Beer Name:     Helles



Click on pic for larger version.


Grains:       9 lbs Rahr Pils

1 lb Durst Munic 8L

.25 lbs "Crystal" 10L  (any light cara/crystal malt)

.25 Dingemans Aromatic



Hops:          1 oz US Perle 6.5% AA  60 min

.5 oz US Perle 6.5% AA  30 min

.5 oz US Perle 6.5% AA  2 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 2124 Bavarian Lager - 1L stir plate starter for 2 days, then sit in fridge for 1.5 days.  decanted partially.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          01/21/12                      02/04/12                                  03/03/12

Gravity:                      1.056                           1.009                                       1.009

% Alcohol:                 7.4                               1.1                                            1.1

% Sugar:                    14                                2.1                                            2.1

Temp of reading:        60                               55                                              55



- 13 qts 165 > 151 > ice > 148.  70 min mash.

- added 2 gallons boil > 160.

- collected 3.7 gallons of 16 brix.

- added 2.5 gallons 178 > 166.

- 2nd run = 7.8 brix.

- start with 6.2 gallons of 12.8 brix.

- ended with 4.9 gallons and then I added a little of the starter beer for about 5 gallons total.

- was fermenting the next morning with 2" krausen, and has been going at about 54 degrees.

02/04/12   Not super clear yet but did ferment well at 54 deg.  (Brought up to mid 60s for few days at end).  Little bit of hop in the nose.  Taste is somewhat bitter from hops but also suspended yeast.  Should be better with clearing and a little time, but off to OK start.

03/03/12  Pretty clear.  Nice light golden color.  Smells malty sweet.  Taste is clean.  Malty, bready, hint of hop bitterness.  Tastes like it normally does.  Any difference with this yeast instead of Urquell?  Hard to say at this point.  But this is coming along nicely. 

04/24/12  Took above pic.  This turned out just as nice as usual.  Great, easy drinking stuff.  A hit with everyone who tries it.





Beer Name:   Czech Pilsner 


Click on pic for larger version. 


Grains:       11 lbs Rahr pils

.25 lbs Crystal 10L

.25 lbs Vienna 3.8L



Hops:          4 oz Saaz 3.9%  60 min  (these were given to me free from 2010 crop, so 1 year old.  still smelled good.)

1 oz Saaz 3.9%  30 min

1 oz Saaz 3.9%  15 min

1 oz Saaz 3.9%   2 min

1.5 oz Saaz 3.9%   dry hop 6 days


Yeast:         Washed yeast amount from above Helles (2124 Bavarian Lager)



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          02/11/12                      02/25/12                                  03/24/12

Gravity:                      1.057                           1.009                                       1.008

% Alcohol:                 7.5                               1.1                                           1.1

% Sugar:                    14.5                             2                                              2

Temp of reading:        60                                55                                           60



- 16 qts water.  mashed at 150 for 65 min.

- added 8 qts boiling > 160.

- collected 4 gallons of 14 brix.

- added 2 gallons of 185 > 169.

- 2nd runnings = 7.5 brix

- had 6.5 gallons of 12 brix pre boil.

- ended with 4.7 gallons in fermenter but topped off with yeast capture to about 5 gallons.

02/25/12  Not super clear yet.   End up adding gelatin?  Maybe a touch of hop in the nose but not much.  Decent taste.  Bitterness is there and lingers at finish.  Dry, I guess.  Sweetness in mid taste but it dissipates.  Crisp and bitter.  Could clean up flavor (yeast drop out) and possibly mellow or smooth out a bit.

03/18/12  added 1.5 oz Czech Saaz dry hop

03/24/12  Not very clear so I added gelatin before cooling this time.  Also it is not going into the fridge but just the cool basement closet.  Lots of hop gunk too so I filtered with hop bags as best I could.  We'll see if it ever gets clear.  Some hop aroma.  Taste is fairly bitter, kind of a woody bitterness at end of taste after initial sweet malt flavor.  Little diff than my other ones.  The yeast?  Old hops?  More hops?  Not bad but might take some getting used to.  We will see after cool and carbonated and clearer(?)

05/07/12   Took above pic.  This turned out nicely. It is pretty bitter though.  I could have perhaps used the 3 oz for bittering instead of 4.  I used 4 because I thought they would have lost some bittering potential over a ear, but maybe they did not lose much.  It also fermented pretty low, too.  But it came out just fine.





Beer Name:    Dry Dock SS Minnow Mild  (NB recipe here)


Note:  This is a NO SPARGE version of this recipe, so consult the NB link if you want the normal one.


HERE is a video of this brew day. 


Click on pic for larger version.


HERE is a tasting notes video.



