Beer Name:    German Pilsner


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       7.5 bls Pils

3 lbs Pale (would have been all Pils if I had it on hand)


Hops:          1 oz German Perle 7.8% AA  70 min

.5 oz German Hallertau 4.3%  15 min

.5 oz German Hallertau 4.3%  2 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 2124 Bavarian Lager from previous Helles (washed yeast, starter made 24 hours prior)



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          01/20/13                      02/05/13                                  03/24/13

Gravity:                      1.052                           1.009                                       1.008

% Alcohol:                 6.9                                1.1                                           1.1

% Sugar:                    13                                2.4                                            2

Temp of reading:        60                                60                                            60



- 13 qts 162 > 150 > ice > 146.  After 90 min > 145.  Not sure if I have mashed this low but thought I'd try it.

- add 2 gallons boiling > 159.

- 3.5 gallons of 15 brix

- added 3 gallons of 177 > 169

- brix of 2nd runnings was 7.

- had 6.6 gallons of 11 brix before boil.  Boiled for 70 min to get rid of a little extra volume, and the propane tank ran out so I had to switch tanks. 

- ended with 5 gallons even in fermenter and dumped in 1 liter starter.  Fermenting at 50 deg.

02/05/13  Not very clear.  Smell some hops.  Taste malt at first, then hop bitterness.  Good balanced.  Nice!  Needs to clear up and should be good.

03/24/13  Has cleared up. Did not use gelatin so I can compare it to the Helles (which I did use it on).  Pretty light color.  Man is it nice.  Crisp, some malt character, but finishes dry.  Tastes pretty dang good as is.





02/03/13  Filled propane tank






Beer Name:    India Pale Lager (based on a Blind Pig clone)



Click on pic for larger version.


VIDEO of brew day and tasting.  I did an experimental "late addition" all-grain brewing method.



Grains:       12.5 lbs Rahr two row pale

.5 lbs Belgian CaraPils  6l

.5 lbs Bairds Carastan 30-40L  (did not have Crystal 40L)


Hops:          .5 oz Chinook  12.1% AA  60 min

.5 oz Columbus  15.2%AA  45 min

.5 oz Citra  14.1% AA  30 min

.5 oz Citra 14.1% AA  1 min

.5 oz Centennial  8.7%AA  1 min

.5 oz Chinook  12.1% AA  1 min

.5 oz Centennial  8.7%AA  dry hop

.5 oz Columbus  15.2%AA  dry hop


Yeast:         Wyeast Bavarian Lager 2124 from above washing



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          03/09/13                      03/25/13                                 04/12/13

Gravity:                      1.070                           1.013                                      1.012

% Alcohol:                 9.1                               1.8                                          1.6

% Sugar:                    17.1                             3.5                                          3

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                           60



- 17 qts 166 > 154 > ice > 152.   mashed for 60 min.

- add 10 qts boiling > 168

- 15 brix = first runnings.  collected 4.5 gallons

- add 10 qts 175 > 168.

- 2nd runnings = 7 brix

- total of 7.5 gallons collected

- boiled for 15 min before adding first hops

- boiled some in two pots on stove, too.

- all boiled down to 4.8 gallons.  added 1 liter starter for 5 gallons

- fermenting at 52-54 deg.

03/25/13  Not clear.  Nice dark orange color.  Not a ton of hop aroma.  Good bitter taste, lingering bitterness in finish.  Malt to balance.  Seems to be a good start.  With a little dry hopping, some clearing and aging, it should be nice.

04/03/13  Added dry hops.

04/12/13  Pretty clear.  Little bit of dank aroma.  Am getting some hop aroma at last.  Wow, taste is good.  Dank, bitter, hoppy but also good malt balance.  Hint of alc but not objectionable.  Pretty darn tasty.  Hope this good character doesn't fade too fast.

04/29/13  Did the above pic and tasting video. This stuff is great.  It has a bit of dankness in the aroma, probably from the Columbus.  But the bitterness is firm and pronounced, with a good malt character to back it up.  The lager yeast softens the bite a bit I think, and it would be fun to make this with an ale yeast some time.  It is a great IPA recipe.  Would be fun to make it with Amarillo like I was supposed to.





