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-none of these are from MP3 (that I know of).  Please trade with the same rule.

-write Disc At Once (no gaps between songs)

-I use Exact Audio Copy (Secure mode) to rip, and Nero to burn.

-I send without cases, artwork, setlists. 

-I do my best to send as high quality copies as possible (limited by the quality of the original of course).  If you are unhappy with the quality of a cdr, please contact me.  Something could have gone wrong and I want to know about it and make it right with you.




                07/86  Cornerstone.   Great set of songs.  Slightly incomplete(?)  11 tracks  A-/B+

                07/19/91  Café Montreal.  Sacramento.  Acoustic.  2 discs.   B+

Adam Again                        

1995 and 1997.  Cornerstone shows.  Not complete sets.  Good aud. 16 songs total.  A

Beach Boys                                          

Summer Sounds (and Pet Sessions) 75 min, includes famous Murry fight in studio.

Smile Smile Research Laboratories SRL-001  20 tracks  48:11  A

Smile Vigotone 110-111  2-Discs.  each disc 70+ min  A-

Smile Sessions  3 discs.  Unsurpassed Masters.  Sea of Tunes Vol. 17

Smile 26 tracks  77:47  21 listed tracks + 5 unlisted bonus tracks   A

Project Smile.  CD Rom with tons of MP3 clips of outtakes.  Pictures, interviews, videos, more. 1 disc. 

Studio Rarities Polyphone PH1305 boot   CD 70:ST A CDR    A-

“Landlocked/Adult Child”   A.  see

Beastie Boys

                05/22/92 Randy’s Rodeo.  NJ.  2 discs.  Excellent set and show.  Great sound.  A

                10/22/04 Austin, TX. 2 discs. OK Aud. B+


             Quarrymen Rehearsals 1960   A-

BBC and more Vol 6.  26 tracks.  47 min.  A-  (more info?)

10/24/63 Ticket to Ride.  7 songs. Stockholm + 12 songs 06/20/65  Paris  A-

08/19/65  Houston, TX  Sam Houston Coliseum  24 songs. 2 shows (same day).  A-

Christmas Album, from their EP’s ‘63, ‘64, ‘65, ‘66, ‘67, ‘68, ‘69. 55 min.  A

            Ultimate Collection Box Vol. 2 –4 discs. A.  details

            Ultimate Collection Box Vol. 3 –4 discs A.  details

            (NOTE: can trade any or all of multiple disc sets)

           Private Psychedelic Reel 66-68. 43 min. A.  details

            Complete Rooftop Concert -1/30/69.  complete rooftop concert and more. 68 min. 

            Rubber Soul Sessions A

            Revolver Sessions    A

            White Album Sessions   A

Belle and Sebastian              

10/7/98 Botanique - Brussels, Belguim  71 minutes  A-

10/5/98 Black Sessions Paris  49 min :FM A  great sound.

11/27/98 The Supper Club - New York City, New York. 80 minutes  B+

09/05/01  LA, California  Wiltern Theater  2 discs  excellent sound.  A

09/06/01  LA, CA.  Wiltern Theater  2 discs  Different set from previous night.  Ex. sound.  A


Unplugged - Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC 65+ min  A

Black Crowes

                10/31/91  Sheffield England.  Short set.  37 min.   A


3/15/99    England.  Day 13 came out.  Most of album performed live.  68 min  A-

British Sea Power

            02/24/04   Crocodile Cafe. Seattle. 79 min   ok aud.   B+


Broken Social Scene


               08/27/04 Toronto, Harbourfront Centre. 2 discs. Long show (2+ hours). Good Aud. A-

                11/30/04 Geneva, Switzerland. L'Usine 68 min. Taper missed last 2 songs. Good Aud. A-

                06/26/05 Toronto. Olympic Island. OK Aud. B/B+

Buckely, Jeff                        

03/13/92 Gods and Monsters.  2 discs.  B+ New York, NY,  St Ann' s church

02/04/97 Knitting Factory (7 songs; complete) with 6 unreleased demos from Sketches.  A

Captain Beefheart

            Captain, My Captain.  11/18/78  15 tracks. complete? good sound A-

Cash, Johnny

            10/14/97 Germany. 71 min. some between-song edits.  slight skips last couple songs. Aud. A-

Cave, Nick                            

08/17/96 Where the Wild Roses Grow.  Norway 07/04/96  76 min  (miss last song)  A-