Grains:       8.625 lbs Maris Otter floor malted

.625 lbs Simpson Med Crystal

.375 lbs Caramel 120L

.1875 lbs Simpson Chocolate

.1875 Brown malt 


Hops:        1 oz East Kent Goldings  5.8% AA - 1 hour (recipe calls for .75 oz for 45 min)


Yeast:         Wyeast London Ale 1968  - small starter on stir plate for about 28 hours



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          03/12/12                      03/18/12                                  04/12/12

Gravity:                      1.048                           1.014                                       1.014

% Alcohol:                 6.2                                1.9                                          1.9

% Sugar:                    12                                 4                                             4

Temp of reading:        65                                60                                            60



- 23 qts 160 > 153.

- add 9 quarts boiling after 60 min mash > 165.

- collected 6.7 gallons of 11 brix.

- finished with 5.1 gallons, and topped off with yeast starter to probably 5.2 gallons.

- fermenting first 48 hours at 62 deg but probably will bring to warmer room.

03/18/12  Not especially clear.  Whoah, actually am impressed with aroma itself.  Caramel?  Yeast notes?  Taste is fair enough.  Decent flavor.  About what I expect.  Slight bit of highly kilned malt flavor, maybe from Brown malt actually.  Or Chocolate too.  Pretty tasty and maybe off to my best Mild start yet.

04/12/12  Coming along pretty well.  Pretty nice.  Decent malt flavor.  Good aroma and off to fine start.  Will see how it is with some carbonation.

05/07/12  Did above pic and video tasting yesterday.  This turned out well.  It developed nicely.  Good malt character.  Maybe there is something to No Sparge method but I will have to do more to see.  I wouldn't even really change anything with this recipe if I wanted to make another nice Mild.






Beer Name:  SMASH (single malt and single hop)


Brew Day video and Tasting Notes video


Click on pic for larger version.


* No Sparge recipe*


Grains:       11 lbs Maris Otter floor malted 


Hops:          1 oz Northern Brewer 9.4% AA (2010 crop)  60 min

1 oz Northern Brewer 9.4% AA (2010 crop)  30 min

1 oz Northern Brewer 9.4% AA (2010 crop)  15 min

.5 oz Northern Brewer 9.4% AA (2010 crop)  2 min


Yeast:         Washed/harvested London ale 1968 from above.  Made starter 1 day prior. 



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          04/21/12                      04/30/12                                  05/20/12

Gravity:                      1.051                           1.014                                      1.012

% Alcohol:                 6.8                               1.9                                           1.6

% Sugar:                    13                                3.5                                           3

Temp of reading:        65                                66                                            65



- 24 qts  163 > 156 > ice > 152.  after 65 min, still 152.

- add 8 qts boil > 160.

- collect 6.5 gallons of 11.5 - 12 brix.

** Note **  My mash tun can not hold much more water and grain than this for a No Sparge.  Maybe 1 more lb of grain and a little more water.

- ended with 5 gallons even.  Topped off with 1 liter yeast starter taken right off stir plate.

04/30/12  Not clear at all.  Little bit of hop aroma.  Not much.  Taste is somewhat bitter and a familiar taste.  Like a Steamin Wife beer early on?  No, fairly yeasty but not bad, but really needs to floc out and clean up a bit.  OK start.  Malt?  Kind of buried under hop and yeast bitterness.

05/20/12  Much better.  Nice and clear.  Lovely golden color.  Malt and English ale yeast in aroma.  Taste is bitter, clean, nice malt character.  Wow.  Very nice!  Simple recipe does not mean simple flavor.  Lingering bitterness in finish encourages next sip.  Nice beer.

07/30/12  This turned out ok.  I can't say I really loved it, but it certainly is drinkable.  I am not sure if the age of the NB hops played into it at all.  Also, the malt character itself did not wow me, but.... it could have also been the yeast.  In short, it's possible to make a drinkable beer this way (SMASH) but perhaps it is harder to make an exceptional one unless you really dial in the malt and the hop (and yeast) you like.






Beer Name:   Tasty McDole American Pale Ale (very closely based on Tasty's recipe)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       7 lbs Maris Otter floor malted malt

2 lbs  Rahr Pils

1 lb Briess CaraPils 1.5L

.5 lbs Briess Caramel 40 (couldn't find Crystal 40L)

.5 lbs Red Wheat 


Hops:          .25 oz Columbus 13.9% AA  mash hop (I did first wort hop because I was holding the wort overnight)

.25 oz Warrior 16.7% AA 90 min

.25 oz Simcoe 12.2% AA 20 min

.25 oz Columbus 13.9% AA 10 min

.25 oz Warrior 16.7% AA 10 min

2 oz Cascade (I used homegrown) 2 min

.5 oz Centennial 9.5% AA  2 min

.25 oz Simcoe 12.2% 2 min

.5 oz Centennial 9.5%  dry hop

.5 oz Columbus 13.9% AA dry hop

.5 oz Simcoe 12.2% AA dry hop

.5 oz Warrior 16.7% AA dry hop



Yeast:         Wyeast 1056.   1 liter stir-plate starter for 1.5 days.  pitched whole thing.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          05/12/12                      05/19/12                                  06/15/12

Gravity:                     1.054                            1.010                                       1.009

% Alcohol:                 7.1                               1.2                                           1.1

% Sugar:                   13.5                              2.5                                           2.4

Temp of reading:       66                                66                                             65



- 16 qts of ~ 163 > 152.  mash for 65 min, then 151.