Beer Name:    Smoked Helles Ale*


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       6 lbs Rahr pils  1.5-2L

3 lbs Weremann Smoked Malt

1 lb Durst Munich 8.3L

.25 lbs Bairds Laight Carastan 13-17L

.25 lbs Dingemans Aromatic 19L 


Hops:          1 oz German Perle 7.8% AA  60 min

.5 oz German Perle 7.8% AA  30 min

.5 oz German Perle 7.8% AA   0 min



Yeast:         *White WLP885  Zurich Lager  (2 vials, expired, made starter 1 day prior)

          Even with a starter, this yeast did not ferment the beer.  It must have really been expired! I had to add additional packets of dried yeast to get it going.  It sat around 50 deg until I added it, so I hope it doesn't have any off flavors.

          03/31/13  Danstar Windsor ale yeast, and Safale US05 were added, just sprinkled on top.  Fermentation started rapidly then and fermented 68 deg. 



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          03/28/13                     04/06/13                                    06/06/13

Gravity:                       1.050                         1.007                                        1.004

% Alcohol:                  6.5                              1                                               .5

% Sugar:                    12.2                             2                                               1

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                             60



- 13 qts 164 > 154 > ice > 150.  After 1 hour > 150.

- add 7 qts boil > 160.

- First runnings = 15 brix.  Collected 3.2 gallons

- add 3 gallons 177 > 168.

- 2nd runnings = 7 brix.

- total 6.5 gallons of 11.5 brix

- ended with just over 5 gallons and topped off with 1 liter starter.

- in room about 53 deg.

04/06/13  wow, dropped pretty low.  After added dry yeast, it started fermenting very quickly.  Still very cloudy.  Probably a ton of suspended yeast.  Now for taste... well it's not awful.  I can detect normal Helles malt character, but super yeasty still.  Really needs a lot of settling out.  Guess I will rack and fill the carboy full (5.25 gallons in primary) and go from there.  Hopefully it will at least be drinkable due to false yeast start. Ha, I just realized this is a smoked helles.  Not getting much smoke character right now.

06/06/13  Still fermented more?  This will not be my best batch.  Dang it.  Shows what you get for taking free expired yeast.  Pretty clear.  At least it doesn't taste infected.  Crisp, sweet, some acrid bitterness from smoke.  Finishes dry. Will just be a gulper on hot days when I want a beer to quaff.  Not too bad but could have been better if lager yeast had worked. 

09/09/13  Keg ran out.  It turned out to at least be drinkable, but I regret that the lager yeast did not work.  It needed more sweetness and more body than it had, but at least it was all right.  Will have to make again and do it properly.



04/30/13  Got CO2 tank exchanged (would have needed inspection and would have had to leave for few days)






Beer Name:    New Albion Ale (with Heady Topper's Conan yeast)

I wanted to make this very simple, historic SMASH beer recipe that has been going around.  I also thought it would be a good, simple recipe to throw in a variable of a unique yeast strain to see what it contributes.


Video of culturing up yeast.



Click on either pic for larger version.  Pic on right was taken later after it had cleared more.



Video of tasting next to Sam Adams New Albion ale.


Grains:        11.5 lbs Rahr two row pale


Hops:          .66 oz (18.5g) Cascade 6.2% AA  60 min

.66 oz (18.5g) Cascade 6.2% AA  30 min

.66 oz (18.5g) Cascade 6.2% AA  15 min


Yeast:         Conan yeast from Alchemist Heady Topper (see video link above)


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          05/19/13                     05/31/13                                   07/11/13

Gravity:                     1.056                           1.011                                       1.009

% Alcohol:                 7.4                              1.5                                           1.1

% Sugar:                    14                               3                                              2.1

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                            60



- 14 qts 162 > 150.  After 1 hour, 150.

- add 8 qts boil > 164.  collected 3.5 gallons of 17 brix.

- add 3 gallons of 170 > 164.

- 2nd runnings 7 brix.  Had 6.5 gallons of 12 brix.  Held over night.

- was fermenting at 66 deg the next morning with couple " of krausen, so culturing of yeast seems to have worked.

