Here is the cabin as we were getting ready to take off for the day.


This is the Northwest Express lift.  We are nearly at the top in this picture.  You can follow it all the way down and see where it cuts into the trees and ends.  It's quite a ride to get to the bottom.  We take this lift a lot when at Mt. Bachelor.


One night we made use of the grill on the deck and ate in.



Dave used a Cold Stone gift certificate for this yummy cake.



The Dude abides.  Much laughter while watching The Big Lebowski.  It was perfect the next day - I came up to the group and asked them what they were talking about.  Without a pause, one of them turned to me and quipped "you're way out of your element, Donnie." 


Back at the top of Mt. Bachelor on our last day of riding.  There are always beautiful formations in the snow.


The group was all together for a chunk of the last day.  Here was the view from this scene:  21_Mt_Bachelor_slope_pan-xvid.AVI  930k


I went to the very top and some dudes drinking Budweiser from a can took this picture of me.  Must have been extra good Budweiser to pack it all the way to the top, which requires a little hiking after you get off the lift.


After I came down off the peak, I turned around to take this picture.  I don't know how possible it is to get much perspective from this picture, but that peak is a ways away and it's pretty steep coming off it.


I liked this picture and the next one enough that I for sure wanted to include one of them on this page.  Trouble is I couldn't decide which, so you get both.




Chris pauses at the edge of a drop to take a final look around.



Last dinner of the trip:  Mexican food at Mazatlan's.  It's a common chain out west and is one step up from Chevy's.


Just one small view of the massive and always impressive wall of beer at Liquid Solutions.  I had arrived 10 minutes after closing, but they graciously opened up and let me buy some stuff.  Man do I love that place.


The first half of what I brought back with me on the plane, an annual tradition.


And the second half.

That's it.  See ya next year.

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