My one English breakfast made up of a sausage, bacon, a stewed tomato, eggs, toast, and most importantly, beans.  Good stuff.


I love this picture;  I love steam coming off the foul.  It also provided great music fodder in my Radiohead parody songs that I sang on the way to the Orchard


The meadows on the path that leads to the Orchard.  It was maybe a 2 mile walk each way.  It is a cow pasture and so I had to get my shoes cleaned at the airport lest I be responsible for spreading mad cow disease.


Dave and Don toast at the Rupert Brooke pub.  Video of the area.  4.8 MB


The Orchard is a famous place where many poets and philosophers have hung out.  From the pictures we saw of those times, it seems they still use similar chairs and have a similar setup.  The trees are fruit bearing during season.


My tea and desserts.  Dave and I split a couple of these tortes so we could try different kinds.


Charissa and Dave getting literary with their afternoon Orchard tea.


The crew breaks up.  This is where we said so long to Charissa and headed back to London.


Dave plays some songs with the girls with which he lives (their parents also live there) and they call themsleves Red Tiger.  Songs include "I Like Music" and "Raisins (yummy or yucky)."  Pretty cute.


These were the last pints of the trip and it was only time we heard the clanging of the bell signaling last call.  Indeed, it was.(sniff)

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