- add 8 qts boiling > 167.

- collect 4.33 gallons first runnings: 14.5 brix

- add 3 gallons 160 > 160.

- 2nd runnings: 6 brix.

- 7.33 -7.5 gallons total pre boil.

- boiled some in a pot on the stove, along with the kettle.  90 min boil total.

- ended with 5 gallons even.  pitched 1 liter starter.

- fermenting very quickly.  Been going at 68 degrees.

05/19/12  Not very clear.  Some hop aroma (will be more after dry hops).  Taste is at first bitter, orangey, but some malt sweetness.  Nice.  Would not want it any lower though.  Good start. 

06/04/12   Added dry hops.

06/15/12   Fairly clear.  Nice apricot hop aroma.  Taste is good.  Balanced but bitter.  Piney.  Should be nice when carbonated.

07/30/12  This came out great.  It is perhaps on the downhill slide now, but it is a very solid, tasty, great smelling and balanced APA recipe, which is what I expected and hoped for.





Beer Name:    Wit-head  (with Citra hops)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       6 lbs Rahr two row pale

2 lbs Rahr white wheat 3L

1.5 lbs Weyermann Rye 3.5L

1 lb flaked oats

1 lbs flaked soft white wheat

[1/2 lb rice hulls added after mash]


Hops:          .5 oz Citra 13.4% AA  60 min

.5 oz Citra 13.4% AA  30 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 3944 Belgian Witbier - 1 liter starter made ~2 days prior


Misc:          zest of 1 orange 15 min

1 tsp coriander  15 min

zest of 1 orange  1 min

1 tsp coriander  1 min



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          05/26/12                      06/05/12                                  07/12/12

Gravity:                      1.050                          1.009                                        1.009

% Alcohol:                  6.8                             1.1                                            1.1

% Sugar:                    12.5                            2.4                                            2.4

Temp of reading:        68                               65                                             65



- 17 qts  164 > 154 > ice > 152.  60 min.  152.

- added 1/5 rice hulls with 8 qts boiling > 164.

- collected 4 gallons of 14 brix

- added 2.5 quarts 170 > 162 (?)

- 2nd runnings = 7 brix.

- 6.5 gallons of 11.5 brix

- boiled 15 min before adding hops (75 min boil total) to decrease volume.

- I noticed I did not lose as much to evaporation as normal.  It was a hot, humid day!  Should collect less on those days, maybe.

- 5.25 gallons in fermenter before adding 1 liter starter, so probably 5.5 gallons total.

- fermenting first few days 68-70. 

- Maybe should collect one gallon in a jug and add 10 ml lactic acid!  (did 5 ml and 15 ml in last year's experiment).

06/05/12  Racked 1 gallon into a jug to add lactic acid.  Usually don't rack a Wit to secondary.  Taste is nice but no particular flavors stand out.  Nice "wit" flavor, some sweetness, spicy from yeast, orange or coriander are subtle.  Off to an ok start.  Could actually stand less yeast flavor maybe. 

06/09/12  Added 10 ml of lactic acid (1 tsp = 4.9 ml, so added 2 tsp) to one gallon.  Bottled it after a week or so.

07/12/12  Smells of wheat, hint of sourness, yeast.  Taste is somewhat sweet, spicy, peppery (coriander?), no orange.  Maybe next time I should try actual bitter orange peel.  Decent enough.

07/30/12  This is nice!  The hop comes through more now that it is carbonated.  Man this stuff goes down easily and is a great hot weather beer.  I might, though, return to buying the bitter orange peel next year to boost that flavor a touch.  But I like this hop.  It could be even 30-50% more bitter perhaps.





05/27/12  Filled propane tank.  Took 3.4 gallons.






Beer Name:    Brett Saison  (based on a recipe by Nick Pederson)


Click on pic for larger version.

VIDEO of tasting this in 2018.


Grains:       7 lbs Belgian Pils 1.6L

3 lbs Vienna  3.8L

1 lb torrified wheat 


Hops:          2 oz East Kent Goldings 5.3% 60 min

1 oz French Strisselspalt 2.3% AA  45 min

1 oz French Strisselspalt 2.3% AA  2 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 3711 French Saison

White Labs WLP644 Brett Bruxellensis Troi (limited ed recommended at NB)

Made stir plate starter about 1 day prior to pitching.  Pitched both yeasts at same time.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Bottle Date:


Date:                          07/04/12                      10/14/12                                 12/01/12

Gravity:                       1.056                          .999                                        1.002 (?)

% Alcohol:                   7.25                             0?                                          .25

% Sugar:                      14                               0?                                           .5

Temp of reading:         74                               60                                            50



- Hot day!  100 degrees.  14 qts 164 > 153 > ice > 152 for 60 min.