05/31/13  Expected light color. Lots of particles suspended but not yeast? Huh. Not much aroma. The taste is pretty clean. Not much "hop" character from yeast alone?  Fairly light but pleasant flavor. Carbonation will make it pop.  But tastes fine and the yeast culturing process worked. It is a clean easy drinking beer with a bit of bitterness.

07/11/13  Very clear. Light color but not straw.  Still orange.  Taste is familiar. I have made similar beers.  It's the all pale malt for grain bill. Some bitterness though. A nice amount.  It would have been an aggressive flavor in the 70s. The Heady Topper yeast did a very nice dry, thorough clean fermentation.

07/31/13  Did above video tasting.  This beer turned out just fine.  Clean taste, some bitterness but mostly about the malt, especially compared to what we are used to drinking today.  Simple, nice beer. 

09/18/13  Took pic of clearer beer.  This tastes about like I had hoped.  Just an easy drinking, simple balanced beer that everyone can enjoy.




Beer Name:    Red-Blooded American Wheat

Click on pic for larger version. 

Grains:       5.5 lbs Rahr two row pale

5 lbs Rahr red wheat

.5 lb Aromatic 19L

.5 lb Caravienne 21L

.5 lb Munich 8.3L 


Hops:          .5 oz Chinook 12.1% AA  60 min

.5 oz Citra 14.1% AA  60 min

1 oz Ahtanum 4.6% AA  45 min

.5 oz Chinook 12.1% AA  15 min

.5 oz Citra 14.1% AA  15 min

1 oz Warrior 17.2% AA  0 min 


Yeast:         Washed Conan yeast, starter made 24 hours prior


Misc:           little less than .5 lb (210g) DME (Pilsner) I added as I saw my gravity was coming in low

.5 lb rice hulls


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          08/10/13                       **skipped**                           08/20/13                 

Gravity:                     1.047                                                                            1.010

% Alcohol:                 6.2                                                                                1.2

% Sugar:                   12                                                                                  2.5

Temp of reading:       60                                                                                 60



- when I was grinding the grain the drill was acting weird.  It was having a hard time.  The crushed seemed ok.  But I got a lot lower gravity than I wanted.  After the beer was brewed I read that RED wheat is smaller and harder to crush.  It is not preferred to brew with.  :(  So I probably did not get a good crush and thus my gravity suffered.

- 15 qts 167 > 155 > added some of rice hulls > 152.  60 min. was still 152.

- add 8 qts boiling > 166.  12.5 brix first runnings (seemed low)

- 3.8 gallons collected.  Add 3 gallons of 170 > 166.  2nd runnings 6-7 brix.

- collected 6.6 gallons of 10 brix (seemed weird.  Why didn't it go up much after boil?)

- started fermenting pretty quickly.  Fermenting 70-72 deg.

08/20/13  fermented 70-72.  Nice orange yellow murky color.  Hazy, kind of red too.  Some hop aroma. wow first sip was good.  Some sweetness but real nice firm bitterness.  Huh.  So far I like it. 

09/30/13  Took above pic.  The freshness has faded a bit by now, but still drinkable and good.  I suppose one could still tinker with the hop bill.  And I would not use red wheat again, but otherwise it is a solid recipe.





Beer Name:   Hop Stand Double IPA (loosely based on Heady Topper)


VIDEO on making and tasting this beer.


The Chop & Brew Episode that was made during the brew day.



Click on pic for larger version.  (Pic is of a 4 oz glass) 



Grains:       12.5 lbs two row pale

.25 lbs CaraVienne 21L



Hops:          Hop Shot 5 ml from NB - 60 min

1.5 oz Simcoe 12.7% AA  30 min

.5 oz Simcoe 12.7% AA  HOP STAND 30 min

1 oz Cascade 7.3% AA  HOP STAND 30 min

1 oz Centennial 8.7% AA  HOP STAND 30 min

1 oz Columbus 16.3% AA  HOP STAND 15 min - stirred once when adding these last 3 oz

1 oz Falconer's Flight 11.5% AA  HOP STAND 15 min

1 oz Australian Topaz 16.5% AA HOP STAND 15 min


Yeast:         Washed Conan yeast from above American Wheat (cultured from Heady Topper)


Misc:         ~ 1 lb white sugar (2 cups)


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          08/24/13                      09/02/13                                  09/11/13

Gravity:                       1.068                          1.012                                       1.009

% Alcohol:                  9                                 1.6                                            1.1                   

% Sugar:                    17                                3                                               2.1

Temp of reading:        65                                60                                            60       



- put 4.5 gallons into fermenter, and 1/2 gallon into a 1 gallon carboy that did NOT get the hop stand treatment.

