Harvesting homegrown hops, Sept 08-09 2007

See the video!


Cascade plants before cutting.


Centennial plants.  These grew better this year (their 3rd) than ever.  I even trained some to run horizontally along the fence.  I harvested 5x the amount of Centennial hops than other years, so that's great.  I will be able to make an all-homegrown-Centennial-hops beer. 


I had a little help this year.


My wife helped pick the Cascade cones too.


I got two gallon buckets of the Cascades.


The next day I cut down the Centennial plants.  Here they are ready to be picked.


This was an odd "cone" that had leaves growing out of it and it was quite long.



My Centennial buckets.  I expect this to be about 5 oz when dried.


Close up of Centennial. 

Thanks to my friend Grant, once again I have them vacuum sealed.  I got a fairly even amount from each variety, about 4 oz each.  You see four packs of 2 oz.  The lower right one didn't really seal properly but I'll use it in the next month or so and it will be fine.

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