Minnesota Wild vs. Toronto Maple Leafs, 

Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul

January 18, 2006




"Let's!  Play!  Hockey!"  We had ridiculously good seats.  In fact, we were literally right behind the glass.


This is an official picture of the game courtesy of the MN Wild.  You can see me and my camera behind the glass.


Yup there I am taping away.  I'll post some of my videos.


Here is another official photo.  You can't see me, because I was filming this check.  800k   You can see my manager Bob at the left.  The two guys at the right were talking business the entire game.


The last official photo I'll post.  You can see Bob, Brandon, and me.

Here are a couple more clips of some action, 1 MB each.  video1  video2



This is how close we were.  :)


Kristi and Bob.


Kristi, Bob, and "Just-take-the-picture" Brandon.


I know.  I "throw the sign" much too casually.


Looks like Toronto won this face off.




For the 2nd period I traded seats with some coworkers.  I sat up in the Club Level.  This was the view from there.  Here is a video clip from there too.  320k   Even better, here is a pretty decent video of the Wild scoring.  3.4 MB   In some ways you can view the game better from a little distance. 


Kevin doing some shopping.


We were so close that we could see the black eye that the ref had.

Check out Kevin talking smack and some other stuff.  3.5 MB


"What I want you to do is get into a collision right in front of that guy with the camera there."

"OK.  I think I can do that."    1.1 MB


JVK earlier...


JVK later....


The Leafs scored some goals too.  Here is a video clip of them scoring.  1.1 MB




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