Beer Name:  India Pale Lager

Click on pic for larger version. 



Grains:       13 lbs Rahr pils

.5 lb Belgian Carapils 6L

.5 lb Carastan 30-40L 


Hops:          HX30 Hop Shot 5ml 60 min

1 oz Columbus 15.6% AA 30 min

1 oz Warrior 15.7% AA        hop stand 30 min

1 oz Chinook 11.8% AA       hop stand 30 min

1 oz Citra 14.5% AA             hop stand 15 min

1 oz Mosaic 11.6% AA         hop stand 15 min


Yeast:         Washed yeast from above Bavarian Lager 2124. Starter made 1.5 days prior.


Misc:         2 cups white sugar (~1 lb) added 15 min left in boil


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          01/25/15                      02/17/15                                  03/01/15

Gravity:                      1.080                          1.013                                        1.013

% Alcohol:                 10.6                             1.9                                           1.9

% Sugar:                     20                               3.5                                           3.5

Temp of reading:        60                              60                                             60



-26 qts 165 > 157 > ice > 154 (wanted 152 but temp was 154 after 1 hour)

- 17 brix 4.3 gallons

- added 3 gallons 188 > 166

- 2nd runnings were 7 brix. Had 7.7 gallons. Boild a little on stove for 1.5 hours.

- had 7 gallons of 14 brix after boiling some down. Held over night.

- ended with 4.95 gallons in fermenter before adding 1 liter starter.

- fermenting about 48 degrees

02/17/15  Not very clear but nice color. Gold, with light red hint. Aroma? Light hop. But some malt. Taste is so fresh and hoppy. Tangerine is first thing. Grapefruit. Pear? Orange reel. Man. Pretty good. Lightly warming. Strong bitterness with malt balance and clean lager yeast. Pretty good so far.

03/01/15  Clearer. Just a nice drinking full hop flavored big beer. Little bitter but good balance. Like the hop shot for these beers. Nothing wrong with this beer. Should do a side by side with Summit Hop Silo (which I just recently got so it's new and fresh too).

05/11/15  This beer is coming up on 4 months old and it still tastes great. Everyone who tries it says it's wonderful, and it really is. This is a great way to make a strong hoppy beer (ale or lager). Great hop character, some reasonable bitterness, but smooth and balanced.





Beer Name:   German Pilsner


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:         10 lbs Rahr pils


Hops:           1 oz German Tradition 6.7% AA  60 min

 1 oz German Tradition 6.7% AA  0 min


Yeast:         Washed yeast from above Bavarian Lager. 1L starter made 15 hours prior (less time than usual)



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          02/14/2015                  02/28/15                                  04/26/15

Gravity:                      1.053                          1.008                                        1.008

% Alcohol:                 7                                  1.1                                           1.1

% Sugar:                   13.5                              2                                              2

Temp of reading:       60                               60                                             60                  



- 20 qts 158 > 149.  After 75 min mash, temp said 150(?)

- first runnings were 19 brix, 3.5 gallons

- added 3 gallons 188 > 167.

- 2nd runnings were 5 brix. Had 6.5 gallons of 11 brix. Ended with 5 gallons before adding 1L starter.

02/28/15  Not super clear. So low of a gravity. Light hop in aroma, some malt. Taste is at first a little sweet, some bitterness comes into balance then finishes a little dry and bitter but not unpleasant. Helles is really good this year and this is looking like it will be nice too.

04/26/15  Very clear. Light color. Taste is nice. Clean, crisp, some bitterness. Should be good.

07/16/15  Have been trying to drink this slow so it could be around for summer. And it's still around and still very good. Can't say I'd change anything.






Beer Name:   Munich Red Lager

Click on pic for larger version.


VIDEO of this experiment:


Grains:       8 lbs pilsner

3 lbs Munich 8.3L

1 lb CaraRed 20L

4 oz Carafa III dehusked 490-560L


Hops:          .5 oz Warrior 15%AA  60 min

.5 oz Warrior 15% AA 0 min


Yeast:         Washed yeast from above Pilsner (so 3rd generation) and pitched bottom of 2 quart jars (no starter).



