My little trip to London to see my brother...


Dave had made arrangements for this person to pick me up.  Too bad he couldn't spell my name (look at the last name carefully).


Our first meal, complete with homemade banana bread c/o our mother.  Not the earth.  Our actual mother.


Screw jet lag!  We took off under cloudy skies and found the immense and beautiful Regent's Park.


Some fowl in Regent's Park.


In another section of the park we sat down, took it all in, and caught up for a while.  It'd been about four months since we'd seen each other.  This was the spot where we had our chat.


Two Beatles fans yucking it up in front of Abbey Road studios...


... and Don doing his best Paul McCartney over the famous intersection.


The first (of many) pints of beer we drank.  These were on Dave. 

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