- added 8 qts boiling > 162.

- first runnings 3.8 gallons of 15 brix.

- add 2.5 gallons of 177 > 166.

- 2nd runnings 11.5 brix.  Total of 6.3 gallons.

- boiled some on another pot on stove for 45 min.  Maybe only should have done 30 min?

- boil over on pot when bringing to a boil (lid was on).  did not seem to lose a ton of volume, but maybe a little.

- fermenting ~ 78 degrees.

08/11/12  Pulled sample from primary.  1.000!  Wow, low already.  No more for Brett to do?  I guess it can continue to add character but not much sugar left.  Nice color, light golden, clear.  Little mustiness in aroma.  Taste is good.  Clean, nice saison character at first (pepper, spice) but then a dry Brett character comes in, and finishes with light alcohol warmth.  Probably will leave for a while longer, then rack to secondary, and eventually bottle all of it.  Won't have for drinking this summer, but over the winter and next summer.

10/14/12  got a touch lower.  Aroma, somewhat musty.  Taste is sweet first but finished dry and warming.  Some alcohol.  I dunno.  Not bad.  not great?  Nice color and very clear.  Guess we will see once it is bottled and carbonated.  I can bottle it any time.

12/01/12  Nice and clear.  Pretty, light orange color.  Tastes good.  Sweet, spicy, some Brett character, and finishes with some warming.  Some carbonation will help it pop.  Should age well.

02/03/13  Took above pic. Nicely clear and carbonated.  Tastes great.  It is not super funky or weird, but you can taste both the Saison and Brett yeasts.  It got pretty low but doesn't taste unnecessarily dry.  Not sure if I would change anything if I did something like this again.  It is only about 6 months old so I should update the tasting notes when it is older.




Beer Name:  American Wheat 


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       5.5 lbs Maris Otter

5.5 lbs Weyermann Pale Wheat


Hops:          .5 oz Warrior 16% AA  60 min

.5 oz Amarillo  9.3%  45 min

.5 oz Warrior 16% AA 30 min

.5 oz Amarillo 9.3% AA 15 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 1056 from washed amount above.  Pitched straight into fermenter, no starter.


Misc:           1/2 lb rice hulls


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          08/04/12                       *skipped*                              08/18/12

Gravity:                      1.048                                                                          1.008

% Alcohol:                 6.2                                                                              1.1

% Sugar:                    12                                                                               2

Temp of reading:        70                                                                               70



--  14 qts 165 > ice > 152.  60 min.

- added 8 qts 200 deg > 162.  (stirred in rice hulls at this time)

- first runnings were 12 brix, 3.5 gallons

- add 3 gallons of 180 water > 168.

- 6.6 gallons total of 10.4 brix

- boiled some on the stove for about 45 min

08/18/12  Ambiguous hazy light orange color.  Some hops in aroma.  Taste is better than expected.  Somewhat hoppy and bitter with malt balance, but finishes with lingering bitterness.  Should be all right.  Can also taste the wheat.  (As I have continued to drink this after carbonated, the hop bitterness and flavor does come through, the yeast is neutral, and the wheat character is noticeable.  It is interesting.  Perhaps some complexity to the grain bill might make it a touch better, maybe some caramelized malt).  Still pretty early though.

09/17/12  This turned out ok.  I might consider adding to the grain bill to make it slightly more complex and interesting, and perhaps lower the wheat component too.  It is not super sparkling with the hops either, but it is decent.





08/11/12    Topped off Propane tank since I was taking the other one in.





Beer Name:    Sanctified Brett Beer #2 (made with dregs from this beer).


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       10.5 lbs Rahr Pils

.5 lbs Briess Caramel 20L 


Hops:          1 oz German Perle 7.8% AA


Yeast:         Dregs from Russian River Sanctification (see here).  Yeast was washed.  Made 1L starter on stir plate for 4 days.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Bottle Date:

 Lacto / Plain                              Lacto / Plain

Date:                          08/16/12                     12/04/12                                    08/12/13

Gravity:                      1.052                          1.006  1.005                             1.004  1.003

% Alcohol:                 6.9                              .8        .8                                    .5        .5

% Sugar:                    13                               1.5       1.5                                 1          1

Temp of reading:       70                                60                                              60



- 14 qts 164> 154 > ice > 152.  75 min (was doing an errand).

- add 8 qts boil > 164.

- collected 3.7 gallons 15.5 brix

- add 2.5 gallons 172 > 165.

- 2nd runnings 7.5 brix.

- 6.4 gallons of 12 brix, pre boil.

- did NOT aerate with pure O2.

- starting fermenting at 70 but I am trying to ferment it warmer.

08/19/12  Primary fermentation is done.  Got up to 78 deg for last couple of days, otherwise it was ~ 74 deg.

