Mike, Heather, Jerry and Heather's little road trip to the...

Pacific North West

starringBig Don and Mini Don


Big Don takes a place near the front, ready to leave Minneapolis and hit the road.


Yeah baby.  This is the life.


Mike escorts Big Don down the highway.


Jerry and Big Don at a rest stop.  North Dakota.


Finally, beer!  Montana Ale Works menu cover.  Bozeman, MT.


The first babe to caress Mini Don.  Montana Ale Works, Bozeman, MT.


Actual Don was there in spirit!


Downtown, Missoula, MT.


Downtown, Missoula, MT.


Big Don, coming to a theater near you! Missoula, MT.


Big Don takes on a shrine-like quality here.  This was at a Motel 6 in The Dalles, OR.


Mt Hood in the summer.  A little bit less snowy than in the winter


Full Sail Brewing Company. Hood River, OR.


"The bartender in the last picture even let me hold a beer bottle cap. I was honored."


This is Steve, he is one of the many friends we made while whooping it up at the Rogue Ale House in Newport OR.


The fellas hanging at the Rogue Ale House. Newport, OR.



Russ, the Manager of the Rogue Ale House was not able to show his entire face. He did not want to incriminate himself. (Being seen with mini-Don is a crime in Oregon, so this was done on the sly)



This guy had a finger mustache tattooed on his hand. He wanted to aspire to Big Don status but he fell short. It takes a lot to be a Big Don. Not just anyone can do it.



More babes trying to get with Big Don.  Ladies love Big Don!  Mike and Jerry eat your heart out.


This guy actually went to grade school with a Don Osborn. After several hours of conversation, Jerry and Mike determined it was not the same Don Osborn.


This group of people that I met were all from Utah. They were at the Rogue Ale House for a wedding party. The guy on the far left and the girl with the black hat were getting married.


This is most of the group that Big Don partied with that crazy night.


Louie was insistent that Big Don needed more beer.

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