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          03/14/15                      03/28/15                                  04/11/15

Gravity:                      1.062                           1.012                                       1.011

% Alcohol:                  8.1                               1.6                                          1.5

% Sugar:                     15.5                             3                                             3

Temp of reading:        60                                60                                           60



- 23 quarts 165 > 154 > ice > 152. After 1 hour > 152.

- first runnings 17.5 Brix. 3.6 gallons.

- added 3 gallons of 190 > 168.

- 2nd runnings 6 brix. Ended with 7 gallons pre boil.  12 brix.

- ended with 5 gallons before adding yeast.

03/28/15  Added starter on 5th day of brewing (had to buy new yeast) and that got it going. Not much aroma maybe some malt. Taste is fairly nondescript. Just a fairly plain, easy drinknig, semi-sweet, malt forward beer. Supose I could dry hop. Mild bitterness. Munich malt is there. Off to good start.

04/11/15  Fairly clear. Red hue. Not much aroma. Taste is mild. Light bit of sweetness, from Munich, but not too strong. Carared flavor? Hint of a toasty biscuit flavor. Some hop bitterness and flavor come in finish. Overall a fairly quaffable beer. We'll see when carbonated.





Beer Name:  GigaYeast Experiment (Sour Saison, Berliner Blend)

VIDEO of Brewing and Tasting these beers.


VIDEO of follow up tasting when beers were ~2.5 years old.





Click on any pic for larger version.


Note: this was for a 6 gallon batch


Grains:       11.5 lbs Rahr Pils  (would be 9.5 lbs for 5 gallons)

          .6 lbs Briess Caramel 20L (would be .5 lbs for 5 gallons) 


Hops:          .5 oz Czech Saaz 3.0% AA  60 min        

.5 oz Czech Saaz 3.0% AA  0 min


Yeast:         GigaYeast Saison Sour (GB124) pitched into 3 gallons

GigaYeast Berliner Blend (GB122) pitched into 3 gallons



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Bottle Date:


Date:                          05/09/15                      05/19/15                                 12/14/15

  SS          BB                          SS        BB

Gravity:                      1.053                           1.005      1.006                     1.002    1.005

% Alcohol:                 7                                  .8            .8                           .25         .8

% Sugar:                    13.5                             1.5          1.5                         .5           1

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                         55



-23 qts 162 > 154 > ice > 152. after 1 hour was 146 (? dropped much more than usual. maybe it was below 152 for mash)

- first runnings got 4 gallons of 19 brix

- added 3 gallons of 195 > 174 > ice > 169.

- 2nd runnings were 6 brix

- got 7.2 gallons of 11.5 brix

- ended with 2.75 gallons in each fermenter. Topped off with water to 3 gallons, shook, then took gravity reading. Did NOT aerate with pure O2.

- started fermenting that day. Pic above was taken 24 hours after pitching. Each carboy is around 72 deg.

05/19/15  It annoys me to admit this but I found out after the fact that maybe I should not have racked this so quickly. I probably should have left it for at least a month. But, they are still in their carboys and now I will let them sit for a couple months before taking another sample.

Saison Sour - Tropical, funky fruits in nose. Taste is like a "farmhouse saison." Nice. Little Brett, no sourness really. Maybe in time. But good so far.

Berliner Blend - Tastes much cleaner than Saison. Neutral ale yeast they say? More like a wheat beer yeast? Nice but no real funk or sourness at this point. Huh.

10/04/15  Took reading and taste of each one. Saison Sour - 1.002.  Holy cow. Much different. Some firm, sour acidity coming in. Noticeable for sure. Not as much farmhouse flavor. Getting more interesting.  Berliner Blend - 1.005. Tiny bit of tart flavor now. Subtle but there. Coming along. Will have to leave longer. If both beers are done fermenting then I want to think about packaging them.

12/14/15  For 6 gallons of bottling I used 5 oz sugar and boiled in a pint of water. I split that between the two batches. Added 1 gram of 71B yeast into each 3 gallon batch too.

Saison Sour - Has come along well. Almost more tart or sour than it is a saison now. How will it change over time? Good stuff. Looking forward to carbonation.

