Goose Island.  Another mecca.  This place is super solid.  We began our last day by driving from Kalamazoo to Chicago.


The view from our booth.


Don's samples: Summertooth Kolsch, Summer Bitter, Old Clybourn Porter, Midwest Coast Wheat.


Jerry and his Kolsch.


Mike swears by the IPA on draft.


Don dipping in to the Wheat Miser.


Other beers sampled were Pivo on cask (first time we'd seen a Pils on cask), and Matilda.  The food was some of the best of the trip, too.  French Dip, Enchiladas with mole sauce, fish tacos.


I went partially up the stairs leading to an upper seating section.  You can see Mike and Jerry in the middle left of this pic.


Across the street from Goose Island is the massive Sam's liquor store.  We went in to check it out.


The beer aisle is narrow, but man, it is packed with goodies.


I took a particular interest in this.  I love the 3 Schlenkerla beers I've had and have even attempted to clone two of them with homebrew recipes.  I think if I had this keg available in my town I would round up a few friends and have a yummy Fall night of smoked beer.

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