Jason, Aric, and Dave taking a break at the mid-mountain chalet.



The view from the mid-mountain chalet looking up towards the peak.


At the peak there were a lot of ice chunks and formations that were nice to look at, not nice to try to ride.



Just off the peak I stopped and took this picture.  When I had backed away from my board I realized how silly this was -- one wind gust and if that boards hits the snow bottom-side down, it's gone.  I'd have a long hike down.  But, it didn't happen.



Since there had not been any new snow recently, most if it was pretty wind blown.  At least they had plenty of snow, unlike last year at Whistler



Yeah, plenty of snow at Mt. Bachelor.  That is my snowboard up against the parking lot snow bank.    This year there was more snow than two years ago


Ah glorious warmly lit Deschutes Brewpub!  It was my third trip to this wonderful place in Bend.  This year I hit up the half glasses (10 oz) and tried Poor Richards Ale (cask), Hop Henge, Oatmeal Pale(!), and their Black Butte Porter on cask.  All four were just great.


A great place to be standing.


They were brewing that night too.


Aric, Dave and Ben (left) with Trevor, Jason, and Chris.  My half-eaten jalapeno burger is evident.  Man was that good.


These represent the beers we would drink at night back at the cabin.  I had bought 6 packs of the Bridgeport Ropewalk Amber and the Kona Pale.  Aric bought Big sky Powder Hound and Rogue Dead Guy.  The Kona Pale was a nice surprise.  It's from Hawaii and I had never had the chance to buy it before.  It was very nice.

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