

-          Holiday Cheer –Mike’s homebrew

-          Belgian Christmas Ale –Don’s homebrew




Winterfest 2004  

-Jan 17.  Hamm building, St. Paul

Attending:   Don, James Ford, Mike Marigold, Bruce Paulson



-Barley John’s Brewpub –Stockyard IPA.  good

-Barley John’s Brewpub –Trappist Grand Reserve 10% sweet, honey aroma.  Very good.  Solid.   Mead-like taste.

-Barley John’s Brewpub –Wild Brunette Brown 7.5%  sweet.  Quite nice.

-Barley John’s Brewpub – Old Eight Porter 8%  sweet.  Bubblegum.  Good.

-Barley John’s Brewpub –Alfred’s Porter.  12%.  Poured from growler.  Cough syrup.  Interesting.

-Fitger’s Brewhouse-  Hair O’ the Monk 10%  strong banana finish.

-Fitger’s Brewhouse-  Sasquatch Scotch  8%  good.  Sweet.  Pretty clean.

-Fitger’s Brewhouse- Edmund Imperial Stout 9.5%  pretty tasty.  Good stuff.

-Granite City –Double Vision Pale Ale – very solid.  Hoppy.  Clean.  Sweet.

-Granite City – Brown.  Cask.  Smooth, tasty, gulpable.

-O’Hara’s Brewpub – Winter Lager.  Decent.

-Great Waters Brewing Co. – Hooligan IPA.  Fishy taste.  Not that great.

-Great Waters Brewing Co. –  Peter the Great Imperial Stout. Aged 13 months.  Very good.  Lingering port finish.

-Great Waters Brewing Co. –  Dubbel – decent.  Kind of sharp.

-Hops Restaurant and Brewery – Winter Amber.  Fair, drinkable.

-Hops Restaurant and Brewery – Bumblebee Honey Bock – fair, drinkable.

-Minneapolis Town Hall –  Grand Cru 9.5%  wonderful fruit aroma, orange, sweet strong taste.

-Minneapolis Town Hall – Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 7% - quite nice.

-Minneapolis Town Hall – Hood Pale.  Cask.  Nice.

-Minneapolis Town Hall –  Tan Lager.  ok.

-Mantorville – Smoked Porter.  Slight bourbon barrel taste (even though has not yet been in barrel).  Hint of honey or mead.  (Todd said he used a yeast that he had previously made a beer with honey in it).

-Mantorville – Stagecoach Amber.   Decent.

-Bandana Brewery – Janesville Porter.  Fair, brown porter and dry stout taste.

-Bandana Brewery – Anniversary Ale.  Good.

-Rock Bottom – Winter Warmer. Willamette dry hop –piney aroma.  Pineapple taste.  Very good. 

-Rock Bottom – Cranberry Wit.  Fair.  Little dry?

-Summit – cask IPA.  Very nice.  Smooth.  England-esque

-Summit –Maibock.   Little young.  Not as sweet as normal.


Gitchee Gumee Brewfest   April 3, 2004

Attending:  Pete May, Mike Marigold, Jerry, Robin Marigold, Isaiah



-Sleeman Cream Ale.   –ok

-Sleeman Clear.  -Not good.

-Point Amber.    –eh.

-Pioneer Brewing Oderbolz Bock.  –ass juice (i.e. terrible)

-Pioneer Brewing Cranberry Special Ale – nice.  Little sweet, little tart.

-Pioneer Brewing Oscar Stout – ok. Good.

-Pioneer Brewing Wood Duck Wheat. -fair

-Pioneer Brewing Golden Ale. –ok

-Logjam Stout. –not bad.

-City Brewery Kul Lite. – eh.

-Fitgers Brewhouse – Witchtree ESB.  Ok

-Twin Ports Brewing – Ultra Fat Ass (lite) – not that good.

-Twin Ports Brewing – Rye Bock – all right.

-Twin Ports Brewing – Primavera Porter – not that great.

-Rock Bottom – Itasca Extra Pale Ale.  solid.  Good stuff.

-Hops – Amber Ale.  fair

-Hops – Double Hopped IPA – very good.  OG 19 Plato.  Quite bitter.  Good stuff.

-Lake Superior – Kayak Kolsch.  Eh.

-Lake Superior – Brown Ale.  ok

-Granite City Brewing Graduator Doppelbock – fair.

-Granite City Brewing Brother Benedicts amber bock – so-so.

-Granite City Brewing Cask Stout – “at least two steps up from ball sweat”  M.M.  medicinal sourness.

-Granite City Brewing Pride of Pilsen – good as last year.  Nice aroma. Solid Pils.

-Summit –Cask Brown.  Good but maybe needs 1 or 2 more weeks.  If mellowed would be great.

-Capital – Maibock.  -Milder.  Drinkable.  Nice.

-Viking – Hot Chocolate. – interesting.  Sweet body and heat in finish (cayenne)

-Viking – Fiddler’s Finest Munich Helles – little dirtish.  To style?  Ok.

-Viking –Big Swede imperial stout – solid.

-Viking – JD’s Old Fashioned Root Beer.  Good stuff.  J

-Kalamazoo – Oberon.  Eh.

-Kalamazoo – Two Hearted.  – good of course.

-South Shore Brewing Nut Brown Ale – ok.

-South Shore Brewing Honey Pils – decent.

-South Shore Brewing Herbal Cream ale – great aroma.  Thought wit-like.  Good taste.

-South Shore Brewing Wheat Doppelbock – noticeable wheat aroma.  Not bad but can’t drink much of it.

-South Shore Brewing Maibock – not bad.  Not sweet enough for style?  Pretty good.

- Lion Stout –Sri Lanka.  Quite good.  Rather complex for a stout.

- Marten Belgian Pils – low carb.   Eh.



BATE #6  05/08/04    Paul’s house.

Don, Mike M, James F, Pete M, Nick, Paul, Kaelyn, Landon (aka Lil’ Pa)


-American Wheat –Paul’s homebrew

-Helles (Hofbrauhaus)  -Paul’s homebrew

-Sam Adams White

-Pils  -Don’s homebrew

- Pilsner Urquell

- Klisch Pils –Lakefront Brewery

- Fuel Café Coffee Flavored Sout -Lakefront Brewery

- SNPA  -Don’s homebrew


- Maibock  -Don’s homebrew

- Summit Maibock

- Maibock  -Paul’s homebrew

- Tongue Splitter –Paul’s homebrew

- EPA  Summit

- ESB  -Mike’s homebrew

- Boulevard Bully Porter

- Stone Creek Brewing Vanilla Porter

- Stone Smoked Porter (CA)

- Alaskan Smoked Porter (AK)

- Smoked Porter  -Don’s homebrew

- Bluefin Stout -Shipyard

- Harp clone  -Paul’s homebrew

- American Brown –Paul’s homebrew

- American Brown  -Mike’s homebrew

- Rocky Mt. Meadery –Guinevere Honeywine

- Lurgashall Winery – English Mead




Autumn Brew Review


September 11, 2004


Attending:  Don Osborn, Pete May, James Ford, Mike Marigold


-Bandana Brewery - Skyline Weizenbock.  Laagered 4 months.  Super smooth.  Sweet.  Very Nice.

