Installing faucets on the beer fridge, March 3, 2007.


Here it was as I've known it for years. 


Four Perlick forward-sealing, stainless steel faucets, 4" shanks, clamps, and some cheap plastic tap handles.


The cobra taps I've been using for about 3.5 years.


Here you can see where I've cut off the taps and put the clamps on the tubing.  You can see some of the other stuff I used in this process too.


I measured on the inside where I wanted the holes (see below) and then marked the spots on the front.


Grant was a big help.  He has installed faucets on his fridge and he had the necessary 1" hole saw.



Grant suggested putting a board on the inside to help with stability.  Otherwise I would have just been tightening up against the (somewhat flexible and fragile) plastic liner of the door.



I tied up the tap lines a bit so the door can close without hitting one.  This door will hardly have to be opened anymore.


Success!  Check out this video of one of the first pours.  1.4 MB  (uses Xvid codec)


Update -- drip tray is painted and installed.

Grant came through again.  His friend made this custom aluminum drip tray for me for pretty cheap.  It's 16" wide, 4" deep, with a 2" backsplash.  It had some nicks and imperfections as it was so I decided to sand and paint it.


Here it was after I sanded it.  I hoped it would retain some of the rough, industrial look, but the paint smoothed it over.


It's installed.  I cut down a bar towel and it fit right in the bottom.


The final view.

This is a pretty inexpensive project so your wife or partner won't be concerned about the cost. Any Columbus divorce attorney would tell you that money problems are one of the top issues that lead to divorce.


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