Autumn Brew Review

Peavey Plaza, Minneapolis, MN

October 08, 2005


The festival always opens with some bagpipes.  Here is a short video.  1.8 MB


At right was one of the more memorable beers of the day, Fitger's 10th Anniversary Cherry ale.  In fact, the most memorable ones were kind of oddballs - Herbal Cream Ale from South Shore, and a Pumpkin ale from Lakefront Brewing.


Rob and Adam.


It seemed more crowded than ever, which is good if it was only due to more people, but I think it also had to do with how it was setup.  It was basically two long tents.  Getting from one end to the other if you were in-between them was somewhat difficult.  Here is a video of the scene.   3.3 MB



We didn't get nearly as crazy this year as other years, but Mike did "get into" one of the bands.  video  900k


This shot gives you an view of the train-wreck between the tents.  Last year they had more space and it seemed to work better.


Barley John's had a hop transducer thingee. 

By the end of the day people were feeling pretty good.  Some gals near us took to dancing.  They got kinda dirty, but luckily for you, that part did not get filmed.  Ah hem.   Here is a PG version of their carousing.  video  2.5 MB


Grant, oh how we love thee.  Last year the poor guy passed out over his burrito.  This year he had degenerated to drinking Bud out of a can (at a craft beer festival!)  I teased him about last year, and the Budweiser, and he just laughs, and takes it all in stride.

HERE is the list of what I tried (many of the samples listed were just a sip or so).  Scroll to the bottom.

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