-Bandana Brewery - Eagle Lake Pale Ale - decent pale ale.  Nothing special but good.

-Barley John's Brewpub - Wild Rice Brunette -Very nice.  Complex. Actually tastes little different -wild rice?  Good Stuff.

-Barley John's Brewpub - Bitter.  Very drinkable.  Clean and somewhat bitter.  fine.

-The Brauhaus (Lucan, MN) IPA - after drinking Wildfire, can't taste much.  Seems to be OK. (after water). OK, little grainy.  Decent.

-The Brauhaus (Lucan, MN) Cream Stout. Pretty good.  Not dry.  Little sweet.  Nice roasted taste.

-Fitger's Brewhouse - Witchtree ESB.  just fine.  good stuff.

-Fitger's Brewhouse - Amsterdam Ale - Wow.  Very nice.  A Belgian Golden?  Quite good.  Could drink whole glass.

-Fitger's Brewhouse - Wildfire.  They are right.  Super hot.  Interesting to taste but couldn't drink whole glass.

-Fitger's Brewhouse - Ole' Redbeard.  2003 Barleywine 10.9%.  Good stuff.  Quite strong.  Backbone.

-Fitger's Brewhouse - Big boat Oatmeal Stout - very nice.  totally solid.

-Granite City (St. Cloud) - Broadaxe Stout.  cask.  very roasty.  good.

-Granite City (St. Cloud) - Duke of Wellington Pale Ale - nice aroma.  Fair taste.  not that great.

-Great Waters - Brown Trout Brown ale - kind of light tasting but decent.

-Great Waters - St. Peter Pale - decent.  drinking while eating.

-Hops Restaurant, Bar, & Brewery - Oatmeal Stout - decent.  good example of style.  nice.

-Hops Restaurant, Bar, & Brewery - Imperial IPA.  damn good.  Whole pint would F you up.  Strong, bitter, nice.

-James Page Brewing Company - Summer Ale - decent.  solid.

-James Page Brewing Company - Oktoberfest.   hmm.  only so so.

-Mantorville Brewing Company- Stagecoach.  good. open fermentation for first 24 hours.  Little spicy.

-Minneapolis Town Hall - Thunderstorm.  Real nice.  Maybe little heavy on lemongrass.  Good summer ale though.

-Minneapolis Town Hall - Old Ale.  warming, alcohol hint.  Strong, pretty good.  Kind of dry finish. 

-Minneapolis Town Hall - Hop It.  cask.  quite bitter.  too much for me actually.  not balanced.  little thin.

-New Holland Brewing Company - Sun Dog Amber.  ok

-O'Hara's Brew Pub (St. Cloud) - Sommer Weizen - quite nice.  drinkable.

-O'Hara's Brew Pub (St. Cloud) - Sid's Irish Stout - also good.  roasty.  goes down smooth.

-Pig's Eye Brewing - Pilsner - skunky aroma.  only fair.

-Rock Bottom Brewery - Kolsch.  fine.  ok

-Rockies Brewing Company - Mojo IPA.  Totally solid.  Very, very good.  Awesome hop taste and flavor.

-Rockies Brewing Company - Hazed and Infused - decent.  Had before of course.

-Rush River Brewing Company - Unforgiven Amber Ale. so so

-Rush River Brewing Company - Small Axe Golden Ale - decent.

-Rush River Brewing Company - Lost Arrow Porter - also so so.

-Sand Creek/Pioneer Brewing Company - Cranberry Special Ale. not very beer-ish.  pretty light and sweet. not bad.

-Sand Creek/Pioneer Brewing Company - Wheat - only ok.  pretty wheaty.

-South Shore Brewing - Nut Brown Ale - decent.

-South Shore Brewing - Mint Coffee Stout -made with real mint leaves.  Great mint aroma.  Good flavor.  Quite nice.

-South Shore Brewing - Pumpkin Fest - very aromatic, very spicy.  unique.  good flavor.

-Summit Brewing Company - Oktoberfest - very nice.  should be good this year.  Will buy a 6 pack for sure.

-Summit Brewing Company - EPA on cask.  Very smooth.  Very nice.  More!

-Viking Brewing Company - Whole Stein - good.  drinkable stuff.

-Viking Brewing Company - Big Swede - good stuff.

-Viking Brewing Company - Queen Victoria's Secret - only so so.

-Viking Brewing Company - Sylvan Springs - decent.  kind of unique.

-Viking Brewing Company - Mjod - bracket.  good stuff.  essence of a mead.

-Viking Brewing Company - Abbey Normal - quite tasty.  sweet.  candy.

-White Winter Winery - Raspberry Mead - sweeter than strawberry.  not bad.

-White Winter Winery - Oak Brackett - very interesting.  beer and mead.  good flavor.  drink whole glass?

-White Winter Winery - Apple Cyser - only a sip.  decent.

-White Winter Winery - Strawberry Mead - pretty dry.  ok.

-William Kuether Brewing Company - Tall Blonde - only fair.  at least ok.

-William Kuether Brewing Company - Rustic Trail Amber - little too bitter for alt.

-William Kuether Brewing Company - Pale Ale - actually bad.  what the H?

-William Kuether Brewing Company - Badger Brown.  so so.



Winterfest 2005  

-Feb 19.  St. Paul College Club, St. Paul

Attending:   Don, James Ford, Mike Marigold, Bruce Paulson, Pete May


-Bandana Brewery - Skyline Weizenbock -good

-Bandana Brewery - Nicollet Milk Stout -very nice

-Barley John's Brewpub - Wild Brunette

-Barley John's Brewpub - Old Eight Porter

-Barley John's Brewpub - Winter Ale

-Barley John's Brewpub - Dark Knight

-Barley John's Brewpub - Rosie's.  amazing.  18% alc.  port notes.  warming.

-Brauhaus - Scotch Ale.  ok

-Brauhaus - Extra Pale.  bad

-Fitger's Brewhouse - Oredock Triplebock

-Fitger's Brewhouse -  Hair O the Monk

-Fitger's Brewhouse -  Whiskey Barrel Aged Ole' Redbeard Barleywine

-Fitger's Brewhouse - Bourbon Barrel Aged Edmund Imperial Stout

-Fitger's Brewhouse - 1100 Wheatwine.  great stuff, like a barleywine made with wheat malt.

