Autumn Brew Review

Peavey Plaza, Minneapolis, MN

September 11, 2004   1:00PM-7:00PM


Don (aka "donosborn"), Pete, James (aka "Klein Crazy"), Mike (aka "Darth Brewer")


View from south end.  This year they drained the fountain and had all the beer exhibiters in that area.


Barley John's nice hop display.



Slightly elevated view from the south end.  It seemed to me that there were more people this year than previous years.  I'm sure we'll hear from the MN Craft Brewer's Guild if that was the case or not.


Towering over the city.


Sir Darth.


Six hours of drinking begin to take their toll.


the toll continues...


View looking towards Orchestra Hall.  Some smart people brought their own chairs.  


We decided to get a burrito after it was over.  The guy in line holding the six pack had been real friendly with us.  We were chatting with him for a while over at the review.  He even sang a line from Iron Maiden, which had us cracking up.


However, his day of drinking began to take its toll.  Going...




Gone.  Look carefully and you can see two strands of drool.  He's made fine work of his burrito as well.

We were cracking up pretty good by this point.  If you can, check out this VIDEO of the scene.  2.8 MB


Tempting, but of course we resisted.  Stealing a man's beer is a felony offense.


Pete takes a quick rest while we waited for the bus.  We took good old public transportation back to Don's where we swiftly imbibed glasses of water.  We had a great time.

HERE is the list of what I tried (many of the samples listed were just a sip or so).  Scroll to the bottom.

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