Berlinner Blend - Better than before too. Little twang but otherwise it's a nice drinking clean beer.






Beer Name:   Hefeweizen (banana attempt)

Click on pic for larger version.


Video of tasting this beer.


Grains:       5 lbs Rahr pale

5 lbs Weyermann pale wheat


Hops:         1 oz German Perle 7.5% AA


Yeast:         Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen


Misc:         .5 lb rice hulls


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          05/24/15                     skipped                                     05/30/15                      

Gravity:                       1.048                                                                          1.012

% Alcohol:                  6.2                                                                              1.6

% Sugar:                     12                                                                               3.5

Temp of reading:         60                                                                             60



- 20 qts 162 > 154 > ice > 152. after 60 min 152.

- stirred in rice hulls after mash and temp went to about 146.

- collected 3.1 gallons of 14 brix.

- added 3 gallons of 185 > 167.

- 2nd runnings 6.5 brix. Ended with 6.3 gallons of 10 brix.

- had 5 gallons even after getting in carboy. Did NOT make a starter. Pitched swollen smack pack. DID aerate for 60 seconds with pure O2.

- used ferm cap. Still had a little blow off. Fermented in a range from 72-76, a little warmer even than I'd intended.

05/30/15 Would it had gone lower if I had used a starter? Doesn't really matter. Tiny bit of banana in nose. Yeast also, some clove? Taste is yeasty, bitter, clove and maybe a touch of banana. It is not a banana bomb at this point or even as much as I'd hoped for. Maybe will will drop out and take a little of the bitterness with it. Not even aerate next time? Could also think about Kris England's idea of a diauxic mash.

06/21/15  Did a video on tasting this beer.

07/16/15  This did not get as much banana as I had hoped. However, it is probably a more balanced beer because of it. I suppose next time I could not aerate and it might stress the yeast enough to produce a little more banana flavor.






06/05/15   Propane tank filled. Took 3.1 gallons.





Beer Name:   Sour Cherry Funk Mild (GigaYeast yeast blend)

VIDEO of Brewing and Tasting this beer.


VIDEO of follow up tasting when beers were ~2.5 years old.



Click on pic for larger version.




Grains:        8.625 lbs Rahr pale malt (could use English like Maris Otter for more authenticity)

.625 lbs Simpson Medium Crystal

.375 lbs Caramel 120L

.1875 lbs Simpson Chocolate malt

.1875 Brown malt


Hops:         1 oz US Fuggle 4.8% AA  60 min


Yeast:         GigaYeast Sour Cherry Funk  GB150 (3 stains of brett, and also lacto)



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Bottle Date:


Date:                         06/05/15                      06/16/15                                    12/17/15

Gravity:                     1.052                           1.010                                        1.006

% Alcohol:                 6.9                               1.2                                            .8

% Sugar:                    13                                2.5                                            1.5

Temp of reading:        60                              60                                              60



- 20 qts 163 > 156 > ice > 152. After 1 hour 152.

- first runnings 16 brix. Collected 2.9 gallons.

- add 3 gallons 183 > 164.  7 brix.

- preboil was 6.5 gallons of 10.5 brix.

- just over 5 gallons before dumping in gold foil bag (no starter). Did NOT aerate on purpose (just splashing into carboy).

- fermenting at 72-74.

06/16/15  Like I said with above GigaYeast beers, maybe I should have let it sit in primary for a month. Oh well it's too late to worry about it now. Some brown malt and other specialty grains in aroma. Also funk like sweaty socks, musty. Taste is more normal than smell. Just a mostly clean beer, kind of like other GigaYeast ones. Little bit of cherry flavor comes in but not anything super weird.

10/04/15  1.006.  Dropped 4 more points. More musty, funky, Bretty. Some sweet fruit? Cherry? Malt is getting dissipated. But a decent beer. Kind of like a Sour Brown. Should be good eventually. If it doesn't ferment more in a month or so I would like to package.

12/17/15 On bottle day I used 4 oz corn sugar and 1 gram yeast. Lot of "Mild" malt flavor. Little bit of funkiness. Nice light brown color, clear. Should be ok. Maybe get more musty or funky with time.

