Over the years I've recorded songs on my Tascam 4-Track tape recorder, 

although I have not done much recording in the last couple years.

The fidelity is low, but it's been fun.


**UPDATE August 2007!**

I don't know who you folks are, but you are downloading these songs 50+ times in a month.  Wow. 

If you wouldn't, mind take a minute to drop me a note to say who you are and why you are grabbing them. 

There is no problem with it - I'm just very curious.   thanks


If using Internet Explorer and you want to save the file to your hard drive, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As."

Computer Geek Love  03/01  -A farcical look at everyone's favorite tech support person.

Last Night of Summer 12/99  Dave Osborn plays drums.

How Ungrateful Am I? 1/00  Inspired by a Russell Rathbun sermon.

Long Way Down 1/00 Rocking love song inspired by boring days at Prudential.

Don't Do Me No Wrong 2/98 and 3/00  Chris DeWan plays drums.  Another goof song to put you in the mood for love.

Leave the Biker 12/99  Fountains of Wayne song.  Ralph Akale sings lead vocal.  Dave Osborn drums.

Baby Britain  - Elliott Smith song.

Lately I've Been Thinking About the Country spring 99  Written while out on a walk.  Notice the bouncy cadence.

Lullaby 2/99  Love song.  I really like this recording and song as a whole, especially the bass solo.

Rainbow Foods Jingle  early 99  My award-winning (really) jingle that was on a few Mpls-St. Paul radio stations for one week in March 99.

Which Train  MLK Day 99  Bluegrass/gospel.

Nice Girls   11/98  For my beloved sister.

Red Toyota 9/98  lyrics -Don, Jamie, Katie  vocals- Don and Katie Osborn

Joe's New Shoes 1/98  I've always really liked the lyrics to this musically simple song.

Help Me Understand 8/97  I got Jamie to play accordion on this.  This is one of the recordings I like the best.  I like the pulsating distorted bass part.


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