Here it is, the reason for our change of plans.  The brewery and bar are in a large industrial type of bulding.


"Con-found it!  Get in there quarters; there is beer to drink!"


Mike pouts.


Just like at New Holland, they devote a lot of space to storing their mug club mugs.  Doesn't make much sense to me but it must be the MI way.


From left to rigth:  Blushing Monk, Charred Red's Rye; Anniversary Deca.


I don't smoke much, but I had 'em, and it was allowed inside.  "And why not?..."


Man is that a delicious tap list or what?

The rest of the beers we sampled were:

Kentucky Breakfast

Space Mountain Brown

Centennial IPA


Devil Dancer


The tables are made of burly wood, are covered by thick metal sheeting, and sit on a wood cabin-esque floor.


Cheers indeed.


After the drinks, we had a sandwich by the river before driving south to Kalamazoo. 


Mike tried calling our hotel on the way but there was no answer.  We found it, but saw this police tape.  Then we spotted this...


Huh.  Looks like we won't be staying here.


We drove down the street a little and found a run-down place that was "PEN" so we thought we would check it out.  It was dirty, run down, peculiar, and all around not very nice.  But, it was $45 and all we wanted to do was sleep there so....


we took it, Barney curtains and all.

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