05/19/98 Darkness – Le Reservoir, Paris, 05/19/98  + 5 BBC ’92 songs.  68 min.   A

The Choir

07/01/88 Cornerstone. Grayslake, IL  great show.  B+

04/29/95 St. Louis.  No Dan Michaels at show.  good aud.  A

07/07/96 Cornerstone. Bushnell, IL  Wayne and Bill are guest players.  Full sound.  good aud. A  


    09/06/02 Berkeley, CA. 2 discs. Aud. A-

Crimson Sweet

                04/06/02  Turf Club.  Minneapolis.  Great clean SB show.  A

Daniel Amos

                11/12/82  Edina, MN.  2 discs.   SB  A-

                07/88  Cornerstone  2 discs.  Band is cookin’.  Crowd is into it.  6 cover songs.  B+  


Darkness, The

            11/21/03  San Francisco.  Decent sound.  Full show.   A-

            The Radio Sessions.  2003.   19 tracks.   Some great sound, others fair.   B+   details

Doves, The

            04/03/00 LaScalla. London. 45 min. some diff. versions of songs. Aud. B+/B

            02/26/01 Paradise. Boston. 66 min. Good Aud. A-

            06/13/01 Axis Theater. Boston. FM broadcast. great sound. A

            06/06/02 Mayen Theater. LA. 75 min. imperfect between-song transitions. Aud. B/B-

            09/27/02 Dallas, TX Decent Aud. A-/B+

            03/17/05 Austin. La Zona Rosa SXSW 70 min. Decent Aud. A-/B+

Dylan, Bob

7/25/65    Newport Folk Fest. 44 min  From TV thing?  Not sure.   A-

06/29/81  “Birds Nest in Your Hair”  London.  2 discs.  Excellent.    A

Enigk, Jeremy                       

6/25/95 Crocadile Cafe - Seattle, WA.  38 minutes.  Lots of rare songs. B+

8/29/96 KNDD Radio - Seattle, WA.  19 minutes.  Mixed From Master  A

Ester Drang                          

8-8-01 Norman, OK Medicine Hall   36 min A md master

Eugene, Gene                       

4/24/99  5 songs and some stories from his (short) solo opening show.    A +


            06/13/93 Sioux Falls, SD. Full show. Sound Board. A/A-

Flaming Lips                                        

            02/28/98 Boombox Experiment No. 4. San Francisco. 36 min Good sound. A-

Zaireeka stereo mix of the 4 cds onto 1 CD.    A

06/15/03  Bonnaroo.  Manchester, TN.  2 discs.   decent aud.  A-

Flops, The  (Matt Wilson and John Munson of Semisonic)

                12/28/01   67 min. 16 tracks. Variety of songs. Some between-song edits. A-/B+

                12/12/03  First Ave.  Mpls.  3 discs.   Flops/Semisonic/Trip Shakespeare.   good sound.  A.

Foo Fighters, The

                1994    Demos.   16 tracks.  59 min.   A-

                07/07/97    Toronto.  The Warehouse.  70min.   Decent Aud.   A-/B+

Flying Burrito Brothers

                04/06/69 San Fran.  Avalon Ballroom.  FM broadcast.  19 songs.  A-/B+

                1972.  No other details.  Live show.  11 FBB songs + some Albert King tracks at end.  A-/B+

Folds, Ben solo     

            07/29/03   Concord, CA.  Chronicle Pavilion.  57 min.    Aud.  A-/B+

Fountains of Wayne  

7/16/99 Audience recording. 63 minutes complete. Brickwall dist. but listenable.   B+

Rarities.  17 tracks.  Studio and a couple live.   48:31  A.


            04/05/95   Irving Plaza.   NYC. 2 discs.   sound board.   Great set and sound.  A

Franz Ferdinand

            03/23/04  Crocodile Cafe, Seattle.  55 min.   ok aud.  B+

Grateful Dead                       

4/27/71   Fillmore East.  Beach Boys play short set at end.   3 discs.   A

Guided by Voices

            06/20/95  Boston.  Paradise.   74 min.   dec Aud.  A-/B+

            01/22/00  Athens, GA.   2 discs.   good SB.    A

            02/12/01  Chicago (?)   2 discs.   good SB.   A-

            11/18/03  Minneapolis, First Ave.  2 discs.  good Aud.  A-

Harvey, PJ

            Paris.  Rock en Seine Fest.  48 min.   FM.    A


            08/12/01 Fort de Saint Pere. France. La Route du Rock. 41 min. FM broadcast. A

            10/03/03 Soma. San Diego, CA. 62 min. some new songs. Good Aud. A-

            09/21/04 Black Sessions. Paris. La Boule Noire. 53 min. great sound. A

            11/26/04 Denmark. Copenhagen Store Vega. OK Aud. A-/B+

            12/04/04 Lyon, France. 76 min Good Aud. A-

Iron and Wine

            10/24/03  Minneapolis, 400 Bar.  64 min.  decent aud.  A-/B+


08/02/91 Santa Cruz.   aka Neo Psychedelic Fun Boys.   A

05/16/93 True Believer.  Munich, Germany  + 4 tracks from Tower Records 1994.   A-

