How to make an immersion wort chiller

Below are a few pictures, but definitely check out the VIDEO that includes all the action.


Camera centering test.  :)  Note the spouse-purchased beer glass cabinet behind me that was a birthday/Christmas present.


20 ft of 5/8" outer diameter copper tubing.  $24



Laundry sing/garden hose female adapter.  5/8" x 3/4".   $3.99.



3 hose clamps.  $1.50 total.



Vinyl tubing.  8-10 feet.  I got 5/8" inner diameter so it would fit over the 5/8" outer diameter of the copper.  This would have been around $5 at Menards but they were out, so I got it elsewhere for a little more.


The finished product.  Not the prettiest, but more surface area than my current one and (hopefully) it will cool down the wort faster than what I am used to.


Cost was ~ $34.  Something like this retails at my local homebrew store for about $64 (and the copper tubing is not quite as thick).



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