Whole bottling day (3 batches) took ~ 6 hours. Evelyn was sick so I took PTO to stay home. It was raining out. Long day.





06/19/15   Filled CO2 tank






Beer Name:   Red Right Hand Mosaic Ale (named in honor of Nick Cave's son)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       9.5 lbs Rahr two row pale

1.5 lbs Cara red


Hops:          1 oz Mosaic 11.6% AA  60 min

1 oz Mosaic 11.6% AA  30 min

1 oz Mosaic 11.6% AA  0 min (hop stand for 10 min)


Yeast:         Wyeast 1056. Liter starter made 1 day prior, on stir plate



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          07/15/15                     *skipped, needed to                  07/22/15

Gravity:                      1.056                          get some beer in the                  1.013

% Alcohol:                 7.4                              empty keg.                                1.8                         

% Sugar:                    14                                                                                3.5

Temp of reading:        60                                                                               60



- 14 qts 166 > 156 ? ice > 152. After 1 hour 149.

- add 8 qts boiling for mash out. > 164.

- collected 3.5 gallons of 15 brix.

- added 3 gallons of 175 > 169.  2nd runnings were 7 brix.

- had 6.8 gallons to start.

- boiled 1 gallon in 1 pot on the stove for 30 minutes.

- using Rubbermaid tub and ice jugs. Morning after brewing carboy temp was ~ 65.

07/22/15  Hope it's done fermenting. Need to get another beer on tap. Early aroma (combo of piney and tropical fruit). Taste is fairly bitter. Should be OK with some time and clearing. Pretty young. Some sweetness to balance bitterness. Normally would go in secondary but don't have time.

10/05/15  Took above pic. I wasn't crazy about this at first. It had quite a strong Mosaic character that was almost too much. But after a little more time it is nice. It has the mango pineapple type flavors and smells but also the piney character. Still don't know if I'm 100% into this hop, but it certainly is unique. Oh, I see the color did not get very red. I would have to use more grains to make that happen.



Beer Name:    Rye IPA  (Denny Conn recipe with hop change)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       11 lbs Rahr two row pale

3 lbs Briess rye malt 3.7L

1.25 lbs Durst Med Crystal 50-60L

.5 lb Briess Carapils 1.4L

.5 lb Flaked wheat


Hops:          1 oz Mt Hood 4.6% AA  first wort hop

2 oz Amarillo (2013 crop) 8.8% AA 60 min

1 oz Amarillo (2013 crop) 8.8% AA 30 min

1 oz Mt Hood 4.6% AA  (hop stand 10 min)

1 oz Amarillo (2013 crop) 8.8% (hop stand 10 min)


Yeast:         Wyeast Mt Hood (CBC strain, from Dawson, supposed to be good for IPAs) Liter starter made on stir plate 24 hours prior.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          07/26/15                      08/02/15                                  08/20/15

Gravity:                      1.077                           1.019                                       1.017

% Alcohol:                 10.1                             2.6                                            2.2                            

% Sugar:                    19                                5                                               4.5

Temp of reading:        60                              60                                             60



- 20 quarts166 > 155 > ice > 152. After 65 min > 152.

- add 8 quarts boiling > 155.  Collected 4.3 gallons of 18 brix.

- add 3 gallons of 177 > 169.  Second runnings 11.5 brix.

- boiled a little in a stovepot the night before to fit it into brewpot to be held overnight.

- 7.5 gallons of 11.5 brix pre boil.

- boiled some the next morning on 2 pots for 45 minutes.

- got down to 5 gallons even in carboy. Aerated for 90 seconds.

- fermenting at 65 deg or so. Had blow off through tube less than 24 hours after pitching.

08/02/15  Final gravity was high first time I made it too. Maybe it will drop more. Orangey light brown color. Tangerine aroma. amarilo. Malty thick taste with citrus notes of hops (orange, clementine) and malt character. Not super bitter but it is there and would be more if it drops a couple points. Kind of raw and grassy and hoppy. Could use a couple weeks before kegging. But seems ok. Also some spicy rye flavor in there too I think.

