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February 28, 2007

If you would like a higher resolution version of any of the pics or vids let me know.





















Now for the vids.

If any of them are over 3 minutes that means I spliced a couple clips together.

The higher quality ones can only be taken up to 30 seconds, hence the shorter clips.  The quality is noticeable better, though.  Try some of those at full screen.

If you need the xvid codec -> here it is.

01_walk_to_show-xvid.AVI   1.2 MB    I only live a short distance from Big V's so I thought I'd walk down.

02_03_city-xvid.AVI  7.75 MB    This City

04_hallucinate-xvid.AVI  5.6 MB   Hallucinate Heaven

05_hallucinate-xvid-higher_qual.AVI  4.5 MB   Hallucinate Heaven

06_better_now-xvid-higher-qual.AVI  5 MB   Better Now

07_better_now-xvid.AVI  7.3 MB    Better Now

08_life_of_party-xvid.AVI  6.6 MB   The Life of the Party

09_fargo-xvid_higher_qual.AVI  4.4 MB   Fargo

10_fargo-xvid.AVI  2.4 MB    Fargo

11_not_a_stalker-xvid.AVI  1.8 MB   Trust Me, I am NOT a Stalker