Socrates, Plato, and Pathos. 14 songs.   Fade in/out between songs.  A

                Belly B Sides.  Fan comp.  14 live tracks.  A/A- 


                Spilt B Sides.  Fan comp.  17 tracks.  Mostly demos.   A. 


Jesus Lizard

            07/01/97 9:30 Club. Washington, DC. 78 min. 1 slightly cut song. decent aud. A-/B+


             12/31/96   9:30 Club, Washington, DC.  21 tracks.   decent aud.  A-/B+.


Joy Division


             08/11/79    London.  Eric's.  28 min     fair Aud.   B   


King's X


            5/23/91   56 min.     acoustic radio show.  some talking, mostly live in studio music.  A


            05/08/94   Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas   2 discs.   great set and sound.  FM broad.  A


            05/09/04 Philadelphia. North Star Bar. 2 discs. Excel Aud. A

Knott, Mike                          

4/24/99   Acoustic.  Number of songs performed with Gene Eugene.  72:48    A

                11/8/97 and 3/4/98.  Viper Room.  both shows on 1 disc.  With band.   A

La's, The

                06/15/05 London. Shepherd's Bush Empire. A reunion show. 19 songs. all right Aud. A-/B+

Lennon, John

                Unplugged.   1 disc.    25 tracks of demos and live performances.  Acoustic.  A-

Lost Dogs, The                   

                07/06/96  Cornerstone.  20 tracks.  Very good show.  Band and crowd are into it.  A-

10/02/99  Phoenix   2 discs.  Great sbd sound.  Just the four of them.  A

  10/10/03  Taylor/Roe/Daugherty.  2 discs.   Great sound.  Sbd.   A

Mad Season    

            10/12/94  Crocodile Cafe, Seattle.  (6 songs 48 min) + 2 other live tracks.  total: 58 min.   A/A-

Magnetic Fields        

            09/02/00   2 discs.   little quiet, otherwise good.   Aud.  A-

Marley, Bob 

             10/29/73  San Francisco.  The Matrix     40 min   Aud.  A-/B+

Medeski, Martin, and Wood

            09/04/04  Japan.   full show.  2 discs.  decent Aud.   A-/B+


02/13/87 Sweden. edited to fit(?) on 1 disc.  Includes bass solo.  J     SB.  A/A-

Modest Mouse

             10/04/03  Seattle.  Showbox.  2 discs.   SB.  A/A-

               02/26/04  Seatlle.  Showbox.  2 discs.  SB    A

                08/04/04 Toronto. Kool Haus. 71 min.   decent aud.    A- 

Monroe, Bill and the Bluegrass Boys

                11/11/63  location unknown.  17 tracks.  One show.  B+

My Bloody Valentine

                08/08/88  Town and Country Club, London.  5 tracks.   fair aud.  B

                10/05/88  Peel Sessions.   4 songs (8 tracks.  2 sources for each song)   B+

                (can put above two boots on one disc as that is how they are now)

                10/10/88  Escape Club, Brighton.   11 tracks.  46 min.   fair aud.   B

                07/92   "Loom"   Vancouver, BC.   great quality.   A

Nelson, Willie

                1975 at the Boarding House.  San Francisco.  Country-bar-like atmosphere.   FM (?)  A-

                07/14/01 Red Rocks.  2 discs.  40 songs.  Decent aud. Rec.  A-


10/12/91  Chicago, IL.  “Dressed for Success”  Concert: A- (full?) + 6 old demos 70 min

11/27/93 St. Petersburg, Florida  77 minutes  B+

2/22/94   Roma, Italy  71 min.  A.  one of last concerts


 “Undrugged”  various sources.  70 min.  Acoustic numbers.  Great sound.  A

Over the Rhine

                12/05/01  The Ark.  Ann Arbor, MI.  2 discs.  Great aud. sound.  Slightly far away.  A-