- 16 qts 165 > 154 > ice > 152.

- added 2 gallons of 200 water > 158.

- 16 brix first runnings, 3.7 gallons

- add 3.4 gallons 180 > 168.

- 2nd runnings 6.5 brix

- had about 7.6 gallons of 12 brix. 

09/02/13   Very murky still. dank aroma. Taste is full hop flavor.  Layers of hops.  Not overly bitter.  Pretty solid but if it clears it might pop a little more too.  Not bad.  Kind of
lingering bitterness in finish.  Definitely some sweetness too.
09/11/13   Good bitterness along with sweetness.  Finishes lingering bitterness.  Hop bite.  Nice color, light orange, not too clear.  Alc in aroma?  Bit warming too.  Control batch got down to 1.007.  Diff nose.  Malty or butterscotch?  Less overall hop flavor.  Real side by side with carbonation will be fun.

11/14/13  Had some of this recently and it is still great.  Two months in the keg and it has not dropped off.  I wonder if that has to do with not dry hopping it?  Huh.  Is still has a pretty fresh taste, and is really clear now.




Beer Name:   Altiber  (Jamil's recipe) 


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       8 lbs Rahr pils

2 lbs Munich

1 lb Aromatic

.5 lb CaraMunich

3 oz Carafa Special II 


Hops:        1.5 oz German Tradition 6.9% AA  60 min

                  .5 oz German Tradition 6.9% AA  15 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 1007 German Ale - liter starter made 1.5 days prior



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          09/21/13                      10/01/13                                  10/11/13

Gravity:                       1.055                          1.009                                       1.009

% Alcohol:                  7.5                              1.2                                           1.2

% Sugar:                     13.7                            2.5                                           2.5

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                            64



- 14.5 qts 164 > 153 > ice > 149.  After 80 min > 148.

- add 8 qts boiling > 158.

- first runnings 15 brix, 3.4 gallons

- add 3 gallons 179 > 166.

- 2nd runnings 8 brix.

- 7 gallons of 11 brix before boil. 

- collected full 5 gallons but surprisingly lost some volume to blow off.  Vigorous ferment around 66 deg or so.  Was mostly done fermenting 24 hours or so after pitching.  Wow. 

10/01/13  Murky.  Lots of yeast still.  Pleasant malt aroma, Munich.  Taste is good even now.  Light hint of darker malt but mostly middle kilned malts.  Sweet, with a tiny bit of bitterness.  Should be nice once yeast clears.  Might use gelatin on this one. 

10/11/13  Pretty clear but I will use gelatin.  Biscuit malt in nose. Taste is clean, light brown malt flavor.  Touch of hops.  Very drinkable and good balance.

12/13/13  This turned out very nice.  I am not familiar with actual German Alts, but this is about what I would have guessed them to be.  Lots of Munich flavor and just a little bitterness.  Pretty clean now that the yeast finally settled (took a long time, even with gelatin).




Beer Name:   Nugget Nectar IPA (based on recipe from Brew Your Own Oct 2011)


Click on pic for larger version.


Video of tasting this beer (and others) with Chip and Michael Dawson


Grains:       8.75 lbs Rahr Pils

2 lbs Munich 8.3L

2 lbs Vienna 3.8L

.5 lbs Dark Munich 15.5L

.25 lbs Crystal 50-60L 


Hops:          1 oz Nugget 13.5% AA  60 min

.5 oz Warrior 15.7% AA 45 min

1 oz Palisades 7.8% AA 15 min

1 oz Nugget 13.5% AA  hop stand for 15 min

1 oz Simcoe 12.7% AA  hop stand for 15 min

.5 oz Warrior 15.7% AA  hop stand for 15 min

1 oz Simcoe dry hop


Yeast:         Wyeast 1217 West Coast IPA (got smack pack from Dawson)  1 liter starter made 1.5 days prior



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          10/12/13                      10/19/13                                  10/29/13

Gravity:                      1.070                           1.012                                       1.012

% Alcohol:                 9.5                                1.6                                          1.6

% Sugar:                    17                                 3                                             3

Temp of reading:       65                                 60                                           60



- first time making gap in mill slightly narrower and thus getting a finer crush.  Did not have any wort collection problems.