-Granite City Food & Brewery - Kenny's Not Quite Brown Ale.  nice.  strong light colored brown.

-Granite City Food & Brewery - Hoptopia.  really hoppy.

-Granite City Food & Brewery - IPA

-Great Waters Brewing Company - Old Bastard Ale

-Great Waters Brewing Company - Imperial IPA

-Hops, Maple Grove - Scottish

-Hops, Maple Grove - (didn't record 2nd one)

-Lake Superior Brewing Company - Split Rock Bock

-Lake Superior Brewing Company - Barleywine

-O Hara's Brewpub and Restaurant - Winter Wheat

-Rock Bottom - On Cask  Stubby.  brewed from 2nd runnings of Imp St.

-Rock Bottom - Black Bull Imp Stout

-Rock Bottom - Fallen Angel Abbey

-Rock Bottom - Bezerk Malt Liquor

-Summit - cask IPA.  very good stuff, better than bottle for sure.

-Town Hall Brewery - Wassail Ale.  super spicy nose.

-Town Hall Brewery - Beer 24.  nice stuff.

-Town Hall Brewery - Czar Jack Imperial Stout.

-Town Hall Brewery - Big Dog

-Town Hall Brewery - Grand Cru (award winning, only had a small taste)


Autumn Brew Review 2005  

-October 8, 2005    Peavy Plaza, Minneapolis

Attending:   Don, James, Clint, Mike, Keith, Adam, Rob.


-Arcadia Brewing - WhitSun - fairly decent wit.

-Arcadia Brewing - Angler's Ale - ok.  decent enough.

-Arcadia Brewing - Scotch Ale - Pretty solid.  Strong, malty, good.

-Arcadia Brewing - London Porter - Quite nice.  Coffee NOte

-Arcadia Brewing - Special Reserve - so so

-August Schell Brewing - Schell Dark.  ok

-Avery Brewing - Amber.  so so.

-Barley John's Brewpub - Sotckyard IPA - in the hop transducer thingee.  Quite bitter.  all right.

-Barley John's Brwepub - Oktoberfest - decent.

-Bandana Brewery - Waseca Honey Wheat - quite good.

-Bandana Brewery - Hop Harvest Pale Ale - ok.

-Boulevard Brewing - Pale Ale.  ok

-Brauhaus - EPA.  eh.  not so good.

-Brauhaus - Dubbel.  2004 growler.  alcohol aroma and taste.  so so.

-Fitger's Brewhouse, Brewery, and Grill -  Cherry 10th Anniversary ale - great.  sour cherry.  authentic fruit flavor.

-Fitger's Brewhouse, Brewery, and Grill - Double Daisy - red IPA.  ok.  bitter finish.

-Fitger's Brewhouse, Brewery, and Grill - Apostle Apple Ale.  wow.  Rather sweet.  nice.

-Great Divide Brewing - IPA. ok

-Great Divide Brewing - Porter.  decent.  pretty good.

-Great Divide Brewing - Denver Pale.  eh.

-Great Divide Brewing - Oktoberfest.  so so

-Great Waters - Scarlet Pimpernel.  decent.

-Great Waters - Dunkel.  eh.

-Lakefront Brewing - IPA.  mild hop aroma.  Pretty bitter.  decent.

-Lakefront Brewing - ESB.  super clear.  so so.  not very to style.

-Lakefront Brewing - Oktoberfest - ok.  not bad.

-Lakefront Brewing - Pumpkin.  nice spice aroma.  real pumpkin in mash. Very clear.  Pretty good.

-Mantorville Brewing - Golden.  awful, actually.  worst beer of day.

-Mantorville Brewing - Stagecoach Amber - not very good.

-Minneapolis Town Hall - MN Harvest. (wild rice)  very grainy.  so so

-Minneapolis Town Hall - Abbey.  strong Belgian.  good.

-Minneapolis Town Hall - Smoked Porter.  fair enough.   good example of style.

-Minneapolis Town Hall - Fresh Hop Pale.  quite bitter.  not enough malt balance.

-Rush River Brewing - Amber. so so

-Rush River Brewing - Porter.  ok

-Sierra Nevada Brewing - Porter.  good.

-South Shore Brewing - Herbal Cream ale.  pretty good.  unique.  nice.

-South Shore Brewing - Honey Pils.  decent.

-Summit - Amber - decent.

-Summit - EPA on cask.  lower carbonation.  more hop bitterness.  nice.

-Viking Brewing Company - Rauch.  good smoky taste. light in color.

-Viking Brewing Company - Whole Stein - decent.

-Viking Brewing Company - Honey Moon - ok

-Viking Brewing Company - Lime Twist - quite good.  refreshing.

-White Winter Winery - Bracket - eh.

-White Winter Winery - Cider.  ok.  cross between dry homemade and commercial.


Winterfest 2006  

-Jan 14.  St. Paul College Club, St. Paul

Attending:   Don, Mike Marigold, Pete May


- Bandana Brewery - Hanska Baltic Porter.  ok.

- Bandana Brewery - Hamburg Doppelbock.  not sure if have right one.  If so, not very doppelbock like.

- BrauHaus - Scotch ale.  not bad.

- BrauHaus - Tripel - kind of harsh.  not that great.

- Brauhaus - Dubbel - pretty good.

- Fitgers Brewhouse - Ole Redbeard Barleywine 2003 - better

- Fitgers Brewhouse - Ole Redbeard Barleywine 2004 - ok

- Fitgers Brewhouse - Edmund Imperial Stout - pretty good

- Fitgers Brewhouse - Procrastinator Doppelbock - very nice

- Fitgers Brewhouse - 1100 Wheatwine - interesting.  don't taste wheat.

- Fitgers Brewhouse - Sasquatch - so so

- Fitgers Brewhouse - IBA.  India Brown Ale.  accurate title.  nice.

- Great Waters - Winter Strong Wit.  decent wit with some alcohol taste

- Great Waters - Belgian Yule - spicy.

- O'Haras Brewpub - Dubble Trouble - so so

- O'Haras Brewpub - Oatmeal Stout

- Rock Bottom - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.  -alc aroma.  Cherry cough syrup taste.

- Summit - Great Northern Porter.   they put some spice in this special amount.  Ginger maybe.  ok.

- Surly Brewing (inaugural tapping!) - Bender - assertive.  nice.

- Surly Brewing - unlisted.   Amber IPA thing, on cask.  Super hop aroma.  Taste is strong.

- Town Hall - Banana Bread Beer - not bad but don't get banana.

- Town Hall - Barrel Aged Northern Waters Smoked Porter - not very smoky.  fair.

- Town Hall - Ol Jack Frost - Imperial Stout.  pretty decent.

- Town Hall - Foolish - hits like a bag of bricks.  strong aroma and taste.

- Town Hall - Twisted Reality - hint of smoke aroma.  Very nice. Maybe best of night.