08/20/15 Nice orange ("lemon orange" -Evelyn) red, light brown color. Aroma is twangy rye. Taste is first sweet and rye twang, then some bitterness comes in, finish bitter. Kind of high FG but it was before. Adds body and balance. When cold and carbonated it should have zippy hop bitterness and malt balance.

10/05/15  Took above pic. This turned out differently than the first time. It is not as clear. Also it is not as crisp or sharply hoppy and bitter. Maybe I'm not a fan of the yeast. I will probably use it one more time on a maltier beer and see how that comes out. This beer is getting better now a couple months in. It probably could have stood to lose a few more gravity points but I did everything I normally do. I'd make this again but use 1056 and maybe just follow Denny's hop bill. The Amarillo are ok though.




Beer Name:  Foreign Extra Stout (basically Jamil's)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       12 lbs two row pale

10 oz Caramel 40L (could not get Crystal 40L)

10 oz Cyrstal 80L

8 oz Chocolate

12 oz Roasted barley


Hops:         2 oz UK First Gold 7.6% AA  70min


Yeast:         Wyeast 1056 from washed amount above. Starter made night before.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          08/20/15                      skipped                                    08/30/15

Gravity:                      1.072                                                                           1.019

% Alcohol:                 9.6                                                                                2.6

% Sugar:                    18                                                                                 5

Temp of reading:       60



-18 qts 164 > 154 > ice > 151.  after 1 hour > 150.

- add 2 gallons boil > 160.

- collected 4.3 gallons of 17 brix

- add 3 gallons 180 > 169. second runnings 7 brix.

- boiled a little on stove that night so it would all fit in pot.

- had about 7.6 gallons of 14.5 brix.

- was 135 deg in morning

- boiled some in 1 pot on stove during boil for 45 min.

- ended with just over 5 gallons.

- fermenting at about 68 deg.

08/30/15  Kind of high FG but was before too. Aroma, a little roasty. Taste kind of hop bitterness, that is nice. And some sweet malt. Finishes roasty and a litttle dry/bitter. Tastes good to me. Maybe light hint of alc. Happy with this.

12/15/15  Been drinking this slow so it would be around into Winter. Well it's Dec but still no snow. This beer is really nice. It's a great FES recipe and I could see making it again when the mood strikes.

01/18/16  Still drinking on this. Still tasting good. This is a solid recipe that I could see making again. Fairly roasty, strong, good flavor and balance, all around nice beer.




Beer Name:   Steamin' Wife Ale (not cool enough to do it with San Fran Lager yeast)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       9.5 lbs Rahr pale

.5 lbs Medium Crystal 50-60L


Hops:        1.5 oz Northern Brewer 7.8% AA 60 min

        .5 oz Northern Brewer 7.8% 15 min

        1 oz Cascade 6.8% AA 0 min


Yeast:        Washed Wyeast 1056, made stir plate starter night before



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          09/05/15                      09/15/15                                  10/13/15

Gravity:                      1.056                          1.009                                        1.008

% Alcohol:                 7.4                               1.2                                           1

% Sugar:                    14                                2.2                                           2

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                            60



- 24 quarts 158 > 153 > ice > 152. After 1 hour > 151. Used more water because was planning on boiling it down.

- 14.5 brix, 4.4 gallons first runnings.

-add 3 gallons 188 > 169.

- 2nd runnings were 5.5 brix.  Had 7.8 gallons. Boiled 2 gallons down to 1 gallon at night in 2 pots, then held over night.

- 6.8 gallons of 12 brix in the am.

- boiled the 6.8 gallons for 15m before adding hops and starting 60 min boil.

- had 4.9 gallons in fermenter.  Got good efficiency with boiling it down as much as I did.

- fermenting 66-68 deg with some ice jugs in corners of Rubbermaid tub.

09/15/15  Finally a normal FG. Not super clear. Aroma? Taste is ok but almost kind of dry finish? Too dry? Hmm. Should be a crisp refreshing beer. Not the same as when using the San Francisco lager yeast. So far it's a little harsher/drier, but still should be ok.

