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Brown Sugar Cider 2010, Triple-Smoked Rauchbier 2011, None More Black India Black Lager 2011, Steamin' Wife Lager 2011


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Hellish (~Helles -AG), Bird vs Fish India Pale Lager (AG), Small Batch #1 (Munich, Citra -AG), Hoppy Lager (another IPL, AG), House Blonde (AG), Sour Batch Kidz Wild Ale (AG).




German Pils (AG), India Pale Lager (AG), Surly AHA Wort Rally (AG), Helles (AG), Two Track Pale Chinook (AG), Two Track IPA (AG), Two Track Warrior Pale (AG), Simple Wit (AG), Slightly Smoked Stout (AG), Vertical Malt IPA (AG), Plum and Raspberry Mead, Scottish-ish Lager (AG), Cider, Raspberry Cider, German Pils (AG), Neck Tattoo That Says Evil (AG), White Stout Lager (AG).




White India Pale Lager (AG), German Pilsner (AG), Helles (decoction take#2, AG), India Pale Lager (AG), Patersbier (AG), Little Dubbel (AG), Belgian Dark Nelson (AG), Brunettes Not Fighter Jets New Zealand IPA (AG), Robust Porter (AG). Dry Dock SS Minnow Mild (AG), New England IPA (Trillium Fort Point) (AG), Raspberry Wine, Steamin' Wife Lager (Chevallier edition) (AG), Cider One, Cider Two, Czech Pils (AG), Redish Pale Ale (AG).



India Pale Lager (AG) German Pilsner (AG), Munich Red Lager (AG), GigaYeast Experiment (Sour Saison, Berliner Blend)(AG), Hefeweizen (banana attempt) (AG), Sour Cherry Funk Mild (AG), Red Right Hand Mosaic Ale (AG), Rye IPA (AG), Foreign Extra Stout (AG), Steamin' Wife Ale (AG), Scottish-ish Ale (AG), Cider One, Cider Two, Helles (decoction, AG).



India Pale Lager (AG), Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner (AG), Mosaic SMASH Belgian Pale Ale (AG), Wit (AG), Belgian IPA (AG), Hoppy Rye Ocktoberfest Ale (AG), Robust Porter (AG), Big Brown Ale (2009 Surly AHA rally beer rebrew)(AG), Narbonne Cider, Premier Cuvee Cider, Helles (AG), Still Smokin' Rauchbier (AG).



German Pilsner (AG), India Pale Lager (Blind Pig) (AG), Smoked Helles Ale (AG), New Albion Ale (AG), Red-Blooded American Wheat (AG), Hop Stand Double IPA (AG), Altbier (to style) (AG), Nugget Nectar IPA (AG) Shakespeare Stout #2 (AG), Narbonne Cider, Premier Cuvee Cider, Helles -BYO (AG), Czech Pilsner (AG).



Helles (AG),  Czech Pils (AG), Dry Dock SS Minnow Mild (AG), SMASH (Maris Otter malt, Northern Brewer hop) (AG), Tasty McDole American Pale Ale (AG), Wit-head #2 (AG), Brett Saison (AG), American Wheat (AG), Sanctified Brett #2 (AG), Belgian Black IPA (AG), Wet Hop Imperial Mild (AG), Blonde Bombshell Belgian Ale (AG), Holiday Cheer  (AG), Steamin' Wife Lager (AG), White Sugar Cider, Brown Sugar Cider, Steamin' Robust Porter (AG), Helles (AG)



American Smoked Helles (AG), Green and Gold Maibock (AG), Go Green Imperial Czech Pils (AG). Table Bier (AG), Belgian IPA (AG), Wit-head (AG), Centennial Closeout Pale Ale (AG), Spontaneous Mead, Surly Furious NB recipe (AG), Triple-Smoked Rauchbier (AG), Wet Hop Rye IPA (AG), Sanctified Brett Beer (AG), Steamin' Wife Lager (AG), Slight Chance Cider, Safe Bet Cider, None More Black India Black Lager (AG), Occupy My Glass Stout (AG).



Helles Belles (AG), Czech Pilsner 2010 (AG). Wheat IPA (AG), Brett Experiment (AG), Hefeweizen (to style) (AG), Patersbier (AG), Pliny the Elder clone (AG), Foreign Extra Milk Stout (AG), Steamin' Wife Lager (AG), India Black Lager (AG)., Turbinado Cider (Premier Cuvee), Brown Sugar Cider (EC1118), German Pils (AG).



