Sunday morning we went to the church where Dave works.  Here he is in his supply room getting paints ready for that Sunday Morning's activities.


After church we headed to Hyde Park for a picnic.

Click HERE for a panorama shot of Hyde Park from where we had our picnic (213k).


One reason we wanted to hit Hyde Park on Sunday is for the famous Speaker's Corner where you can find dozens of people standing on chairs and stepladders preaching and lecturing to anyone who will listen.   I took a video of some of the goings on.  9.3 MB

In another section of the park there were a bunch of ducks, geese, and roller skaters. video 4.3 MB


The west edge of Hyde Park turns into Kensington Gardens.  I think that is where this shot was taken.


We attended an organ recital at Westminster Abbey that night, and afterwards walked along the Thames with the lit buildings in the background.  Dave's eating some sugar roasted peanuts that are for sale along the bridge. 


Westminster Abbey -a composite shot of two digital pictures.  The organ recital was great and the building was massively impressive.


Dave enjoying some real ale at the Warrington Hotel.  We had a great time downing a few pints at this beautiful bar.  3.3 MB

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