BATE #7  03/18/06    Mike's house.

Don, Mike M, James F, Clint


- DAB Dortmunder - Mike's homebrew

-Harveys - Elizabethan Ale  1998

- Zatta Bie - Brouwerj De Bi

- Upstream Brewing - Hefeweizen

- New Belgium Abbey ale

- Helles - Mike's homebrew

- Helles - Don's homebrew

- Helles - Mike's 2004 homebrew

- Anchor Steam

- Steamin' Wife Lager -Don's homebrew

- Empryean Brewing - Scottish

- Gluek Brewing - Light lager

- Mackeson XXX Stout

- Upstream Doppelbock

- Mike's Ginger Wheat - homebrew

- Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine 2005

- SNBFBW Don's homebrew 2004

- Sam Adam's Winter Lager

- Mead - Don's 2005 sweet mead

- Pumpkin Ale - Don's homebrew

- Spiced Ale - Jerry's homebrew

- lots of good cheese courtesy of Mike, and Don's Chimay cheese

- "world famous" meatballs by Clint, James gorgonzola cheese dip, Mike's pork hominy soup



The Great Taste of the Midwest  - Madison, WI   August 12, 2006

Jerry and Don made the trip


-Carlyle Brewing Company - IPA. nice

-Carlyle Brewing Company - Golden.  all right

-Carlyle Brewing Company - Stout.  good.

-Flossmoor Station - Vishnu's Vice IPA.  good aroma and taste

-Flossmoor Station - Avant Garde Biere de Garde.  nice

-Flossmoor Station - Wooden Hell.  bourbon barrel aroma.  great taste.

-Flossmoor Station -   Old Ale.  very good.

-Barley Island Brewing Company -Sheet Metal Blond.  decent

-Barley Island Brewing Company - Shagbark Farmhouse Ale.  musty, funky, good.

-Barley Island Brewing Company - Dirty Helen Brown Ale. fair.

-Barley Island Brewing Company - BarFly IPA - don't like.

-Broad Ripple Brew Pub - Mild.  nice

-Broad Ripple Brew Pub - Farmhouse.  quite good.

-Broad Ripple Brew Pub - ESB.  fair.

-Brugge Brasserie - Trippel.  very nice.

-Three Floyds Brewing Company - Gumballhead.  very nice.

-Three Floyds Brewing Company -  Red ___ ? - baltic porter.  good.

-Three Floyds Brewing Company - Oak Aged Dark Lord Imperial Stout.  awesome.  coffee flavors.  wonderful.

-Bells Brewery, INC - Hell Hath no Fury - nice.  small amt of heat.  Java stout?

-Bells Brewery, INC - Wedding ale - spicy, wit, orange

-Bells Brewery, INC - Lager - like a pils.  ok.

-Bells Brewery, INC - Rye Stout - fair.  don't taste rye.

-Dragonmead Microbrewery - Final Absolution (tripel).  delish.

-Dragonmead Microbrewery - Under the Kilt Wee Heavy - ok

-Dragonmead Microbrewery - Bill's Witbier - good

-Dragonmead Microbrewery - Barleywine.  good ("got me drunk" I wrote)

-Founders Brewing Company - Dirty Bastard.  very nice.

-Founders Brewing Company - Reds Rye.  kick ass.

-Founders Brewing Company - Breakfast stout - awesome.

-Founders Brewing Company - Curmudgeon.

-Kuhnhenn Brewing Company - Fourth Dementia Olde Ale - very nice

-Kuhnhenn Brewing Company - Creme Brulee Java Stout - super good.

-Kuhnhenn Brewing Company - Simcoe - really good

-Kuhnhenn Brewing Company -  ??  4th one not recorded

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - Batch 50 Ann IPA - awesome

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - Maillot Jaune -dry hopped French pale ale.  very nice.

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - Dark Czech Lager. decent

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - German Pils - quite nice.  clean.

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - Cask Aged Belgian Cherry Wheat.  diff but ok.  nice aroma

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - Cask Aged Kilt Tilter Scotch - smokey.  good.

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - Bourbon cask aged Belgian Dark Trippel.  14.5%.  awesome

-The Livery (Benton Harbor) - Bourbon cask aged wheat trippelbock lager. 17%. unbelievable.  Sweet.  Very strong but smooth.  Wonderful.

-Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) - Oktoberfest.  ok

-Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) - Utopias.  unbelievable.  see the video for live tasting review.

-Ale Asylum - Abbey.  good.

-Ale Asylum - Tripel Nova Belgian Tripel - decent

-Ale Asylum - Big Slick Stout Oatmeal Stout - ok

-Ale Asylum - Hatha Weizen Hefe Weizen - ok

-Lakefront Brewery - Abbey.  ok

-Lakefront Brewery - Pale.  good.

-Railhouse Brewing - Doppelbock.  nice.

-Railhouse Brewing - Pike River IPA - so so

-Railhouse Brewing - Oatmeal Stout - decent




Autumn Brew Review 2006  

-October 7, 2006    Peavy Plaza, Minneapolis

Attending:   Don, James, Mike, Adam, Pete, Jerry.


-August Schell Brewing - Pale Ale on cask.  decent.  solid.

-Avery Brewing - Old Jubilation.  all right.

-Barley John's Brewpub - Oktoberfest. good.

-Barley John's Brewpub - Wild Rice Brunette.  ok

-Brau Brothers Brewing - Creamt stout.  ok

-Brau Brothers Brewing - Batch1 - "less hoppy ipa"  ok.  decent pale ale.

-Fitger's - St. Stephen's Abbey - decent

-Fitger's - StarFire Pale ale - very nice.  well made.

-Fitger's - Parr's Porter - pretty good

-Fitger's - Lester River Hefeweizen - ok

-Fitger's - 1100 Wheat wine - wow.  strong. ok but alcohol heat.

-Fitger's - Anniversary cherry batch.  very good.

-Great Divide Brewing - ESB. ok

-Great Waters - Pflugenphflagen - nice.

-Great Waters - Stout.  very good. smooth

-Great Waters - Apocalypse - double ipa.  good.

-Kalamazoo Brewing - Best Brown.  ok.

-Lakefront Brewing - Pumpkin. good.  not as good as last year.

-Lakefront Brewing - Riverfest Stein - pale ale?  decent.

-Lakefront Brewing - Eastside Dark.  decent.

-Lakefront Brewing - Oktoberfest.  good.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery -  Fresh Hop.  very hoppy, almost unbalanced. astringent.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery -  Black Snow Coffee Porter - pretty nice.  good coffee flavor, nice balance.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery - Barrel Aged Twisted Reality Barleywine.  sugary, smooth, warming, very good smell and taste.

-Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery - 1800 (cask) pretty nice.  quite bitter.  well made.