- 17 qts 167> 154> ice > 152.  after 1 hour > 152.

- add 8 qts boiling > 159.  collected 4.1 gallons of 16.5 brix

- add 3 gallons of 179 > 170 > ice > 169.

- 2nd runnings 7.5 brix

- collected close to 8 gallons so boiled some down in two pots that night so I could fit the lid on.

- boiled in morning.   Boiled some more in two pots to reduce volume, but then only ended with 4.5 gallons of 1.074, so I added 32 oz of water.

- fermented about 68 degrees.

10/19/13  Orange, light red color.  Fairly clear.  Bit of malt in nose.  Bit of sweet malt flavor but then strong piney bitterness that lingers briefly then disappears.  Pretty good start.  Will dry hop.

10/24   Added 1 oz Simcoe dry hop

10/29/13  Some hop aroma.  Grassy flavor.  Malt and dank bitterness.  Yeast character?  Mineral?  Seems ok but will need more time and carbonation. 

01/07/13  Took above pic.  This beer never got clear, and that is weird.  Is it the yeast?  Or that I crushed the grain ever so slightly smaller?  Also, while this beer is decent, it is not one that I would make again.  It would have been nice to compare it to the real Nugget Nectar.  Not sure if it is the hops, the dry hop itself, the malt bill, or the yeast, but it just isn't quite hitting my sweet spot for a fresh hoppy IPA.  The hop bill looks great, so perhaps it is the yeast that I am not crazy about.



Filled propane tank.   Only took 2.9 gallons





Beer Name:    Shakespeare Stout  (revised from 2006 version)



Click on either pic for a larger version.


Did a side by side with real Shakespeare stout.  HERE is the video.



Grains:       11 lbs Rahr two row pale

.5 lbs Crystal 155-165

.5 lbs Chocolate malt 412L

.5 lbs Roast  550L

1.5 lbs flaked oats 


Hops:          2 oz Cascade  7.1% AA  60 min

2 oz Cascade 7.1% AA 30 min

1 oz Cascade 7.1% AA  dry hop


Yeast:         Washed German Ale 1007 from above Alt.  Starter made night before.


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          10/19/13                      11/02/13                                  11/16/13

Gravity:                      1.070                           1.016                                       1.016

% Alcohol:                  9.5                               2.1                                          2.1

% Sugar:                    17                                 4                                             4

Temp of reading:        60                                58                                            60



- continued with slightly finer crush.  No sparge/lauter problems so far.  Efficiency might have gone up slightly.

- 17.5 qts 165 > ice (in water) > 153 > ice > 150.

- add 9.5 qts boiling > 164.

- first runnings 15 brix.  4.6 gallons.

- add 3 gallons of 185 > 173 > ice > 169.

- 2nd runnings 7.5 brix.  7.9 gallons of 13 brix.  Boild some in two pots for an hour.  1.5 gallons down to .5 gallons.

- 4.8 gallons in fermenter.  Topped off with starter to 5 gallons.

- fermenting 64-66 deg.

11/02/13  Lots of yeast still.  Keep "warmer" and ferment more?  Initial sip is good.  A somewhat bitter stout.  Roast in finish.  Sweet character, finishes with dryness of roasted malts.  Bitter inbetween.  Will dry hop too.

11/10/13  Dry hopped with 1 oz Cascade.

11/16/13  Little hop in the aroma.  Taste is nice.  Sweet, bitter comes in, some roast.  Finishes a little acrid with highly kilned malts. Probably good it did not ferment any lower afterall.  Previous Shakespeare Stout was 1.058 > 1.014 with PacMan yeast.  So this one was 1.070 > 1.016.  Good start.  Will have to do side by side with real thing.