Parsons, Gram

03/09/73 + more.  Yours Truly, Anonymous.  20 tracks.  A-/B+

Pearl Jam

            Complete 1991-2003 Fanclub vinyl 7" singles on 2 discs.  A

            04/03/94 Atlanta. Full show (2 discs) + 1 disc (radio show afterwards).  Great show.  great pro sound.   A

Pedro the Lion                     

7/1/98 Cornerstone - Bushnell, IL.  44 minutes  B+

7/2/99 Cornerstone Festival 45 min A

11/17/99 Scratch Records - Vancouver, BC  25 minutes.  Dave acoustic.  A-

7/7/00 Cornerstone Festival   67 min  B+  (some speed probs, and a small bit of digital dist).

7/08/00  Cornerstone Festival (acoustic) 35 min A md master.  Number of Covers.

7/06/01   Cornerstone,  Bushnell, IL  2 Discs 100 min.  great sound  A


            09/26/76   52 min. Has short gaps between tracks.  Otherwise great SB sound.  A


7/06/01  Cornerstone.  22 min.  incomplete   A-

Pixies, the

            08/27/90 Reading Festival. 2 discs. 88 min. full show. fair aud. B

            07/11/91 Leysin Festival Nyon, Switzerland 22 songs. FM Broad(?) A-

            12/22/91 Hollywood Palladium. LA. 18 songs. FM Broad(?) A-


            04/13/04   Minneapolis.  Fine Line.  FIRST reunion show.  2 discs (DiscLive).  Perfect.  A


            04/14/04 Winnipeg, MB. Burton Cummings Theatre. (DiscLive) A


            04/15/04 Regina, SK. Doris Knight Hall. 2 discs (DiscLive) A

            04/17/04 Saskatoon, SK. Prairieland. 2 discs. (DiscLive) A

            04/21/04 Victoria BC. Curling Club. 69 min (DiscLive) A


            04/22/04  Vancouver.  2 discs.  (DiscLive)  A


            04/27/04  Eugene, OR  2 discs.  (DiscLive)  A


            04/28/04  Eugene, OR.  1 disc.  (DiscLive)  A.


            04/29/04  Davis, CA  1 disc.  (DiscLive)  A.


            02/10/83     62 min.    great, old show.   SB.   A/A-


6/27/97  London  Avalon Farm  SB sound (or FM?)  approx 70 min.  A     setlist

4/10/98  Chicago, IL.  2 discs.  Good Aud sound.  A-     setlist

8/08/01  Cuyahoga Falls, OH  2 discs.  Some between-song imperfections.  B+    setlist 

8/16/01  Jersey City, NJ  2 discs.  Good audience recording. A-   setlist

               [DSM-6 mics, a Sony D8 DAT deck, and a Phillips CDR775 deck]

             09/11/01  Berlin.  2 discs.  On fateful day, with a few comments related.  Aud.  Good sound.  A-  setlist

            07/09/03   Florence, Italy.  2 discs.   decent audience recording.  B+/A-   setlist

08/23/03  Alpine Valley,  East Troy, WI.    2 discs.    Decent Aud.   B+  setlist

11/26/03  Earl's Court.  London.   2 discs.  Great show.   FM broadcast (?)    A   setlist

11/27/03  Earl's Court.  London.   2 discs.  XFM broadcast.  A    setlist

Misc: 2 discs.  --Disc 1 is live recordings compiled from different cd sources, from OK Computer and before.  

                       -- Disc 2 is B-sides from same CD sources.  Both CD’s are over 70 min.   A

Rage Against the Machine 

1993  Germany 73 minutes  A  (that’s all the details I was given)


            10/27/77   CBGB.   20 songs.  45 min.   Decent sound.  Great historical show.  B+


                10/12/84 Everybody Loves an Ego-Maniac A-

07/01/85 7th St. Entry.  Minneapolis.  23 songs.  FM broadcast.  A-

7/27/87  Ritz in NY.  Good sound board sound.  71:52.  A-

07/04/91 Chicago. LAST SHOW.  62 min. Great sound.  Missing 3rd song. Split sec. Gap between song.  A/A-

Richman, Jonathan               

09/05/01  LA, California.  Opening for Belle and Seb.  30 min.  A

09/06/01  LA, California.  Opening for Belle and Seb.  28 min.  A

Rolling Stones                     

1963-65  Live in London.  16 songs. (Not one concert)  A

1963-65  Get Satisfaction… If You Want! 21 tracks. Best of BBC Radio sessions.  A