-Muskie Capital - Red lager.  ok

-Muskie Capital - Wheat.  very clear.  ok flavor

-Muskie Capital - hmm.  ok I suppose.

-New Holland - Ichabod Pumpkin ale - so so.  reminds me of mine.

-New Holland - Mad Hatter IPA - all right.

-Rock Bottom - cask brown.  so so.

-Rock Bottom -Wit - quite nice.

-Rush River - IPA. so so.

-Shmaltz Brewing - Genesis.  not that great.

-Shmaltz Brewing - Messiah Bold - not that great.

-Sierra Nevada - Celebration ale (doesn't come out for 3 weeks) - excellent of course.

-South Shore Brewing - Apple Fest.  ok.  cloudy.  dregs from keg?  it was out later when I wanted to try again.

-South Shore Brewing -  Coffee Mint Stout - smells great - mint aroma.  nice balance taste.  very nice.

-South Shore Brewing -  ok.

-Summit - Great Northern Porter - ok 

-Surly Brewing -  Darkness - Imp Stout.  very nice.

-Surly Brewing - Tea Bag Bender. little hoppier in bright flavor.  cask

-Surly Brewing - Bourbon bender. - noticeable bourbon flavor.  smoother.

-Surly Brewing - Surlyfest.  Very hoppy, like an IPA.

-Surly Brewing - Coffee Bender - tons of coffee aroma and flavor.  coffee dominates.

-White Winter - Raspberry Mead - kind of dry but nice.

-White Winter - Sweet Mead.  nice and sweet.




Autumn Brew Review 2007

-September 29, 2007    Historic Grain Belt Brewery, Minneapolis

Attending:   Don, Adam, Pete, Rob.


- August Schell Brewing - Ungespundet-hefetrub Pilsner - really nice.  Unfiltered Kellerbier.  Great flavor.  Reminds me of a homebrew.

- Brau Brothers - Brau Scotch ale.  decent.   pretty good.

- Brau Brothers  - Ring Neck Braun.  Double nut brown.  ok.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Apricot Wheat.  not much apricot but nearly enough.  good.

- Fitger's Brewhouse -  Breakwater White - really nice.

- Fitger's Brewhouse -  Breakwater Blue.  The White with blueberries.  wow.  outstanding. refreshing, balanced, unique, drinkable, wonderful.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Herbst Lager.  good.  well made.  nice.

- Fitger's Brewhouse -  ST IPA - solid.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - St Stephen's Abbey ale.  decent.

- Fitger's Brewhouse -  Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Boat Oatmeal Stout. really nice.  complex and drinkable. can get bourbon flavor.  very good.

- Flat Earth Brewing - Bermuda Triangle.  Trippel.  not too bad.  cleaner tasting than other beers of theirs I've had.

- Flat Earth Brewing - Cygnus X-1. not too bad.  better than others from them.

- Herkimer - Oktoberfest - ok.  kind of hoppy.  not bad.

- Herkimer - Alt.  so so.  not great.

- Herkimer - Sky Pilot Kellerbier - somewhat off?

- Herkimer - Dunkel.  decent.

- Lake Superior - Mesabi Red.  brought to us while in outhouse line.  decent.

- Minneapolis Town Hall - Fresh Hop 2007.  awesome fresh hop flavor.  great.

- Minneapolis Town Hall - Minnesota Harvest - ok.

- Summit - ESB on cask. much better than last year's bottle.  Wonder if this year's bottle is good?

- Surly Brewing - SurlyFest.  nice, good.

- Surly Brewing - Coffee Bender - wonderful. lotta coffee.

- Surly Brewing - Dahmer.  fairly smoky Baltic porter. sweet but roasted and has edge.  Very good.

- Surly Brewing - Bourbon One - awesome.  bourbon, vanilla, coconut, great.

- Surly Brewing - Barrel Aged Darkness 2006 - lotsa bourbon.  very delicious.  wonderful.

- Bells Brewery - Java Stout.  very nice.  good version of style.

- Bells Brewery - Consecrator Doppelbock.  first one of fest!  nice and clean.

- Bells Brewery - Third Coast Beer on cask.  ok I guess.  I thought it was going to be the old ale.

- Boulder Beer - Cold Hop.  ok.  decent.

- New Belgium - Mothership Wit - nice, drinkable.

- New Holland Brewing Co - Mad Hatter on the "Hatterizer" (fresh hop tube). splendid aroma and taste.

- New Holland Brewing Co - Ichabod Pumpkin ale - nice aroma pumpkin spices and flavor.

- New Holland Brewing Co - Dragon's Milk Barrel Aged Strong ale (undecipherable notes, but it was good)

- New Holland Brewing Co - The Poet (cask).  good.

- North Coast Brewing - Red Seal ale - clean, nice.

- North Coast Brewing - Brother Thelonius Dubbel - belgian, amber, good.

- Brewery Ommegang - Abbey Ale - kinda alcoholic, ok.

- Brewery Ommegang - Witte ale - really nice.

- South Shore Brewery -  Nut Brown ale - good

- South Shore Brewery - Honey Pils - decent

- South Shore Brewery - Coffee Mint Stout - really nice with a bit of mind.  one of the best of the day.

- Tynanena Brewing Co - Three Beaches Honey Blonde Ale.  light, clean, to make this shine at a fest, but ~ Kolsch and a nice beer.

- Tynanena Brewing Co - Hop Whore (only one of the 3 special releases I got to) nice strong hop aroma.  good example of double ipa.

- Victory Brewing - Twelve.  Quadrupel.  I got last pour from last bottle.  strong, belgian, yummy.

- Cantillon Cru Bruocsella - man oh man.  wonderful.  Cantillon on draft?  forget about it.




Winterfest 2008

-February 8, 2008   Landmark Center, St. Paul

Attending:   Don, Eric, Peter, Ryan, Dawn


- August Schell - Einbecker 1878 Doppelbock - complex, sweet but spicy, quite nice.

- August Shell - Dry Hopped Maifest Kellerbier - grassy dry hop, diff.  nice.

- Barley John's Brew Pub - Munich Dark Lager - decent

- Barley John's Brew Pub - Belgian Tripel - not bad. strong. sweet. needs more time.

- Barley John's Brew Pub - Dark Knight 2006 - strong aroma, nutty, very complex, sherry, wonderful.  One of best of the night.

- Barley John's Brew Pub - Rosies Raspberry Aged Old Ale - 1 sip. strong, tart, alc warming, pretty darn good.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Park Point Pilsner - very nice, solid.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Imperial Pilsner - quite nice, lots of Saaz. good stuff.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Gale Force Cranberry Ale - hmm, not bad.  kinda dry.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Edmund Imperial Stout - complex, not my fav but interesting.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Blue Label Grand Reserve Pinot Noir barrel aged - lil sip. tastes good.

