Zywiec Brewery, Zywiec Poland, Summer 2004   http://www.zywiec.com.pl/


This place is massive.  Entering it, you are impressed with the size already, and you haven't seen anything yet.  The tasting room is pretty much a substantial indoor and outdoor biergarten.


Before we took our tour, we cashed in a couple of our free beer coupons.  I had heard of Zywiec porter, but had never seen it in the States.  In fact, this was the one and only time I've had it.  It was a very nice Baltic porter.


Massive mash tuns and brew kettles.  I mean, massive.  See a video panorama of the room.  1.2 MB


My next homebrewing purchase?


Gigantic, outdoor fermenters(!).  I mean, look at them.  They make so much beer that they can not even keep their fermenters indoors.

Here is a map I got at the brewery.


The bottling room and equipment was extensive.  Like I said, they are a major European production brewery.  Here's a video pan of the bottling room.   2.3 MB


With the rest of our free coupons (there were 4 of us in our group) we got some more samples.  Brackie is another brand that is made in the brewery.

I wish I would have taken more pictures...

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