The developing life of a beer fridge...

October 7, 2003

Here is my fridge bare.  You can see how the wall slants down in the back, robbing me of valuable flat floor space.


So I made this platform from part of a countertop and some old 2x10's. 


Getting the angle of the front took a little fidgeting.  It's not perfect but it works.


Here it is sitting in the fridge.  I can stash beer below that doesn't suffer from being on its side.


Ah, look at all that flat surface area...  perfect for...


Only the right one is full now.  I just got the other two tonight.  Soon I will have a Scottish Ale, an Anchor Steam clone, and a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale clone on tap.  It's a good life.



October 17, 2003

Now for the addition of the rest of the gas equipment....

Here is my 3-way CO2 distributor.  I screwed it to this board to fit into the fridge in a way that a later picture demonstrates.


Here you can see how the tubes are arranged.  The tube at the far left runs to the CO2 tank.  The other two tubes (and one day all three) run to kegs.


This is a close-up of how the board and tubes sit in the fridge.  It's a jumble right now.  I think I will have to move the CO2 tank to the outside of the fridge one day.  That will simplify things slightly.


And here is the complete package a little further away.  The Scottish Ale is at the left, and at right is the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale clone, which I will probably try in a few days now that it is back down to 10 psi.  It was at 30 psi for a couple days.



November 04, 2003 

Well I took the plunge and drilled through my fridge.  I did not hit anything, so above you can see the tube coming into the gas distributor from the outside.


Here you can see my complete setup - 3 kegs on tap and the CO2 tank sitting outside.


I built a wood box for the CO2 tank to keep it from tipping over and to discourage the cats from being too curious.  Even if they are, they won't be able to knock it over.


Finally my keg setup is complete, with 3 homebrews on tap.  


Update - the beer fridge now has faucets.   Click on pic for details. 


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