08/26/12  1.014  Cloudy but similar color to last year's.  Taste is similar too.  Nice enough.  More yeast still suspended so that will settle eventually and will probably taste cleaner.  Looks like I will have to think about if I want to add Pedio or something to sour or leave as is.

08/29/12  Racked into my two 3-gallon carboys, about 2.6 gallons each.  Added Wyeast 5335 Lactobacillus culture.  Keeping it in the mid 70s with temp controller and space heater in a box.  Kept at that temperature until...

11/08/12   Recently I am lowering the temp a couple degrees and will eventually let it cool down to ambient temps and sit.  Don't want space heater on all the time and it has been a couple months at a warmer temp.  Still have bubbles and scum on both carboys.

12/04/12  Decided to get them off the yeast. 

Lacto - Little murky still.  Must be the Lacto causing that.  Little bit of Lacto twang in aroma, and in taste!  Faint, but I know the taste from the Wit experiments with lactic acid.  But it is different than the plain.  More time and carbonation will be interesting.  Familiar weird white coating on carboy (I took a pic) and little "balls" of residue in beer from Lacto (not in plain).

Plain - Clear!  Normal, light barnyard aroma.  No lactic.  Kind of funky but clean taste, similar to the first.  Not more funky despite the heat it was in and the extra krausen it formed.  Not too bad.  Drier than first one I think.

08/12/13   Just over a year old when bottling. 

Lacto -  The question is did lactic do anything?  Well it is different than Plain.  Little light twang in aroma and also in taste.  Not really sour but light bit of tart (similar to Wits I've added lactic acid too I suppose).  Carbonation might make it pop more.

Plain - Clear.  Little sweet but finishes dry.  Pretty clean. similar to batch 1. Will have to compare.

06/06/15  Took above pic at Jerry's over the TPB Brown Ale brewing weekend. Still tasting good. Not anything too complex (i.e. sour or extra weird) but a nice enough drink.





Beer Name:    Belgian Black IPA     (modified from NB's Black IPA recipe)


Click on pic for larger version.  Here are more pics.



Grains:       11.5 lbs Maris Otter floor malted pale

.5 lbs Briess Caramel 80

.4 lbs Weyermann Carafa II 490-560L

.4 lbs Chocolate malt


Hops:          1 oz Summit 16.1% AA  70 min

1 oz Chinook 11.1% AA  25 min

1 oz Centennial Type 9.7% 20 min

1 oz Cascade 6.2% AA 15 min

1 oz Cascade 6.2% AA  dry hop


Yeast:         Wyeast 3944 Witbier, harvested and washed from above.  1 L starter made 1 day prior.


Misc:        ~ 1 lb (2 cups) white cane sugar


Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          08/21/12                      09/01/12                                   09/11/12

Gravity:                     1.075                            1.016                                        1.015

% Alcohol:                 9.9                               2.1                                             2

% Sugar:                    18.5                             4.1                                             4

Temp of reading:       70                                 72                                             70



- 16.25 qts 166> 154 > ice > 151.  65 min mash.

- add 8 qts ~ 195 > 157.

- collected 4 gallons of 17 brix.

- add 2.5 gallons 185 > 168. 

- 2nd runnings were 9.5 brix.

- had 6.75 gallons of 13.5 brix.

- boiled 3/4 gallon each in two diff pots on stove for 30 min to reduce volume.

- boiled extra 10 min to reduce volume and increase bitterness slightly.

- added in sugar at 30 min.

- used FermCap in fermenter.  Added 10 drops before pitching yeast.  First time ever using this.

- had 5 gallons of wort and added 1 L starter.

- fermenting around 70 degrees for first day.

09/01/12  Smells of a certain hop.  The Summit?   It shouldn't.  Kind of dank with citrus note of Witbier yeast.  Kind of peculiar.  Let's taste.  Bit of alc warming (7.8%) some malt sweetness and lots of bitterness from hops and I assume the yeast still suspended.  Choc malt is there a little.  Bit of roasted grain character but not much.  To be honest, a bit of a mess of flavors right now that will hopefully clean up when yeast settles and let the hops and malt come through more.  Might be a good thing it is not a lower FG (need some sweetness in here).  Need to add dry hops as I will want to keg this sooner rather than later and it will have to mellow in the keg.

09/11/12  Oddly not much hop aroma right now.  Will CO2 help?  Taste is a little better.  Mostly a robust black ale with thick mouth feel and firm bitterness.  Also hint of alc warmth.  Pretty young and fresh.  It will be age well and just become more like a bitter stout.  Witbier yeast not super noticeable right now.  More has dropped out.  It's ok.  We will see.  Good for Fall I think as leaves start falling.

10/11/12  Took above pic.  I've been enjoying this and have got pretty good comments.  Not sure it is what I was thinking.  It isn't tasting exactly like those Belgian IPAs that you can buy.  Then again, maybe with this grain bill you can't get it to taste like that.  I think it is a success and in general "works."  I suppose the main thing to try differently, to maybe get more Belgian character if that is what I wanted, would be to use a different kind of yeast and perhaps ferment it slightly warmer.  But as it stands, it's a nice beer.