Great Eight Helles (AG), Go Green Imperial Czech Pilsner (AG), Acerglyn (Maple Wine), Heck Yeah American Red (AG), Dim Wit (AG), Orange Rye IPA (AG), Bard's Head Imperial Stout (AG), Organic Pale Ale #2  (AG), Gratuitous [Surly Imperial Brown -free] (AG), Cider #1 (Champagne yeast), Cider #2 (Nottingham yeast), Pale Rauchbier #3 (AG), Imperial Steamin' Wife Lager (AG).



Smokin' Great Times Rauchbier (AG),  Helles -Jamil's (AG),  Maibock -Jamil's (AG),  Hop To It Pale Ale (AG),  Big Brew Brown (AG),  Dandelion Wine #2Joie de Vie Saison (AG),  Eleanor Rye Ale (AG)  Breakfast Stout (AG) Scotch Ale PLambic (AG), Carte Blanche Cider, Brave New World Cider, Homegrown Steamin' Wife Lager (AG), Steamin' Kolsch Lager (AG).



Summit Steamin' Wife Lager (AG), Czech Pilsner 2007 (AG), Smoked Helles (AG), PLambic (AG), Big Brew Belgian Wheat (AG), Dandelion Wine, Chimay Grand Reserve (AG), Rye IPA (AG), Organic Pale Ale (AG), Vintner's Reserve Gewürztraminer (3rd wine kit), Can't Stop Coffee Stout (AG), Quick Wit (AG), Oatmeal Mild (AG), Ten Buck #3 (AG), Holiday Cheer (AG), Commie Juice Cider, English Country Cider, Northdown Steamin' Wife Lager (AG), Better Late than Never Oktoberfest [to style] (AG).



Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgadener Hell #2 (AG), Pilsner Urquell #2 (AG), Sierra Nevada Pale Ale #3, Vienna Lager  [to style] (AG), Rye IPA (AG), Hefeweizen [to style] (AG), White Sage Mead, Baby Spit Wit (AG) Bookish Bitter (AG), Smokin' Good Time Rauchbier (AG) Beekeeper's Special (Mead), Ten Buck #2 (AG), Dead Guy Ale (AG), Cider 2006 #1, Cider 2006 #2, Shakespeare Stout (AG), Reticent Rye Bock (AG).



Arrogant Bastard, Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgadener Hell, Mellowed Out Maibock, Cream Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale #2, Chilean Merlot (2nd wine), Three Floyds Alpha King II, Rye Wit, Sweet Mead (take 3), Belgian Saison (AG), Fuller's ESB (AG), Oatmeal Stout (AG), Sour Brown (AG), Pumpkin Ale (AG), Orange Zest Cider, Lemon Zest Cider, Steamin' Wife Lager (AG), Ten Buck Ale (AG), Kellerbier (AG), Samichlaus #2.



Maibock, Pilsner Urquell, Alaskan Smoked Porter, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Big Foot Barleywine, Lizard Spit Wit, Imperial KolschNew Glarus Belgian Red, Holiday Cheer, Three Floyds Alpha King, New Glarus Hop Hearty, Bell's Two Hearted (2nd recipe), Simcoe Pale Ale, Riesling (first wine), Can't Stop Coffee Stout, Orange Zest Cider, Little Bit o' Lemon Cider, Steamin' Wife Lager, Oktoberfest, Samichlaus.



Wit, English Style Summer, Extra Pale, Mild, Experimental Coffee Pot Brew, Trippel, Anchor Porter, Scottish, Belgian Christmas, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Steamin' Wife Lager, Sweet Cider, Doppelbock, Oatmeal Stout, Bell's Two Hearted.



Scottish, British Bitter, Honey Nut Brown, Fat Tire, Raspberry Wheat, Imperial Stout, Boston Amber, Mead, Steamin' Wife Lager, Holiday Cheer, German Alt, Bock.



Nut Brown, Dry Irish Stout, Irish Red, Honey Weizen, Liberty Cream, British Pale, Belgian Dubbel, St. Paul Porter, Big Ass Barley Wine, Mead.



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