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Bellsnickle Wheat Wine - super strong. not balanced.  kinda harsh

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Hair O the Monk - all right

- Fitger's Brewhouse - Mr Spock Eisbock - strong, sharp, not very balanced

- Flat Earth Brewing - Cygnus X-1 Porter cask

- Flat Earth Brewing - Winter Warlock Golden Barleywine - thin, hot, not that great

- Great Waters Brewery - King Boreas Imperial Wit - wow, really nice. interesting, spicy, strong, quite nice.

- Great Waters Brewery - Trippel Braun - not crazy about it, not balanced.

- Great Waters Brewery - Brown Trout Brown - unbalaced, not very enjoyable

- Great Waters Brewery - The Black Watch Oat Stout - all right

- McCann's Food & Brew - Prairie Porter

- Minneapolis Town Hall - Eye of the Storm - very diff, much more honey flavor than normal, high alc % 11.4

- Minneapolis Town Hall - Granny Tripel - really nice, good balance, unique

- Minneapolis Town Hall - Barrel Aged Imp Stout - ok.  Good but not remarkable

- Minneapolis Town Hall - Chocolate Rspberry Bourbon Stout - great, rasp, choc, very nice.

- Minneapolis Town Hall - Simcoe Pale Ale - great, earthy bright spice

- Rock Bottom - Fallen Angel Abby Ale - so so

- Rock Bottom - Smoke Porter - pretty nice

- Rock Bottom - Silver Mullet Oatmeal IPA - ok

- Summit Brewing Co. - Cask Conditioned IPA - all right

- Summit Brewing Co. - Cask Great Northern Porter - Coffee version.  ok.  not great.

- Surly Brewing - Smoke - nice beer

- Surly Brewing - Darkness - good as always, not as smooth as before (?)

- Surly Brewing - Two - very sweet and smooth then bam, dries out and tart comes in. complex. nice.

- Surly Brewing - Tea Bagged Furious - too grassy aroma and taste.  didn't like.




Firkin Fest          pictures

Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN  March 16, 2008


- Bells Brewery - Expedition Stout - oh my goodness.  Unreal.  Strong, cheek numbing, but smooth.  Roast, alcohol, uff da.

- Bells Brewery - Java Stout - really nice.  wonderful.

- Bells Brewery - Two Hearted - pretty nice

- Big Sky Brewing - Irish Stout - pretty drinkable. solid.

- Burton Bridge (England) - Damson Porter - many people liked this but it didn't quite work for me.  Somewhat funky.  Too long in the cask?  Not my fav.  I have a feeling it would have been better in England.

- New Holland Brewing - Dry hopped Mad Hatter - nice aroma, good.

- Summit Brewing - IPA - nice.  much smoother than bottle.

- Summit Brewing - Winter - nice.

- Summit Brewing - Oatmeal Stout with Brett - well, it's Brett.  sour milk smell.  taste is ok but can't drink a lot of it.

- Surly Brewing - Darkness 2008.  Only 3 weeks old.  Brightness and tang because it is so young, yet the thick chewy Darkness is still there.  Pretty unique and fun to try.

- Surly Brewing - Tea Bagged Furious - Better than some times I have had this beer tea bagged.  Good.

- Surly Brewing - Oak Aged Bender - very oaky, unique wood flavor.  Two oz is about enough.

- Victory Brewing - Hop Devil IPA - good.

- Oude Beersel Oude Gueze - only one I went back for a 2nd pour.  I just don't get Guezes like this on tap very often.  Murky orange color. quite nice, sour, tart.  Would be great on a hot day.


I don't list these usually because there would be too many, but due to me being sick, and not getting there right away, these were the ones I did not taste:

- August Schells Unfiltered pils (I went up to get this but it was out)

- Bells Porter

- Flat Earth Cygnus X-1 Porter

- Lake Superior Disorder Porter (didn't really see this, thought about trying it)

- Summit Porter (I learned later it was primed with blackstrap molasses and now I wish I would have tried it)




Firkin Fest    - picture set

Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN  March 21, 2009


*many of these samples were just one ounce (I was splitting with a friend).


- Avery Maharaja Double IPA - pretty nice.  strong, bitter, like Dreadnaught.  good stuff.

- Bells Two Hearted - great.

- Bells Hop Slam - so yummy.  packs a wallop.

- Big Sky Dry Hopped Scape Goat Pale Ale - light in flavor (compared to many others we're drinking). ok though. c clean.

- Boulder Porter - really solid. good stuff.

- Brau Brothers - Sheep's Head Imperial Lucan Ale - pretty nice.  a big glass would be good. 

- Brau Brothers Espresso Cream Stout - meh.

- Breckenridge Brewery - 471 Series IPA - smells like a white wine.  tastes is a little harsh.  not keen.

- Dark Horse Brewing - Plead the 5th Russian Imperial Stout - (x2) warming, expansive, all encompassing, milky, sweet, roasty, bitter, boozy like a hug on a cold night, coffee, bitter chocolate.  very nice.  viscous, acrid and sweet, really great.

- Dark Horse Brewing - Crooked Tree - bursting with hop flavor.  really nice.  better than bottled versions I've had.

- Dark Horse Brewing -  Double Crooked Tree - really great.  wow, so smooth and strong, nicely done.

- Flat Earth - Northwest Passage - smells pretty bad but tastes ok.  wouldn't seek it out.

- Flat Earth - Black Helicopter Coffee Stout - not bad.  drinkable.

- Flying Dog - some hop aroma, pretty nice taste.

- Furthermore - Three Feet Deep - somewhat smoky.  pretty good.  (smoked stout).

- Goose Island - Midway IPA - drinkable and smooth.

- Goose Island - Special Bitter - ok.

- Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout - just a sip.  ok.

- Harviestoun Brewery - Ola Dubh 12 yr Highland Park Scotch Whiskey - (strong ale aged in those barrels). you can really get the oak whisky character.  wouldn't want a lot of it but very interesting.

- Lagunitas - Olde Gnarleywine - first sweet, then bitter. all right.

- Lagunitas - IPA - smells like sweaty socks.

- Left Hand - Milk Stout.

- Lift Bridge - Double Hopped Pale ale - all right.

- New Belgium -La Folie Brown (before it is sour) - fun to try and see what it is like.  much less sour for sure.

- New Belgium - La Folie Love - partially sour.  decent.  La Folie aroma.  sour but with more of the brown ale flavor, not all the way sour yet.  fun to try.

- New Holland - Mad Hatter.  ok.

- Rogue - Double Dead Guy - wow.  a mouthful.

- Rogue - Mogul Madness - solid.  not too bitter or sweet. decent.

- Rogue - Charlie - like Furious. hoppy.  orangey.

- Schell - Oak Aged Stout - you can get the oak.  fair.

