We got the rock out of dodge and headed up to Cambridge, where Charissa is living for the year.  This was just a pleasant yard scene.


Don and Charissa eating lunch in the University part of town.


I believe this was taken in St. John's.  Since no visitors are allowed, we pretended to be students, walking around muttering to ourselves, "must write paper... must write paper" and "darn that professor Waddlesworth!"


Also St. John's.  Click HERE for a view of the inner courtyard (233k).


Punting boats and the river that runs through the universities.


My one and only fairly formal English tea, complete with scone and clotted cream.  Mmmm... clotted cream....


Shiny alley in Cambridge.


Halloween night found us in two pubs - the Eagle (shown here) and the Pickerel.  We had good food, great laughs, and a riotous good time, all without ever donning a costume.


Don at the Eagle.


The bar scene at the Pickerel.  You can see Charissa's back to give you an idea about where we sat.  


Don and Charissa at the Pickerel.  Man was it fun.  I took a few videos and here is one.   3.1 MB


I must admit.  I did receive a kiss on the cheek from a strange Australian person.  It just so happens to be my luck that his name was Alan and he was a guy.  When we were getting ready to leave, this guy came in and stood near us.  We started talking to him and I eventually learned that no he was not running from the law (my question), but running from pain.  Ouch.  He was running right into the arms of drunkenness too.  Good luck Alan, wherever you are.

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