07/28/66  Live in Honolulu.  13 songs. 36 min. Fade in/out between songs.  A-

                11/09/69  Oakland.  Liv’R Than You’ll Ever Be.  16 songs.  Legendary bootleg.  A-

                02/24/73  Perth  12 songs.  Rocking show.   A


6/11/98 World Café, Philadelphia 25 min  FM A            

(date?) HBO’s “Reverb” 20 min VHS    A-    (both Semisonic total  44:32 on one CD)

 12/12/03  First Ave.  Mpls.  3 discs.   Flops/Semisonic/Trip Shakespeare.   good sound.  A.

Shins, The

            11/14/03  Minneapolis.  First Avenue.  Sound board. A

            02/10/04  Wash. D.C. Black Cat.  Good sound. Aud. A-

Sly and the Family Stone

              05/10/68   2 discs.    some dup. tracks on D2?   good SB sound. A

                09/01/69    43 min. some clicking first track.   Track 4 cuts off.   complete?   Aud. A-/B+

Smith, Elliott

            05/18/98  San Fran.  Bottom of the Hill.  65 min. 19 songs. Great set. SB. A

            11/09/01 Wiltern Theater (KCRW benefit) 31 min. 9 songs. Mostly covers and rare(?) Aud. A-



01/17/95  “Pure Phase” album launch, London.  79 min. (complete?)  aud.  A-


10/11/01  London.  Good sound.  Full show w/6 piece horn sect.  2 discs.   A


05/01/02 First Ave, Minneapolis. 2 discs. Few blips between tracks.   good Aud.  A-


Stone Roses, The


            08/12/89 Blackpool.   Empress Ballroom.   Legendary show.   SB?   A-


Strokes, The


            05/07/01 Sweden. Accelerator Fest. + Peel Sessions. SB.    A.

            11/14/01 Philadelphia. 45 min. 13 songs. Minor glitches on 3tracks. SB. vocal heavy. A-/B+


            10/30/03  NY, NY.  Theater @ Madison Sq. Garden.  1 disc.  62 min.  ok Aud.   B/B+   

Sweet, Matthew                                  

Goodfriends.  1995 Moontunes 008 73:31  studio and live. 18 tracks  A

Swirling Eddies                                 

06/29/90  Cornerstone.   Fun show.  Quality is so so.    from video?   B

Tenacious D

                1/21/99  Hollywood. Largo Pub. Great show, but imperfect inbetween song flow.  A few pops.  Aud.  A-/B+

                6/13/99  Chicago.  House of Blues.  2 discs.  Extra stuff from HBO episodes (poor quality)  Aud.  B

                03/03/00 San Francisco. Great American Music Hall.  Bad inbetween-song editing.  Aud.  A-/B+

                07/22/00 Portland, OR.  2 discs.  Soundboard.  Excellent.  A+

                11/26/00 Hollywood, CA. Knitting Factory.  “Power Set”  33 min.  soundboard  A

                07/27/01  Boston.  Avalon.  2 discs.   Good sound.  A-

                09/28/01  Winooski, VT.  Higher Ground.  Great sound.    A

                10/07/01  St. Louis.  American Theater.   2 Discs.  Aud.  B+               

                10/21/01 Phoenix.  Web Theater. 2 discs.  Good sound.  A/A- 

                10/24/01 LA, CA.  Wiltern.  2 discs.  Incl. opening band Naked Trucker and T Bone.  Very good aud.  A

                12/11/01 Portland, Maine. Opening for Weezer. Good aud.  A/A-

                01/22/02 Roseland Ballroom. NY.  2 discs. good aud rec.  A/A-

Teenage Fanclub

10/00  Live from Lemon Tree. 55 min. BBC Radio Broadcast.  14 songs.  A

They Might Be Giants

            06/20/88  New Orleans.   record release party.  Fun show.  fair aud.  B


06/24/00  Glastonbury.  77 min. Great show and sound, except for few clicks on a couple songs.  A/A-

Trip Shakespeare

            10/12/89 Moorhead University.  2 discs. older show. probably tape for source. SB. B+

            10/20/90 Moorhead University, Comstock Ballroom.    2 discs. SB. good sound. A

            05/17/93  "Cornstock" at Concordia College, MN.   2 discs. SB. good sound. A

            12/12/03  First Ave.  Mpls.  3 discs.   Flops/Semisonic/Trip Shakespeare.   good sound.  A.