- Steamworks - Whole Leafed Third Eye Pale - good hop aroma. good taste, solid.

- Steamworks - Conductor Imperial IPA on Oak - pretty decent.  only small sample.

- Summit - IPA dry hopped with Amarillo - somewhat grassy but ok.

- Surly - Tea bagged Furious - nice.

- Surly - Oak Aged Bender - pretty oaky.  I dunno.  Not my favorite.

- Surly - Bitter Brewer.  I've never appreciated this beer.  Too bitter for its body.

- Surly 16 Grit - nice.  smooth.  great stuff.

- Thornbridge Brewery - Jaipur IPA - decently bitter esp for an English IPA. Earthy finish.

- Two Brothers - Bitter End pale ale - ok. 

- Tyranena - Headless Man Amber Alt - solid as ever. really nice.

- Tyranena - Bitter Woman IPA - ok.  so so

- Tyranena - Dirty Old Man Imp Rye Porter - smooth, roasty, tasty.  really good.




Autumn Brew Review   


Sept 12, 2009    pics


attending:  Adam, Rob, Mike, Heather


-many of these samples were just a sip.  :)


- Avery - Collaboration Triple (with Vinnie from Russian River) - nice, spicy.  pepper?

- Barley John's - Triple Oat Stout - (three forms of oats) - really nice, good flavor, clean, good stuff.

- Barley John's - India Brown Ale - pretty good

- Bell's Rye Stout - very nice.  good stuff.

- Big Sky Brewing - Buckin Monk Trippel - dang good. Slightly yeasty but clean and nice.

- Boston Beer Company - Sam Adams Beer Lovers Choice - Pils. decent.

- Boston Beer Company - Sam Adams Beer Lovers Choice - IPA (or just an ale?) meh.

- Brau Brothers - Fresh Hop Lager 2009 - pretty nice

- Brau Brothers - Lemongrass Infused Purple Sting (buckwheat honey rye ale) unique.

- Breckenridge Brewing - Small Batch 471 DIPA - solid.  decent.  bitter.

- Breckenridge Brewing - Small Batch 471 Porter - good.

- Choc - Belgian Style Amber.  new to our market!  Not bad.  Moderately sour.  ok.

- Cripsin Cider - Extra Dry.  meh

- Cripsin Cider - more sweet.  meh too.  * both served with ice and made it super cold and hard to taste.

- Dark Horse - Rod - not bad, not great.

- Dave's Brew Farm - Say Zahn - spicy, zesty, light bodied, good.

- Dave's Brew Farm - Aubexxx - golden ale, black pepper, orange peel - not bad.

- Dave's Brew Farm - McAnderson - scotch ale w/molasses and rye.  pretty good and somewhat unique.

- Dave's Brew Farm - Matacabras - unique. maltly.  odd but ok.

- Eel River Brewing - Porter - pretty solid. only one left when I got there.

- Founders - Cerise - lotsa cherry.  Sort of a poor mans Belgian Red.

- Furthermore - Three Feet Deep - decent, not great.

- Furthermore - Thermo Refur - very nice.  great Brett character.  really good.

- Grant Teton - Pursuit of Hoppiness - very nice.  like Founder's Red's Rye

- Grant Teton - Lost Continent - sweet, strong, ~Hopslam. good.

- Grant Teton - Bitch Creek ESB - ok. kinda dry.

- Grant Teton - Sweetgrass IPA - less potent Lost Continent. pleasant.

- Great Waters - Ginger Wit - lots of ginger.  Couldn't drink a lot but interesting.

- Great Waters - Hauch Von Rauch - smoked hefe. decent smoke. not very wheaty.  not bad.

- Great Waters - Trainwreck - very interesting.  complex, good.

- Great Waters - Zauer Brown - nice smell.  Bob says Brett, but more?  green apple, other tart fruit flavors. "classified" ingredients.

- Great Waters - Firkin Ryedonkulous Rye PA - pretty good.

- Herkimer - Gose - really nice.  tart, refreshing, clean, good stuff.

- Lagunitas - Dark IPA - decent.

- Lift Bridge - Belgian Biscotti - different.   ok.

- Magic Hat - #9 Not Quite Pale Ale - ok.

- Magic Hat - Lucky Kat IPA - ok.

- Magic Hat - Roxy Rolles Amber - ok.

- McCanns - Prairie Porter. ok.

- McCanns - Apricot Coriander ale - not too bad.

- New Belgium - Hoptober - hoppy, dry, ok.

- New Belgium - Bier De Mars - good.  pleasant.

- New Holland - Ichabod Pumpkin ale - good, spicy, pumpkin.

- New Holland - Dragon's Milk - decent as usual. sweet.

- Rock Bottom - Hopfen Konig IPL.  pretty good.  hoppy.

- Snake River - Pale Ale - ok.

- South Shore - double maibock - pretty good.

- South Shore - other unlisted beer.  fair.

- Southern Tier - Cuvee 2 - sugary sweet, kinda alcoholic but decent.

- Southern Tier - JahVa Imperial Coffee - so so nice.

- Summit - Horizon - cask - grassy dry hop. ok.

- Surly - bourbon Smoke - lotsa bourbon, pretty good.

- Surly - Coffee Bender, good as usual.

- Two Brothers - Moaten - mildly sour.  ok.

- Tyranena - Deb and Glenn's Bourbon Barrel Aged blueberry Kinda Lambic - slight berry, but more bourbon. not very lambicy.

- Tyranena - Chocolate Imperial Porter - very nice.

- Tyranena - Hop Whore - good as always.

- Victory - Wild Devil - decent.

- Victory - Yakima Twilight Dark Double IPA - pretty tasty, alc somewhat hidden.

- Vine Park - English Premium Bitter - meh. 


Firkin Fest    - picture set

Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN  March 20, 2010


Some of these were just a sip, others were split samples, and some were the full 4 oz samples.


It was hard to take notes this year.  They did not provide a program so I just scribbled notes on the back of the beer list.


In order of tasting:

- New Belgium "Shadow of the Foerder" - all right, a mildly sour 1554 (said to be 1/3 La Folie and 2/3 1554 Black ale).

- Dark Horse Plead the 5th - so nice.

- Bells Expedition Stout - kinda harsh.  Bitter, roast astringency.

- Surly Darkness - really good.  Smooth, strong and mellow (lower carbonation).

- Brau Brothers Eslihas Old Ale - don't like.

- Two Brothers Cane and Ebel - red rye tasting. nice.

- Harviestoun Ola Dubh 40 year old - smells noticeably like Scotch.  pretty unique.  Taste is nice too.  Whisky flavors, somewhat sweet, warming.   Fine.

- Tyranena Benji's Smoked Imperial Chipotle Porter - nice chipotle flavor but could be more viscous and malty.