Beer Name:    Wet Hop Imperial Mild (bigger version of this)



Click on either pic for larger version.


Video of brew day.  Few picturesVideo of tasting.



Grains:       12.25 lbs Maris Otter

.7 lbs Simpson Med Crystal 50-60L

.4 lbs Briess Caramel 120L

.2 lbs Simpson Chocolate 375-450L

.2 lbs Simpson Brown malt 60-70 


Hops:         1 oz East Kent Goldings  5.8% AA  60 min

         1 oz East Kent Goldings  5.8% AA  45 min

         2 lbs (wet weight) Centennial homegrown hops just picked.  Steeped in wort for 30 min, after boil was over. 


Yeast:         Washed yeast from above London Ale Wyeast 1968.  Made starter 24 hours prior.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          09/09/12                      09/22/12                                  10/07/12

Gravity:                      1.064                           1.015                                       1.014

% Alcohol:                 8.2                               2                                              2

% Sugar:                    16                                4                                              4

Temp of reading:        70                                70                                           70



- 18 qts 165 > 154 > ice > 150.  held 70 min.

- add 8 qts boil > 160.

- firt runnings 15 brix, collect 5 gallons

- sparge with 9 qts 180 > 166.

- 2nd runnings - 7 brix.

- had 7 gallons pre-boil of 14 brix

- boiled some in two spots on stove to reduce volume

- had 5.1 gallons at end of day.  Did squeeze wet hops fairly hard to get wort out.  Aerated 90 seconds with pure O2.

09/12/12  1.022   Hmm.  Kind of high.  Not much aroma.  Taste is.... ok?  Not bad.  Not great. Malt, hop character from wet hop is?  Think it is just too young.  Beer is only 3 days old.  ha

09/22/12  1.015.  Good, it has lowered.  Alc and malt in aroma.  Might dry hop with homegrown hops too.  Taste is better.  Kind of a juicy hopt taste, plus a big malt character.  Might need to mellow a bit but not too bad.  Still kind of a hot mess.

09/29/12  Added 1.2 oz of homegrown, dried Centennial for dry hop.

10/07/12  Clearer.  Nice lightish brown color.  Aroma?  Not much hop aroma?  Taste is interesting.  Some malt, some alc, and a peppery character from wet hop?  Spicy.  Get it from some hops but not usually from Centennial.  Better than last years wet hop effect when I boiled them.  Weird there is not more hop aroma.  Maybe CO2 will make it come out.  Kind of get taste of original Mild recipe but have to look for it.

11/03/12   Did above tasting video with Chip and Mike.  This beer is perfectly drinkable, but not what I hoped for. And I think I have to conclude that I can't make a Surly Wet type of beer with my homegrown hops.  Maybe next year I would just make an IPA and do the wet process and see?  Maybe do less of it?  Dunno. 






Beer Name:    Blonde Bombshell Belgian Ale (a bigger Patersbier for my sister's wedding) 




Gelatin made this beer nice and clear.  Click on either pic for larger version.



Grains:       11 lbs Rahr Pils 


Hops:          1 oz German Perle 7.8% AA  60 min

1 oz German Perle 7.8% AA  30 min


Yeast:         Wyeast Trappist High Graivty 3787.  Starter made couple days prior.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          09/22/12                     10/01/12                                  10/23/12

Gravity:                      1.054                          1.009                                       1.009

% Alcohol:                  7.1                             1.1                                           1.1

% Sugar:                    13.5                            2.4                                           2.4

Temp of reading:        70                               70                                            70



- 15 qts 165 > 154 > ice > 150.  60 min.

- add 8 qts boiling > 163.

- first runnings = 14 brix = 3.9 gallons

- add 2.5 gallon 177 > 168.

- 2nd runnings = 7 brix.  6.9 gallons of 12 brix.

- boiled some on stove in separate pots to reduce volume.

- 4.8 gallons + yeast starter so just over 5 gallons.

10/04/12   Not clear yet but that will come.  Or, gelatin.  Smell is so so.  Taste is ok.  More bitterness than before?  More hops were used this time.  But there is a lot of yeast still suspended.  Not there yet, so I hope it will clean up and be decent.

10/23/12  Clearer, and I will add gelatin too.  Nice light malt in aroma.  Taste is much better.  Clean, little bready, light Belgian yeast character but not too much.  Clean, some sweetness, should be a hit I hope!

10/24/12  added 1 tsp gelatin, dissolved in 1 cup water, let it sit for maybe 30 min, heated until clear, etc.

11/14/12  Well, the wedding happened and this beer (probably about 4 gallons) was gone in 20 min!  People seemed to love it.  Here are some pics (then click "older.")  Here is a side by side pic of mine and Matt/Anna's version.





Beer Name:     Holiday Cheer (based on Charlie Papazian's recipe)


Click on pic for larger version.