01/07/14  This beer is very nice. It is just what I want in a stout.  It is somewhat creamy, smooth and full, but also a fair amount of roastiness as well as a decent hop bitterness.  Dry hop was a nice touch.  The only bummer is there is no commercial Shakespeare Stout around right now to compare it to (dot hey even make it still?)  But it is a solid recipe now.  I think I achieved my goals that I had in mind with making my tweaks to the first time I made it.

03/02/14   A user sent me some real Shakespeare stout so I could do a side by side!  The real Rogue is still darker based on the head.  Mine still has a hop aroma even though it's a few months old, and the Rogue only has a roasty aroma.  Mine has a more balanced flavor with some sweetness to go with the great stout flavor, as well as hop bitterness (which is getting less now).  The Rogue was mostly bitter from the highly kilned malts as it was last time, but maybe even more so now.  The Rogue is a decent beer but side by side I prefer mine.  I suppose I could try to make a beer even more like the Rogue SS but I don't care to. 




Cider Name:   Narbonne Cider 

Click on pic for larger version.


Juice:        5 gallons from MN Homebrewer's Association club buy


Yeast:       Lalvin 71B-1122 Narbonne White Wine yeast (2 packets)


Misc:        1.5 lbs of sugar, a 50/50 brown and white sugar mix


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                           11/16/13                     12/10/13                                 09/02/14

Gravity:                       1.061                          1.020                                      .995

% Alcohol:                  8.1                              2.5                                          -.8

% Sugar:                     15.5                            5                                                *

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                            60



- collected juice, took about a gallon from each, heated up a bit, dissolved sugar.  Added back to respective carboy.  The sugar did not add as much gravity as expected which makes me wonder if the brown sugar adds less gravity points than white?  I weighed out the sugar so I know it was right.   Gravity was 1.053 before adding sugar. 

- was fermenting in upper 50's, but brought this one upstairs to warm up into lower 60s for 5 days or so at end of fermentation.

12/10/13  fermentation has been colder than usual.  Did not finish out yet.  Hopefully will by kegging time.  Very yeasty still.  Probably not very alcoholic but pretty tasty due to sugars that remain.  I guess I will see. 

09/02/14 Wow fermented low. Very tart and dry of course. Hope 3 cans of juice concentrate is enough to balance it out.

11/12/14 Turned out just as nice as any of them. Good stuff. Have the 2014 batches going now. Did the same thing as this year except bumped up the sugar to 2 lbs per batch.





Cider Name:    Premier Cuvee Cider

Click on pic for larger version.



Juice:        5 gallons from MN Homebrewer's Association club buy


Yeast:         Red Star Premier Cuvee (2 packets)


Misc:         1.5 lbs of sugar, a 50/50 brown and white sugar mix


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                           11/16/13                     12/10/13                                  05/13/14

Gravity:                       1.061                          1.018                                      .997

% Alcohol:                  8.1                               2.3                                         ?

% Sugar:                     15.5                             4.5                                         ?

Temp of reading:        60                                60                                           60




-- collected juice, took about a gallon from each, heated up a bit, dissolved sugar.  Added back to respective carboy.  The sugar did not add as much gravity as expected which makes me wonder if the brown sugar adds less gravity points than white?  I weighed out the sugar so I know it was right.   Gravity was 1.053 before adding sugar. 

- left to ferment in the middle to upper 50's.  I think the low end of the temperature range for this yeast was 45, so I thought it was ok.

12/10/13  Huh.  Both so high.  Very odd.  Taste has more of a yeasty bite than above.  More like a white wine.  But still apple sweetness.  Hope this ferments more too.

05/13/14  I see it eventually fully fermented, so that is good. Whew. A tart, dry mouthfeel. Clean I guess. Seems like it should be good with sweetening and carbonation.  Kegged with 3 cans apple juice concentrate.  Now a month later, it is really nice.  Jamie says it is better than my previous one and really likes it.

09/02/14  This keg just blew already. Jamie tore through it. That must mean it turned out well and perhaps could be the template for future batches.




Beer Name:   Helles  (July/Aug Brew Your Own)


Click on pic for larger version.


