Oregon snowboarding Trip

February 8-13, 2006

 Before you look at these pages:  download this song (2.8 MB  Bob Dylan "The Man in Me" from the Big Lebowski soundtrack) and listen to it while looking over the pics.


Let's get this party started.  Chris picked us up at the airport and we strapped all the bags on top.  Somehow they stayed on.


Lane, Chris, and Oliver by Newburg skatepark.


Ollie was born to skate.  Look at his name.


Jason took this cool picture of this great skatepark.  Aric is doing some one-footed maneuver. 

And now for some action-packed, intense shredding!  Ah hem.  (if you get sound but no picture go here).


Don rides the big wall at the end.  950k    So does Jason.  580k

Don rides the bowl (1.1 MB) where we took a lot of runs.  Aric (430k) and Dave (630k) do too.

Finally, Don does another fun run (850k) that we did a number of times.  The great thing about this park is how smooth and well designed it is.  Just dropping in and rolling in over the humps is good fun.


Yummy pizza from Pizzicato (I think).


Then we trucked over to Ben's for some snacks and ping pong.


Dave gets itches in all kinds of places.


07_ping_pong-xvid.AVI   430k    Dave smashes a winner.


The next morning we got up early to head off on a hike.  Half of us were planning on hiking on Mt. Hood and the other half were going to ride at Mt. Hood Meadows.  The sun was just coming up.


The first of a few beer pictures to come.  These trips always make me frustrated with different aspects of Minnesota liquor laws.  Above you see just a part of the beer selection available at a common grocery store in Oregon.  HERE is a shot of the rest of the Safeway selection.  We were buying six packs at 8:00 in the morning.  Come on MN - get with the program.  ha. 

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