Just when we thought the trip could get no better, in walks Charissa.  The three of us nearly burned down the city as we traipsed around, tearing it up.  Well.  We did have fun.


Dave and Charissa at the British Museum.  Also in the museum we saw many mummies and about three billion other artifacts from all time periods.


Dave and Don outside the British Museum.


An odd view of St. Paul's Cathedral.  Refurbishing work prevented good pictures from the front.


We climbed the 300 (?) stairs to the very top of St. Paul's dome, and were afforded spectacular views of the city.

For two more views from the top, panorama style, click HERE (299k) and HERE (266k).

What's that?  You want more from the top of St. Paul's?  OK.  Here is a video panorama.  3.4 MB


Don at the top of St. Paul's.


Umm.  What can I say?  A friend of Dave's drove us to a town outside of London where we went pub hopping.  Things... got a little ugly.  Don was much more restrained when drinking his cider and beer.  1.3 MB


Charissa and our hostess, Suzanne.


No comment.  I think this was at the Prince of Wales pub, and Dave and Don loved it.  2.2 MB

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