Video of brew day.


Grains:        11.5 lb Rahr Pils (have a sack of this on hand instead of two row pale)

.5 lbs Simpson Medium Crystal

2 oz Simpson Black Patent

2 oz Simpson Extra Dark Crystal (my addition)

4 oz Weyermann Dark Wheat (my addition)


Hops:         2 oz Cascade 6.2% AA  60 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 1056 from earlier batch.  Starter made 1.5 days prior.


Misc:          1 lb honey   15 min

1 oz ginger, finely chopped   15 min

3 oranges zest   15 min

3 tsp ground cinnamon  15 min



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          10/06/12                     10/13/12                                   11/14/12

Gravity:                      1.062                          1.009                                        1.008

% Alcohol:                 8.1                              1.2                                            1.0

% Sugar:                    15.5                            2.5                                            2

Temp of reading:        70                               70                                             60



- 16 qts 172 > 159 > ice > 155.   60 min mash

- add 7 qts 194 > 160

- first runnings 16 brix, 3.8 gallons

- add 10.5 qts 190 > 169.   7.5 brix = second runnings

- total of 6.5 gallons of 13 brix pre boil.

- end with 5.1 gallons, + starter so about 5.3 gallons

- wort tasted very sweet and spicy before fermenting.  Hope it turns out.

10/13/12  Smells about right and tastes good too.  Hope it is not too low though.  Wow.  I mashed high!  Nice spice aroma and taste.

11/14/12 Got fairly clear.  Smells like Christmas, cinnamon, ginger, malt.  Taste is good but man it fermented low.  Need to mash even higher?  Glad it doesn't come off any drier than it does.  You still get some malt character.

01/20/13  Wow this has gotten quite a bit better now that it has mellowed a bit and had more time.  I thought I knew this before but I have to make this earlier if I want it to be nice by Thanksgiving.  :)  And it would benefit from a higher final gravity.




Beer Name:    Steamin' Wife Lager



Click on either pic for larger version.



Grains:       10.5 lbs Rahr Pils

.5 lbs Medium Crystal 


Hops:          1 oz Northern Brewer 10.6% AA  60 min

1 oz Northern Brewer 10.6% AA  45 min

1 oz Cascade 6.2% AA  2 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 2112 California Lager,  stir plate starter for 1.5 days



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          10/20/12                     11/04/12                                   12/21/12              

Gravity:                      1.055                          1.010                                        1.010

% Alcohol:                 7.3                              1.2                                            1.2

% Sugar:                    14                               2.5                                            2.5                                         

Temp of reading:        68                              64                                             60



- 16 qts of 165 deg > 154 > ice > 150.  60 min.

- add 2 gallons boiling > 162

- first runnings 14 brix,  4.25 gallons

- add 2.5 gallons 180 > 167

- 2nd runnings = 6.5 brix.  6.75 gallons pre boil.

- fermented 64-65 deg.

11/04/12  Murky still.  Darker than usual?  Copper orange.  Aroma is some hop, some malty bready sweetness.   Taste is nice.  Kind of a pungent earth bitterness (northern brewer hops) but with good sweetness to balance.  At this early stage, good start.

12/21/12  Clear, nice color.  Sweet and a touch of bitterness.  It goes down nice.  I bet it is sweeter than Anchor Steam b.  But a little lager taste too and awfully nice so far.

01/24/13  This turned out great.  For whatever reason it seems to have a touch more bitterness.  Maybe it was the hops at 60 and 45 min.  But, not anywhere near too bitter.  Good stuff as usual.






Cider Name:    White Sugar Cider


Click on pic for larger version.



Fermentables:      4.8 gallons cider form MN Homebrewer's Association buy

1.5 lbs white cane sugar


Yeast:                   2 packets 71B Narbonne, sprinkled on top



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          11/03/12                      11/25/12                                01/26/13

Gravity:                      1.067                           1.003                                     .999

% Alcohol:                 8.7                                .4                                           -.1

% Sugar:                    16.5                              .8                                           na

Temp of reading:        60                                60                                          60



No camden tablets this year.   Fermented 62-64 degrees.

11/25/12  Huh.  Sweeter than sometimes?  Or at least not as harsh, but still murky with suspended yeast.  Not bad though.

01/26/12  Added 3 cans apple juice concentrate, and no potassium sorbate.  Wee bit harsher (before sweetener added) for some reason.  Four gravity points make that much of a difference between racking date and now?  If gets more tart might have to open up keg and add more.  We'll see.  First pulls in next couple of days seemed sweeter as if concentrate settled to the bottom, even though I tipped and tried to mix it up as well as normal.

07/30/13  Took above pic.  It's ok.  It's a little thin or hot or alcoholic?  I mean it is enjoyable enough but maybe white sugar is not my favorite? 





Cider Name:    Brown Sugar Cider

Click on pic for larger version. 

