At the British Library we saw many historical documents in the "Treasures" room.  We saw manuscripts of Shakespeare, James Joyce, old copies of the Bible, the Magna Carta, and as you see above, Beatle's lyrics.  These are for "In My Life."


The library had two Wurlitzer jukeboxes modified to play famous recordings.  Dave and I listened to a few of these for a while.


Three dodos.  We went to the Natural History Museum and were overrun with kids who have the week off.  That's why Dave had the week off, and why I went over.  But we did not anticipate the crowds.


Dave keeping it real in Piccadilly Square.

Click HERE for a panorama picture of Piccadilly Square area (226k).

Don't really know where to put this but here is a walking video when we were getting to a Tube platform.  5.3 MB


Another stop in Trafalgar Square.


We made a point to ride the Tube out to Brick Lane, where it was said one could get some good Indian food.  They were right.  Here are our two curries.

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