Grains:       10 lbs Rahr Pils

4 oz Carahell 11L

4 oz Carafoam  1.8L

4 oz acidulated malt 1.8L


Hops:        1 oz German Tradition 6.9% AA  60m

                  .5 oz Hallertau  4.1% AA  10m 

        .5 oz Hallertau  4.1% AA  10m 


Yeast:        Wyeast Bavarian Lager 2206 - 1L starter made 2 days prior



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          12/07/13                     12/21/13                                    01/09/14

Gravity:                     1.053                           1.011                                        1.011       

% Alcohol:                 7                                  1.8                                            1.8

% Sugar:                    13.5                            3.5                                             3.5

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                             60



-  very cold day.  After boil, put lid on and set it outside in -2F.  Sat for 2.5 hours and only cooled down to 130.  Used snow bath and got it down to 64 deg.  No chiller clean! 

- 13.5 qts 165 > 153 > ice > 152.  After 1 hour > 152.

- add 7 qts boiling > 162.

- 15 brix, 3.3 gallons first runnings

- add 3 gallons 176 > 168.

- second runnings 7 brix.

- 6.5 gallons of 11.5 brix

- boiled 1 hour with fan blowing over and got down to 5 gallons even in fermenter.  Added 1L starter.

- fermenting now at 50-52 deg.

12/21/13  Had it at 60 deg for ~4 days or so.  Now moved to 40deg for 32 hours before racking.  Very cloudy  Try to cool/crash some of the yeast before racking.  Hopefully tomorrow night.  Taste is nice.  Slightly different malt character.  Less straight up sweetness?  Kind of light bready character.  Some hop bitterness.  Should be good.

01/09/14  Looks pretty clear.  Little bit of color.  Dang this tastes nice.  Might be better than my other recipe.  Will have to see what other people think.  Acidulated malt?  Will have to look up wat that does.  And Carafoam, but only a little of those.  Smells nice too.  Clean malt, lager w/o any off flavors.

03/05/14   So now when I drink this I get a weird aroma that dissipates.  It's kind of a buttery or butterscotch one that I have to think might be diacetyl.  But then I don't know why the 4 days at warmer temps would not have been enough to help that get reabsorbed.  It is ok, but now I am not sure if it is as good as the other recipe.  Will have to keep tasting it. 

03/28/14  Still has that flavor.  Am planning on asking a couple educated beer nerds about it when I get a chance to share it.




Beer Name:    Czech Pilsner



Click on either pic for larger version.

Grains:       10 lbs Rahr Pils

.25 lbs Carapils 6L

.25 lbs Vienna 3.8L 


Hops:          3 oz Saaz 3.0% AA  60 min

1 oz Saas 3.0% AA 45min (moved up from 15 to get more bitterness due to lower % AA)

1 oz Saaz 3.0% AA 0 min


Yeast:         Washed yeast from above 2206 Bavarian Lager, starter made 24 hours prior



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          02/28/14                     01/12/14                                    02/06/14

Gravity:                     1.051*                        1.010                                         1.010

% Alcohol:                6.8                               1.2                                             1.2

% Sugar:                   13                                2.5                                            2.5

Temp of reading:       64                               60                                              60



* added 1 qt of water so adjusted gravity down from 1.053 to 1.051

- 12 qts 164 > 151.  Sealed, did not put blanket on so it would cool down a bit.  After 70m > 146.

- add 2 gallons boil > 162

- first runnings 16 brix, 2.8 gallons

- add 3 gallons 179 > 167.

- 7.8 brix 2nd runnings.

- 6.25 gallons of 12 brix.  Should have added more as I came in about .25 gallons shy on volume.

- fermenting little over 24 hours later around 50-52.

01/12/14  Moderately clear.  Huh.  Not as bitter as usual?  Comes in at very end but probably not as much as other batches.  Lower alpha acid hops?  Otherwise OK. Drinkable, malt, some yeast, decent flavor.

02/06/14  Pretty clear.  Tastes good.  Not super bitter but it is there a little.  Good flavor.  Not much to say but seems decent.  I suppose carbonation will bring out the bitterness a little.

04/21/14  No complaints about this.  Perfectly drinkable and nicely balanced.  Could maybe use a little more bitterness but it is fine as it is.



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