Tweedy, Jeff                        

6/14/99  solo.  Lounge Ax.  2 discs.  28 songs Good (but not perfect) sound.  A/A-


11/02/00  7th St. Entry. Minneapolis.  Aud. Recording.. 70m. 13 songs.   A-

8/00 LynLake Street Fair, Mpls 50 A-  (nice outdoor set, beginning cut)

10/13/00 The Lab, St. Paul, MN.  55  Good set and good sound.  A-

6/01/01  Turf Club St. Paul.  Strange collection of new(?)/rare songs.  A-


02/26/80 “My Hometown” 72 min.  good sound.  Dublin.  A number of rare songs.  B+/A-

03/06/81 “Another Time, Another Place” Boston 54 min.   excellent sound.  A

06/08/81  “Pictures in Grey” Pinkpop Fest.  56 min.  good soundboard. Sound.  A-/A

12/13/81 “December” Lido Beach, NY great show. 14 tracks.  Good sound.  B+

12/31/89  Happy New Year.  Dublin.  2 discs.  Excellent.  A

08/16/92  DC.  2 discs.  SB show.  Very good sound.  Digitally manipulated.  A/A-                      

05/01/01  Minneapolis.  2 discs.  Good audience show.  A/A-

05/15/01  Chicago.  2 discs.  Good audience show.  A-

7/18/01  Paris, France.  2 discs.  Good audience show.  A-

Waits, Tom

                07/14/99 Stockholm SE.  2 Discs.  At the Cirkus.  good aud.  A

Walt Mink

            07/30/93  Fargo. 15 songs. 51 min. great set. SB. good sound. A-

            09/20/93  First Ave, Minneapolis. 16 songs. 55 min. great set.  good Aud. A-


Devotion: A Weezer Collection 72 mins. 21 B Sides, accoustic & live tracks. A

Who, The

                04/05/68  Shaking All Over.  Fillmore East. 13 songs.   A

                02/14/70 Live at Leeds Complete. 2 discs.  Some clicking I’m told is on orig. recording.  A/A-


                07/09/99 Loreley, Germany.  good sound.  Complete show. (FM?)  A               

1/09/00  Lounge Ax, Chicago.  2 discs.  Great show.  Very good sound.  A

07/04/01 Chicago.  77 min.  one 5-sec section of silence in one song.   A-  (FM broadcast?)

                09/26/01 Washington DC.  2 discs.   Excellent sound.  SB(?) A

                09/22/04  Nashville.  Uptown Mix.  2 discs.   good Aud.  A-

Williams, Lucinda

                11/16/99 Boston.  Orpheum Theater.  Great sound.  13 songs.  A

Wilson, Brian                       

6/21/99  Boston.  Good audience recording.  Full show.  2 discs.   A

            10/31/99 Bridge School Benefit. 43 min. great SB sound. A


7/22/00  Chicago.  W/ orchestra intro.  2 discs.  Great sound.  A

9/14/00  Minneapolis.  Good Aud. Full show.  2 discs.  Pet Sounds tour. No orchestra   A

9/16/00  Denver, CO  Good Aud.  Full show.  2 discs  W/orchestral intro.   A-

9/24/00  Hollywood Bowl  Good aud rec. 2 discs  Some aud talking. W/orchestral intro.  A-

07/04/01  Tribute.  From TV.  66 min.  not complete but good sample.  A

03/29/01  All-Star Tribute.  Radio broadcast?  20 tracks. 66 min.  incomplete.  A

02/24/04  Royal Festival Hall, London.   2 discs.   SMiLE performed in full!! good aud. A/A-

07/27/04  London. SMiLE.   2 discs.   great Aud recording. A

            10/07/04  Cleveland. SMiLE. 2 discs.   nice audience rec. A-

            10/18/04  Melbourne, FL. SMiLE.  2 discs.   kind of far away sounding. B

Wilson, Dennis                                
            “Pacific Ocean Blues” and unreleased “Bamboo” records. 2 discs. Great sound. From CD. A

Yorke, Thom (solo)

            Oct. 26-27 2002 Mtn. View, CA. 2 sets. Bridge School Benefit concert. Aud. A-/B+

Young, Neil 

            02/25/70  Cincinnati Venue Music Hall   2 discs.    SB(?)    B+

            02/27/71    London.    Royal Festival Hall.  71 min   aud.   B+

            11/05/73    2 discs.   Aud. B+

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