Surly Brewing

Grand Opening, May 12-13, 2006


A plaque on the counter in the men's bathroom.


Some folks in the tasting room.  The offices are behind them.


Newborn #1, four-week-old Evelyn and Mom.


The spiffy bar and merch table.  Not too busy at first.


The tasting room was really well done.  Nice tiled floor, smart black ceiling, cool lights, and a nice color scheme.  You can see the neon Surly sign on the wall.


Newborn #2  five-week-old Hale and Mom and Dad.


Brewer Todd taking our group on a tour.


Supplies.   They are not in the picture (they were in the freezer) but Todd mentioned they use pellet hops.


The mill and the pipe leading up to the mash tun.  The mash tun does not have a heat source, so the temperature gets raised by infusion.


Fermenters at the right, boil kettle straight ahead.  I think they said it was a 30 barrel kettle.


Todd explains the brewing process.  Couple tidbits about their beers.  Furious uses a 90-minute boil and 6 kettle hop additions.  Bender uses two hops additions, one at the beginning and one at the end.


It was getting pretty busy.  Here is my group on their tour.


And Omar, far right, was starting another tour behind us.


It got busy at the bar too.  They had their two regular beers, Bender and Furious, as well as CynicAle, a Saison that will be publicly released in four weeks, as well as Coffee Bender (cold press coffee version of Bender, super strong coffee aroma and flavor, basically tasted like carbonated coffee, pretty yummy), and when I was leaving a Bourbon barrel Bender was being tapped.  Really nice to see they are doing some experimental, smaller batches too.


They were pouring like crazy.  We got up to 4 samples, about 5 oz each.


I bought a long sleeve shirt and a Tulip glass.

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