Webber Orchard cider press,  October 30, 2004

Paul and Jonathan crank it up.  Check out the VIDEO   1.8 MB


This tent canopy really helped and got us out of the rain.


We used fallen apples for the cider.   As you can see, there were plenty.


Even some children helped out the cause.  They enjoyed drinking many glasses of the cider right as it came from the press.


Paul gathering the apples.


This gives just an idea of the lineup of carboys and amount of gallons that we pressed. 


The setup under the tent.


Mike and Heather fill their carboy.


Don pitches in with some cranking.  Jonathan loads.


Just one of many, many wheelbarrows full of apple refuse that was destined for the compost pile.


We tried to blend different kinds of apples all day, but still you would expect some differences in the result.  Here you can see the color difference between two carboys.


Heading home:  20 gallons of fresh pressed apple juice for Paul and Don.  It was a good day.

Huge thanks to Mark Glewwe for putting this together and letting us use his press.

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