10/13/15  Darker than usual. More of an orange/reddish hue (maybe diff base malt?) Light fruity esters from ale yeast? Pretty good taste. Kind of light and crisp with not as much malt flavor. Kind of bitter from hop bitterness. I think it will be OK.

12/15/15  This is an ok drinking beer but it is nowhere near as good as when it's with the San Francisco lager yeast. Huh. Maybe it is what I expected it to be. It's not bad but kind of like a cross between a pale ale and the Steamin' Wife. Fair enough.

01/18/16  This turned out all right. I keep hoping one time drinking it it will suddenly have become a lot better but that has not happened. Next time I will use the San Fran lager yeast if I want a true Steamin' Wife Lager.




Beer Name:   Scottish-ish Ale (loosely based on suggested Old Chub clone)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       12 lbs two row

1 lb Simpson Double Roasted Crystal (from Juno at BSG as a sample)

12 oz Munich

4 oz Chocolate

4 oz Special B

4 oz Weyermann Rauchmalt


Hops:        1 oz Nugget 13.5% AA  60 min


Yeast:         Washed yeast from Mt Hood above. Starter made 24 hours prior.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          10/11/15                     10/18/15                                   11/10/15

Gravity:                      1.072                          1.014                                        1.014

% Alcohol:                 9.5                               1.9                                            1.9

% Sugar:                    18                               3.8                                             3.8

Temp of reading:       60                               60                                              60



-26 qts 162 > 154 > ice > 152. After 75 min > 152.

- first runnings 20.5 brix.  4.2 gallons.

- add 3 gallons 183 > 164.

- 2nd runnings 11 brix.  Had 7.2 gallons of 14 brix. Was 124 deg in the am.

- boiled 1 gallon in separate pot for about 40 min on stove and added back in.

- ended with a little over 5 gallons before adding starter.

- had krausen by end of day and blow off the next morning. Fermenting ~ 68 deg.

10/18/15  Happy about the gravity. Big beer, some dark grains, so decent result. Better than Rye IPA with this yeast. Aroma? Malt sweetness toffee/caramel and hint of alc. Taste is about the same as smell. Seems good enough to me. Double roasted crystal? Well it's a nice enough (if young) strong malty ale, as I was hoping.

11/10/15  Fairly clear, nice deep red brown color. Aroma is better than before. Caramel malt? Biscuit? Short bread cookies? DRC = "heavy caramel, subtle taste of raisins, plums, burnt sugar, dried fruit. Aroma is sweet and malty." Well yes, all of that I'd say. I think this malt did contribute some of those flavors and the beer overall is at least a little like Old Chub. Very good stuff.








Cider Name:   Cider One

Click on pic for larger version.



Fermentables:       5 gallons apple juice from homebrew club buy

1 lb white sugar

1 lb brown sugar


Yeast:                    2 packets Red Star Premier Cuvee



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          11/07/15                      11/29/16                                  07/15/16

Gravity:                      1.067                           1.007                                       1.000

% Alcohol:                 8.7                               .8                                              0

% Sugar:                    16.5                            1.5                                             0

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                            60



11/07/15  Pulled out 1 gallon of juice and heated it up a bit and dissolved sugar in that, then added it back into other 5 gallons.

11/29/15  crisp, fruity, apple tart flavor, not bad.

07/15/16  Very clear. Very dry, tart, with green apple crispness. Similar to usual with maybe even more of a sharp crisp dry impact. Should be fine with 3 cans of concentrate.

10/30/16  Took pic.  Pretty tart and impactful on the tongue. I think it’s fermenting the sugar I added. It’s ok, but more winelike than it was at first.





Cider Name:   Cider Two

Click on pic for larger version.



Fermentables:      5 gallons apple juice from homebrew club buy

1 lb white sugar

1 lb brown sugar


Yeast:                   2 packets Red Star Premier Cuvee



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          11/07/15                      11/29/16                                   11/26/16

Gravity:                      1.067                           1.005                                        .994

% Alcohol:                 8.7                                .8                                              -.8%

% Sugar:                    16.5                              1.5                                            0

Temp of reading:        60                               60                                              60




11/07/15  Pulled out 1 gallon of juice and heated it up a bit and dissolved sugar in that, then added it back into other 5 gallons.

