Mini Don checking out the view of Seattle from the Space Needle.


Under the Space Needle.


Getting ready for some more samples. Pike Brewing Company, Seattle, WA.


Our server at Pike Brewing Company would not kiss Mini Don.  She was smart.


Mini Don has the privilege of standing on Gum Wall. Seattle, WA.


Taking in some jazz.


The fish market guy gives the Fresh Snapper a thumbs up.


Jerry, Mini Don, Pam (Jerry’s Sister)


Mini Don needed to hold on to the strap so he wouldn't fall down.


Another fine beverage. Pyramid Ales, Seattle, WA.


This girl at Pyramid commented on Jerry’s Walt Mink t-shirt!  When she heard of Mini Don’s love of Walt Mink she felt compelled to pose with Mini Don.


Friendly Bus Driver shows Mini Don around Downtown Seattle.


Tap House Grill. Bellevue, WA. A beer-nerds paradise with 160 beers on tap!


 Our server at the Tap House Grill. Rebecca was her name…I think?



Mike and Jerry raved about Hop Bomb at the Rock Bottom!  Hands down, best beer of the trip they said!  This was in the same complex as the Tap House Grill. Bellevue, WA.


Tsillan Cellars Vineyards and Winery. Lake Chelan, WA.


"Have you seen the Grand Coulee Damn?"


Big Don liked the view, but don't try this at home.


Morning coffee at IHOP. Spokane, WA.  It seems like Mini Don is saying "Hoo Ha!," and doing a pelvic thrust.


This fine young lass reminded Mini Don of Actual Don's wife Jamie.  Coeur D’Alene, ID.


Hiking trip just out of Coeur D’Alene, ID.


Another Bartender with the distinct pleasure of being able to pose with the illustrious Mini Don.  Coeur D’Alene Brewing Company.


I do believe 12 is the magic number.  Great beer at the Coeur D’Alene Brewing Company! 


Mini Don inspects the cask of Barley Wine at Big Sky Brewing Company.  Missoula, MT. 


Here is some of the brew from Big Sky Brewing Company that Mini Don talked Jerry and Mike to bring back to Minnesota.


By this time the fame of Mini Don was spreading all across the US.  Big Sky Brewing was more then happy to pose with Mini Don.


Another Day, another Tap Handle to ride.  Bozeman Brewing Company. Bozeman, MT. 


Relegated to the Ashtray on the way back home.


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