Walt Mink Reunion - Triple Rock Social Club

June 17, 2005


The line outside the Triple Rock for the 21+ show.  By 9:30 the people were lined up down the block.


Walt Mink too the stage just before 11:00, and didn't stop until about 12:40.  They blew the roof off the dump.  My friends and I, who had seen Walt Mink many times back in the day, kept looking at each other with knowing grins.  "Yup, that's right, I'd forgotten how hard and how supremely these guys can absolutely rock," our looks said.  I had the thought, why in the *&$$#!$ are these guys not popular, not renowned for their songs and live show, not able to make a living playing this mind-numbing music?  But, I know that it's just the way it goes sometimes. 


None of these pictures are going to be that great because I was a little ways away, was using a zoom on a small digital camera in a low-lit room, and did not have a tripod.  But you get the idea.


One of the more focused shots of John singing.


The sold-out crowd showed much love for Walt Mink.  The cheering and applause was as intense, loud, and non-stop as it should have been.


A small panoramic shot of the scene.  HERE is a larger (and slightly cropped) version. 


Vertical camera shot.



Some of the crew I was with, after the show.


That's me at the right.


Now a word about the videos.  The max time I can take on my camera is 3 min, so that is why some of them cut off at that time.

The quality is not outstanding, but you get the idea.  The room sound was loud enough to give my little camera some problems recording it.  But all in all, it's better than nothing.

Also, these videos use the XVID codec.  If you can't hear/see them, try installing that first.

Walt_Mink-01-Intro-New_Life-xvid.AVI   21 MB    I knew I recognized this song, and later saw it is on my Poll Riders Win Again demo tape.

Walt_Mink-02-Love_You_Better-xvid.AVI  17.5 MB       Let the groove rock begin.

Walt_Mink-03-Chowdertown-xvid.AVI  10.5 MB         More insane rock.

Walt_Mink-04-Everything_Worthwhile-xvid.AVI  8 MB     OMG, the rock!

Walt_Mink-05-Showers_Down-xvid.AVI  21 MB        Torrential showers of rock.

Walt_Mink-06-Subway-xvid.AVI   5 MB     

Walt_Mink-07-John's_Dream(long_solo)-xvid.AVI   14 MB   This might not come across that great in the video, but this was one of those "Oh my God" moments of an involved rock jamming moment.

Walt_Mink-08-Miss_Happiness(Hi)-xvid.AVI  3.5 MB   This is a good one to try because I took it on my camera's highest quality video setting.  (All other ones were 2nd to highest).  Make this one full screen and you get a better idea of what the show looked like.

Walt_Mink-09-Miss_Happiness-xvid.AVI  17.5 MB     

Walt_Mink-10-Settled(acoustic)-xvid.AVI  11 MB

Walt_Mink-11-Love_in_the_Dakota(acoustic)-xvid.AVI   10.5 MB

Walt_Mink-12-Overgrown-xvid.AVI  21 MB

Walt_Mink-13-Tree_in_Orange(rocking_solo_ending)-xvid.AVI  21 MB   We all know the beautiful string ending of this song on the record.  Imagine those strings being changed into jackhammers of rock.  This is what happened.

Walt_Mink-14-End_of_last_song-xvid.AVI  5.5 MB  I filmed this because I thought it might be the last time Walt Mink would ever leave a stage.  (I turned out to be wrong).

Walt_Mink-15_We've_run_out_of_songs-xvid.AVI  5.5 MB   John is humbled to be brought back up again but simply states the band did not learn any more songs.

Walt_Mink-16-Lovely_Arrhythmia(acoustic)-xvid.AVI  16.5 MB  John gets out the acoustic guitar for one more solo song.

Walt_Mink-17-Final_bow-xvid.AVI  11.7 MB  Chris had the idea to get them out for one final bow.  It was a nice ending to an amazing and special night.  The last time we will ever see Walt Mink on stage?  Hopefully one day this can happen again.

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