11/29/15  Similar, slightly more tart. Sweet, tart, acidic character. Not bad at all, just not quite as fruity as One. Both will probably drop a few more points before kegging.

11/26/16  Over a year old. Tastes like normal. Pretty good. I think it is good for a cider this strong and dry. Added 3 cans of apple juice concentrate at kegging time and unlike recent years I DID use the sorbate this time to see if that it slows the additional fermentation in the keg. Tasting pretty good right now.

05/23/17  This is still on tap and tasting good.



Beer Name:    Brett Helles (first decoction)

VIDEO about "Saving" a beer by doctoring it.




Grains:       10 lbs Rahr pils

.5 lbs Carapils

.5 lbs Munich


Hops:         German Tradition 5.9% AA  (60 min)


Yeast:        Mt. Hood loo-wit lager strain (culture provided by Dawson)

                  Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager -smack pack pitched at same time as above starter



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          12/07/15                     12/26/15

Gravity:                      1.061                          1.012

% Alcohol:                 8.1                              1.6               

% Sugar:                    15.5                            3

Temp of reading:        60                              60



- 22 qts 146 > 140 > ice > 135.  (ratio was 2 qts water/lb of grain)

- pulled 11 qts of thick mash.  Brought to boil on stove and boiled gently for 10 min.

- returned all of the decoction to main mash.  Brought temp to 151. Held for 40 min.

- collected 3 gallons of 17 brix but could tell some wort was not draining. Maybe due to more breakdown of hulls and kind of a stuck sparge?

- added 3 gallons 192 > 166. 2nd runnings 8.5 brix. Worked harder to get all the wort out this time.

- preboil of 6.8 gallons of 12 brix.

- boiled 3/4 gallon on stove separately for ~40 min to reduce volume.

- ended with 5 gallons.  Holding at 50-52 deg.

- starter made with old loo wit packs did not take off and ferment beer. So pitched Dawson's amount he gave me [ used 200 mL of thick slurry (harvested from conical about 3 wks ago, stored at 35F) and fed w 500 mL 1.040 wort.]. That was at 6:00 pm on 12/09. Pitched the smack pack at 9 pm, and by the next morning it was fermenting fine.

- thought the brew day would be quite a bit longer but for this single decoction it was basically about the same amount of time, give or take.

12/26/15  Not very clear yet. Drop any more in gravity? What am I tasting? Tangy, zesty, hops, orange peel? Not very similar to other Helles batches at all. Is it suspended yeast still or the decoction? (Dawson told me later loo-wit lager does have a bite that lasts quite a while). I'm a little perplexed right now. Almost like an ale w/esters right now but maybe will change. Also kind of a "cooked" flavor that might be the decoction. Because I did two things differently (decoction and diff yeast strain) I'm not sure if one or the other is more responsible for the weird flavor. I hope it will at least get a little better with time. Otherwise if I try a decoction again I have to use a regular, clean yeast strain.

01/04/16  add gelatin mixture into carboy, stirred a little.  1 tsp gelatin in 1 cup water.

02/05/16  Made starter from a Brett Berliner pack I got from Dawson. Left it in growler for 9 days. Made a starter from Pils malt, boiled 10 min and cooled. Swirled it couple times a day.  Siphoned into sanitized carboy on 02/14/16 and then racked Helles onto it.  Was 1.011 at the time.  After I did this, there was noticeable fermentation for a number of days.

04/02/16  1.007 (?)  Definitely went lower but activity has pretty much stopped. Went actively for maybe a week after racking onto Brett. Brett funk in nose? Taste is not bad. Some fun, hint of tartness. Kind of like Sanctified Brett. Might get a salvageable beer out of this.  :)

07/16/16  1.006(?) Tasting good. Funky, wild, horse blanket, green apple, works for me. Probably can bottle at any time. Bit of herbal spice or pepper? Has some pellicle stuff so maybe leave it until the Fall before bottling.




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