Fermentables:    4.8 gallons cider form MN Homebrewer's Association buy

                            1.5 lbs brown cane sugar


Yeast:                 2 packets 71B Narbonne, sprinkled on top



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          11/03/12                      11/25/12

Gravity:                      1.066                           1.003

% Alcohol:                 8.6                               .4

% Sugar:                    16.5                            .8

Temp of reading:       60                               60



No camden tablets this year.   Fermented 62-64 degrees.

11/25/12  Very similar but perhaps more harsh, slightly?  Sugar make a difference?  Seems sweeter than usual though too.  Maybe not totally done fermenting.

10/23/13   This one is probably not as good as the other one from this year.  Not exactly sure why but perhaps the sugar had something to do with it.  Looks like I need to fill in the keg date info.  It seems a little sharper or harsher.  Might need to even open the keg and add another container of concentrate.





Beer Name:    Steamin' Robust Porter (Robust Porter recipe ala Mike Dawson, with California Lager yeast)


Click on pic for larger version.


HERE is tasting video of this beer.



Grains:       10.25 lbs Rahr two row pale

1.5 lbs Munich 8.3L

1 lb Crystal 50-60L

.75 lbs Chocolate 375-450L

.5 lbs Black patent  500-600


Hops:          2 oz UK Kent Goldings 5.8% AA  60 min

1 oz US Fuggle  4.2% AA  45 min

1 oz UK Kent Goldings 5.8% AA  1 min


Yeast:         yeast from above Steamin Wife Lager (Wyeast 2112 California Lager)



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          12/25/12                      01/06/13                                 01/20/13 

Gravity:                      1.065*                         1.020                                      1.020

% Alcohol:                  8.3                              2.6                                           2.6

% Sugar:                    16                                5                                              5

Temp of reading:        60                                60                                           60



* adjusted gravity after having added a little water to top up to about 5 gallons

- 18 qts 168 > 158 > ice > 152.  after 60 min, still 152.

- add 8 qts boiling > 162

- first runnings = 17.5 brix.  collected 4 gallons.

- added 2.5 gallons 175 > 167. 

- 2nd runnings = 9.5 brix.

- 6.8 gallons pre boil.  boiled some in two pots on stove, but ended up with only about 4.5 gallons.  So, a little too much.

- took a day to get going as I just pitched the washed yeast in two 1 qt jars.  But now it's going strong around 60 deg.

01/06/13  Looks like a Porter.  :)  Aroma?  Taste is pretty nice.  I think it is about what I hoped for.  I might not try to help it get much lower.  It's nice to have some body and sweetness to balance the roasty flavors.

01/20/13  Thought it might drop more.  Even with yeast harvest it finished kind of high. But, I did not make a starter and only just pitched the harvested yeast.  Huh.  Maybe I should have made a starter.  Tastes good.  About what you want in a Robust Porter.  Lager yeast do anything?  Not sure.  Cleaner?  Will tell over time.  It's drinkable.  It has a fair amt of residual body and sweetness.  Will see how it is with carbonation.






Beer Name:   Helles  (2nd one of calendar year!)


Click on pic for larger version.



Grains:       10 lbs Rahr Pils

1.5 lbs Durst Munich 8L

.25 lbs Briess Caramel 10L

.25 lbs Aromatic 19L 


Hops:          1 oz German Perle 7.8% AA  60 min

1 oz German Perle 7.8% AA  30 min


Yeast:         Wyeast 2124 Bavarian Lager.  Made 1.5 L stir plate starter for 2.5 days, then settled in fridge.



Brew Date:                Rack to Secondary:               Keg Date:


Date:                          12/26/12                       01/08/13                                 02/16/13

Gravity:                      1.057                            1.011                                      1.010

% Alcohol:                 7.5                                1.5                                           1.2

% Sugar:                    14                                 3                                              2.5

Temp of reading:        60                                 60                                           60



- 15 qts 166 > 154 > ice > 151.  60 minutes.

- add 8 qts boiling > 163.

- first runnings 16 brix.  collected 3.7 gallons.

- added 3 gallons of 168 > 164.

- 2nd runnings were 8.5 brix.

- 7 gallons of 11.5 brix.  Boiled some in only one extra pot on stove.

- better reduction this time, ended with almost exactly 5 gallons in fermenter.

01/08/13  Harvested yeast into two quart jars.  Not very clear yet.  But fermented nicely.  Darkish yellow/orange color.  Aroma?  Taste is nice.  Can taste typical malty Helles flavor but with some yeast bitterness (still in suspension).  More hop bitterness than usual?  Perhaps.  Time will tell.  Seems good so far.

02/16/13  Pretty clear.  Lager aroma.  Taste is malty and pretty clean.  Touch of hop bitterness.  It has warmed up a bit now but it should be good when cooled and carbonated.  So far so good.

04/29/13  Took above pic recently.  This beer tastes great, pretty much like it always does.  :)  Maybe one year I will try some German malt again and see if I think it makes a difference.




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