- Goose Island Citra IPA - smells great.  nice taste.  clean, balanced, good stuff.

- Founders Red's Rye double hopped - hmm smells good.  Taste is different than bottle.  Not as clearn.  Other earthy sweaty tastes.

- Avery Maharaja - catty! so potent.  wow.  no way I could drink a 22 [unlike Dreadnaught which I easily drank a 22 the next night].

- Lift Bridge Farmgirl Honey ginger girl - very nice.  drinkable and unique.

- Summit Winter (Ahtanum) - super drinkable.  really nice.

- Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree - unreal.  really balanced and good.

- Summit EPA - hmm.  kinda grassy with lower carbonation.

- New Holland Pilgrim's Dole - wake up slap.  only ok.

- Two Brothers Bone Tree Weiss Wine - decent.  better than Pil Dole (both were wheat wines).

- Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale - solid.  decent.

-Fulton War and Peace - lots of coffee.  Pretty good.

- Lake Superior Sir Duluth Cocoa Oatmeal Stout -nice.  too cold. good.  some spice, some flavor.

- Summit Oatmeal - ok.  decent.

- Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter - really nice.  Complex, balanced and good.

- Rogue Shakespeare Stout - smoother, less hop bitterness, more roast bitterness.

- Bells Hopslam - hmm.  not as good as in bottle?

- Southern Tier Unearthly - nice.  strong.  good stuff.  better than Hopslam right now.

- Surly Cynic - muddled flavor. so so.

- Goose Island Night Stalker - not bad.  strong.  little much.

- Victory Hop Wallop - ok.

- Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti - really nice.  solild.  could buy this.

- Schells Hopfenmalz - nice pils taste.  hoppy and clean.  good stuff.



Autumn Brew Review   


Oct 02, 2010     got a free ticket through Eric and


- 21st Amendment Brewery - Hop Crisis - didn't write a note down.  good?

-August Schell - Shells' Stag Series No 2 - different for them.  nice.  spicy.

-Bells Brewery - Expedition Stout - cask - better than in bottle.

-Bells Brewery - Le Battuer - yeasty.  pretty good.

-Bells Brewery - Le Pianiste - dry, fairly clear, amber, decent.

-Brau Brothers - Hundred Yard Dash - fresh hop ale - all right.

-Brau Brothers - Rubus Black - cask - pretty nice.

-Carmody Irish Pub and Brewing - Famine 47 Stout - not bad.

-Carmody Irish Pub and Brewing - Tipplers Golden - pretty good.

-Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree - served through a Randall with orange peels and hops - amazing aroma.  foam tastes like a Dreamsicle.  grassy, strong, nice flavor.

- Daves Brew Farm - Wheatless Wonder - nice, clean, weird concept but good (no wheat used).

- Daves Brew Farm - Saison Dandyclover - interesting spice. flavor is good.

- Daves Brew Farm - Lupulo Noir - black IPA.  good stuff.

- Daves Brew Farm - AuBexx - sweet, strong, lavendar? he says no.  good stuff.

- Deschutes Brewery - Jubel - strong, malty, good.

- Fitgers Brewhouse- Trampled by Hops - nice aroma.  taste is so so.  little too bitter.

- - Fitgers Brewhouse- Cherry batch - nice.

- Flying Dog Brewery - Fresh Hop Ale - very nice.

- Goose Island - Bourbon County Stout 2009 - very nice

- Sierra Nevada - 30th Anniversary - Barleywine - ok.  not great.  maybe get better with age?

- Surly Brewing - Imperial Brown Eye - not getting Belgian yeast.  reminds me of mine with American Ale yeast.

- Surly Brewing - Jesus Juice - braggot aged in French oak pinot Noir barrel - totally smell the wine barrel. sweet, honey, interesting stuff.  mead like but dark in color.

- Surly Brewing - Moe's Bender - it's a mess. no balance, just diff flavors hitting you.

- Surly Brewing -  Darkness 2010 - more roast and smoke, less hop than 2009.

- Surly Brewing -  Wet All the Way - dank, pungent, little much, so so.

- Town Hall Brewery - Fresh Hop 2010 - good stuff.



Winterfest -  Feb 4, 2011.   MN Historical Society/Museum

attending:  Adam, Rob, Brian, Eric H


Barley Johns - Dark Knight - had it at end of night.  good stuff.

Big Wood Brewing Co - Forest Ale - nice.

Big Wood Brewing Co - Morning Wood.  low alc. 3.7%. lots of flavor.

Big Wood Brewing Co - Big Wood Imperial IPA. very nice. aroma is good.  Imp?  would buy.

Boathouse Brewpub and Restaurant - Alten Furz -ok

Boathouse Brewpub and Restaurant - No Style - hoppy! not bad but could use more balance, ala Bitter Brewer.

Boathouse Brewpub and Restaurant - Night Camp - smokey. like it.

Brau Brothers Brewing - MooJoos Oatmeal Milk Stout - solid enough.

Brau Brothers Brewing - Rubus Black Berry Imperial Porter - interesting and nice.

Brau Brothers Brewing - Double dry hopped Sheephead - think I sampled this.  I meant to...

Fitgers Brewhouse - Great Lakes Series - Michigan.  did not take notes. sampled all of these.  fun to see they are doing some wild type of stuff.

Fitgers Brewhouse - Great Lakes Series - Ontario. did not take notes. sampled all of these.  fun to see they are doing some wild type of stuff.

Fitgers Brewhouse - Great Lakes Series - Superior. did not take notes. sampled all of these.  fun to see they are doing some wild type of stuff.

Great Waters Brewing Co - Old Tart.  - think it was all right.  Didn't make super strong impression.

Harriet Brewing Co - Divine Oculust - kind of yeast but not bad.

Leech Lake Brewing Co - Minobi ESB - so so.

Leech Lake Brewing Co - 47 deg North IPA - ok

Leech Lake Brewing Co - 3 Sheets Imp IPA -good.

Lift Bridge Beer - Kimono Farm Girl - with lemongrass in it.  quite nice.

Rock Bottom - Hop Bomb Double IPA - great.

Rock Bottom - Pinot Barrel Modern Monk Dubbel - all right.

Rock Bottom - Coconut Chai Stout - so so.

Summit Brewing - Summit Winter on cask.  so nice.  great stuff.

Surly - Pentagram - good.  Somewhat of a tang, from barrels? Enjoyable.  Good sign.  Had it at least twice.

Surly - Mole Smoke - lingering heat.  interesting. works ok.

Surly - Darkness 2010 - small sample.

Surly - Tea Bagged Oak Aged Abrasive - very nice!

Town Hall - Saaz Pilz - ok.

Town Hall - Port Odin - really winey. ok.

Town Hall - Pink Eye -really sweet.  kind of like pop.  can't drink much.

Town Hall - Czar Jack - very nice.



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